10 Tips To Spend An Economical Holiday In India

Economical Holiday In India

The costs related to travel, among others, increase marginally each year. Everyone likes to travel, but the skyrocketing hotel room costs, and the passenger fares make it difficult for one to travel within a given budget. Fortunately, there are certain tips that you can follow to make your holiday tourism cheaper, and more affordable.

Here Are The 10 Tips to Spend an Economical Holiday in India

Visit During The Summers

Some parts of northern India are quite hot, during the summers. Summer in India extend from April-May to June-July. Lesser tourists visit the country during this time period. Consequently, hotels and other accommodation places offer huge discounts to tourists during the season in India. For instance, the luxury hotels in Jaipur can offer you can discount of up to 50% during the summer season. You can visit the country during this time, and witness lesser crowds as well.

Book Everything Yourself

Transferring all the hassle of holiday planning, to a tourist services company is easy, and luring. The holiday packages offer you all that you need, and you just need to place a phone call for the purpose. But the agencies charge a fee, for their services, and you end up paying a lot more than required. By giving only a few hours of your time, you can easily save on the costs. Book your train, airway, and hotel tickets yourselves, through the internet, calls, and messages. Not only will you know more about the places you visit and the routes to reach them, this way, the well-earned holidays will be more memorable as well.


Shopkeepers at the tourist destinations you visit might charge you more, especially if you have a white color, or seem to be not from India. When buying at the vacation spots, bargain, hard. You will find that the shopkeepers will give way to your demands, sooner than you anticipate.

Eat Outside Your Vacation Resort/Hotel

The hotel food is a lot costlier, as the meal bills have the service, and other charges added to them. You can eat outside the hotel, at other places. Not only will your choices increase, you will also explore the diversity of Indian cuisine, in a pocket-friendly way.

Home Stays

Home Stay is a new and emerging business in India. Home owners attach their residential property to some travel agency, and the tourists get the rooms at low costs. Explore the home stay options that you have, when planning a holiday vacation. The rooms have all the basic amenities, and a lot more. You will get the television, air conditioner, Wi-Fi, and other perks and amenities.


Eating fruits is a healthier option, anytime. These are also cheap, at all places you visit. You can prefer fruits, including bananas, oranges, and apples, among others, over the spicy food, and save a lot on food-related expenses. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, the fruits will also keep you healthy and fit for travel during the vacation, and even after it.

Time Your Hotel Stays

An overnight journey to your chosen holiday destination, will make you reach at the hotel in the morning, at the check-in time. The strategy will help you save on room cost, as you will pay more by reaching a hotel at night, and pay for its whole day’s cost, while only staying at it for 12 hours.

Carry Home Made Food During The Initial Journey

Homemade food costs less, and is also more hygienic and trustworthy. Travel with food, when you start your journey to the tourist destination, so that you save money while travelling.

Look For Deals And Discounts

You can get discounts at the travel websites, when you plan your holiday using them, and book tickets through them. The discounts get even bigger, when you book your flight tickets and hotel rooms, through the same website travel agency. Search the internet to know more about the deals and offers, and you will surely find a number of them.

Be Alert

You can save money by staying alert as well. Eat only hygienic food, and follow other precautions, so that you are not trapped into some fraud. Attention will also keep the thieves at bay, and your belongings will not get stolen during travel.

Enjoy, and explore India economically through these money saving tips. Indian hospitality and attractions are pleasing, and memorable.