Five Best Cities You Should Visit in 2014

You could be an avid traveler or a homesick person, trying to shrug off laziness and looking forward to visit new destinations, make 2014 as the year to explore new travel locations. But the question occurs which places should you visit this year. In this article we’ll try to find an answer.

Five Best Cities

We have prepared a list of 5 top travel destinations for 2014. Once you go through our handpicked cities, it will be easy for you to decide which of them you are going to visit next.

Here are the five cities that we have picked;

  • Amsterdam

For some reason, Amsterdam has always been in the list of favorites of tourists. The canals of Amsterdam, built in the 17th century and the famed Defense Line are on UNESCO World Heritage List. A ride on the canal cruise in Amsterdam at the evening will freshen up your mind. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is must visit place for music lovers. If you don’t visit the Artis Royal Zoo and the Felix Meritis cultural centre, your visit to Amsterdam will be incomplete.

  • Beijing

Beijing is not just any city. It is the cultural and artistic center of China. You will be greeted by an remarkable blend of old and new cultural exoticness. Hundreds of skyscrapers in Beijing will change your idea about Beijing forever and you will rate the city as high as you rate the prominent European cities. Get on the Beijing Shanghai uber high-speed rail to cross 1384 kilometers in just 4½ hours. The historical sites and the authentic and palatable chinese cuisine will be two extra bonanzas.

  • Montreal

Rated as the happiest city in the world, Montreal occupies an important spot on our list. The city is visited by thousands of tourists. French culture and cuisine have had a huge impact on Montreal. The impact is visible on the city’s food and culture. Basilique Notre-Dame, Parc du Mont-Royal and Parc Olympique are some of the top tourist attractions. If you are lucky, you might get to see shooting for a Hollywood movie.

  • Bangalore

The entry might seem a little bit odd to you. Chances are less that you even heard of Bangalore. The city is in India. It’s called India’s Silicon Valley. Thousands of acres of land have been used to develop an IT hub. You will see how ITians are entering into the large buildings in the morning and exiting at the evening. Besides, cultural delicacies of India will be there.

  • Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia. Visiting the city is like a raw deal if you want to explore African culture. The name of the city literally means new flower. That’s exactly what the city is. Ethiopia is rapidly developing. The city is quickly catching up the pace of the development. You will see European style buildings all around the city. Council of the Oriental Orthodox Churches and Koka Reservoir are two top tourist attractions.

So these are the five cities that we have selected and we insist you to visit these cities. Take our word and go on a trip. You will be enjoyed. The diversity, the difference from one city to the other will be an amazing experience for you.

Air Travel

Common Air Travel Problems and How to Avoid Them

Air travel is exciting to some while makes others sick. If you are a first time air traveler, there are some tips that you need to follow. If you have experienced air travel before, you know what to do. However, irrespective of whether you are familiar with air travel or not, you should know the problems that come with air travel.

Common Air Travel Problems

In this article, we’ll talk about such problems and give you advice on how to avoid them. Some of those problems are;

Flight cancellation

This is a very common problem. A flight could be cancelled for bad weather condition or even for technical problems. Airlines normally don’t refund you. In case of technical failure, they will book you for another flight on a later date. In case of bad weather condition however, you could be stranded at nowhere. To avoid this problem, you should book early morning flights as flight crew will get the whole day to fix problems. You should also check statistics of the airlines.

The seat is not fit

You may observe that you don’t fit in the seat as you’re too tall or too obese. It has happened with many people and some of them were even asked to leave the plane. In a situation like this, you should humbly ask the flight attendant to arrange an alternative seat for you. Also, at the time of booking seat, you should check the seat’s dimensions.

Damaged luggage

Although not so frequent, the problem may bug you. You could however, avoid the problem by taking care of your luggage and putting them in a safe place. The domestic airlines let passengers recover up to $3300 for damaged luggage. For the international airlines, the liability cap is less, $1500 per passenger. So before boarding the flight, do a valuation of how much the luggage and other stuffs are worth.

From non-stop to regular flight

Non-stop flights are those which do not land on intermediate stops. Airlines may cancel your non-stop flight ticket and book you for a regular flight. As non-stop flight tickets are expensive, this would mean loss of money. To avoid this problem, you should check beforehand if any other non-stop flight would be despatched by the same airlines to the same location. If so, ask the flight attendant to book you for that flight.

By following the above tips, you could lower chances of being harassed in your first air travel. So follow them and enjoy your trip.

Adventure Travel

5 Amazing Locations for Adventure Travel

Scientists believe man has an innate tendency to partake in adventures. The risks associated deter us from doing so. Adventure travel allows excitement seekers to participate in adventurous activities with no risk involved.

People who go for adventure travel either go alone or with a group of like minded individuals. They look for places that are suitable for adventure travel. In this article, we’ll introduce them to some places where they could visit for your next adventure trip.

Adventure Travel

Let’s begin our list with

Kemeri National Park, Latvia

Albeit unnoticed by mainstream media, Latvia is an excellent location for adventure travel. The East European country has a coastline that stretches over 350 miles. The Kemeri National Park, located in the baltic region is actually dense forest. Inside the park, you’ll find bird watch towers. There are big trees everywhere amid which you’ll have to discover the walkway. You will surely enjoy the atmosphere inside the park.

Petra, Jordan

Petra is not just any city in Jordan. The city was built approximately 600 years before the birth of Christ. The whole city was gouged out of a mountain couloir. Petra is located at the southern desert in Jordan. The city was developed by a sect of Arabs called Nabateans. Petra is the perfect spot for adventure travel. You will have shiver witnessing centuries old structures, mountain steeps transformed into houses and staircases.

Easter Island, Chile

A veil of mystery covers Easter Island, Chile’s most sought after tourist destination. There are strange statues in Easter Island called Moai. Moais are humanoid figures built by Chilean Polynesian rocks. Who built those statues? It’s still a mystery; some say the statues were built by indigenous Rapa Nui people. Others believe the statues were built by the aliens. Visiting Easter Island will give you undiluted excitement.

Avoriaz, France

Avoriaz is actually an interconnected resort, located in Portes du Soleil region of France. The place has plenty of greenery. It is also in French Alps. So you could roam across the mountain steep of Alps. Besides, there are bike tracks all over Avoriaz and if you are biker, you could enjoy the thrill of biking in the Alps. There are more than 20 ski lifts in the region and serve as an easy way to indulge in adventures.

The fun that adventure travel offers is beyond comparison. By visiting the locations mentioned above, you could enjoy such fun. So don’t waste time and start tying your shoelaces.