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Tips for Travelling with a Newborn

If this is the first time you are travelling with your newborn, it is less likely for you to know the best way of how to ensure a pleasant and comfortable journey with a little bundle that you have been recently blessed with. Of course, there are plenty of websites to give you an idea on this topic but I want to share some wonderful tips as someone who has good experience of traveling with her infant more than often.

Where to start from?

Start with choosing a backpack instead of a purse and diaper bag. You should keep your arms free to caress and feed your baby. Throw your purse and wallet into it instead of carrying them separately. Also carry disposable pads as you need to change your baby on a clean surface and you won’t have it available always.

How many diapers will be needed?

New babies will require 6-8 diapers within a time span of 12 hours though the diapers being made these days have power of more absorption. On a long journey, pack 8-10 diapers along with a packet of baby wipers in your bag. However, 5-8 diapers are enough on a shorter trip. Never forget to pack a few extra dresses as things may leak out on the diaper sides and soil their outfits. Carry a big size plastic zip-lock bag to avoid stink.

Will my infant feel good?

Infants usually sleep a lot during first weeks after seeing light of the day. Therefore, it is least expected that your journey will be eventful. Most of the parents are unaware of the fact that pressure change in cabin pains babies’ ears and they cry a lot during their trip in flight. If it starts whining, you can give him/her a pacifier/bottle. The motion during sucking eases pressure on your baby’s ear.

How to manage feeding?

The best is to pack a powdered version of formula that your infant is used to. You can store it easily and it does not perish soon. Also carry a thermo flask filled with warm water to mix with the formula before feeding your infant. You just need to mix water and formula in a small bowl whenever you will feed your newborn.

How many bottles to carry?

One bottle is enough but carry another as a backup. Fill each of them with powdered formula. Pack those bottles in a diaper bag.

What are about car seat and stroller?

Usually all airlines don’t allow their passengers to put their infant on a car seat. In fact, an infant can hardly seat and you need to place him/her on your lap. If your infant is 6-8 month old, then it can probably seat. Check with your airline if it allows a car seat. Choose a carrier/stroller car seat as you can wheel your baby in it – that sounds a convenient option! Store the stroller under your seat as a carry-on if a lot of stuff has already gone into your bag.

Travelling with newborn is never easy. However, you can always minimize the trouble and up the comfort level just by following the afore-stated simple tips.

Travel Tips

Why a Vacation Is Helpful for Small Business Owners?

Vacations are great no matter what your age is. When you are 5 or 50, the joy of taking a break and spending some quality time with your loved ones is unparalleled. Since we are on the topic of vacation, we must discuss the business side when you are on a vacation. As a small business owner, how important it is to take a leave and go vacationing? Can you make your vacation fruitful? Is there a trick in there? Where should you go for the most efficient vacay? All these questions are there when a small business owner thinks about vacay.

In case you are a small business owner, the TL;DR answer for you is “Yes”. Yes, every small business owner should take a break and go on a vacation to boost productivity. You heard that right. A vacation can help you boost productivity. Here are some reasons which you can take into consideration.

Distance from your work:

At times, we are so invested in our work that we have no time to analyze the process and get into the depth of the reason to have started it at the first place. This is a common thing that happens with most people. Without a proper contemplation of the work done, one can never realize the mistakes. Even a small vacation at a Finger Lakes pet-friendly vacation rentals can change it for you. A minor distance from your business will help boost it.

Relaxation from the noise:

To be honest, there might be a lot going on for you in your business. A lot of pressure to perform and run the business in the best possible manner. While this is fairly normal with most businesses, one needs to take a break and relax in a calm space. Finger Lakes is the best place where you can spend your weekends at ease and come back to face the hustle and bustle Monday. The slightest of relaxation can give you a lot of headspace for your business.

Inspiration from nature:

The thing about nature is, it can serve as a great inspiration to whoever looks into it. Running a business is no small affair and inspiration in any form is welcome. In that case, when you are vacationing in a  Finger Lakes pet-friendly vacation rentals, you can get some time with nature. It will surely help you a lot in running a business. There are several instances where entrepreneurs have got the slightest inspiration from nature and that has worked out for them. Apple is a great example of the same.

Spend time with your loved ones:

If there is one thing every business owner will agree to it is the reduced time with your loved ones. No matter what one does with the business, without your loved ones by your side, everything looks pale. A quaint vacation with them near the Finger Lakes will make them feel special again and re-connect you with them. This is one of the best things to get back to your business well. At times, when you find no good reason for the business, the smile of your loved ones can serve as a great motivation.

These are some reasons that are enough to compel you to take a vacation. It is not necessary that you go out for a long holiday to an exotic island. All that matters is the need of taking a break from the monotony of your business. Disconnecting from your business affairs is indeed a great idea to come back stronger and with a better motivation. In case you want to take your furry friend along, make sure you book a pet-friendly vacation rental in Finger Lakes. This will make sure everyone is comfortable and no one is left out. Not just you and your loved ones, make sure you also provide the same idea to your employees. They also need some time to unwind. This serves as a positive reinforcement as well. It helps the psyche of your employees at various levels.

Travel Tips

Tips for Travelling with a One Year Old

Travelling with children will give you more trouble than taking a herd of wild elephants on a vacation. Meeting a one-year old infant’s requirements and keeping it happy throughout your journey may make your almost insane. Here are few simple tips if you are planning a trip with your one-year old little bundle.

Take your time

Whether you are to be out for a journey, planning for sightseeing or anything else during your trip, make sure to have plenty of time at your disposal. Toddlers are also fond of exploring the new places and hardly bother about time pressure during a trip.

Book in advance

Most of the travelers stay in a hotel during their trip to anywhere else in the world. However, adventure-loving tourists prefer staying in camps. Whatever option you choose, booking in advance is always important. You used to enjoy kind of spontaneity during a trip before a baby arrived in your life. But after it comes, it will never pay off if you reach a destination without booking. You will have no way but to get back your home with your tired and hungry baby almost sinking down in car backseat.

They love camera

Surprised? Give your baby a child-friendly camera. That might make them a good observer and help them be focused on interesting objects in the surroundings. Even you may come in for some wonderful surprises by looking at the objects from their knee-high perspective. You won’t believe that my one-year old shutterbug captured some brilliant photos of wheels, rocks, animals, flowers and boats.

Learn about climatic condition

When you are travelling to a new place, the environment of which is far different from what your baby is accustomed to, you must pack necessary clothes so that it can adjust to a new environment and stays happy there. With multiple sizes available, you must not produce a lame excuse for dressing your baby in a swim-suit that is three times big. If you are going to a chilly place, you must not leave his/her gloves at home or leave your toddler barefoot in a locality infested with urchins.

Carry pull-ups

Traveling with your infant in a public transport vehicle during pottiy training days can be more than pathetic. It seems that you need to carry a bag that will contain wet clothes and stinky pants. If you are traveling by flight or train, best is to put them back on Pull-Ups.

Pack medicines

Even if your infant is fine and healthy, it may fall sick on holiday due to jet-lag, intake of less healthy food and getting involved in out-of-routine things. Consult your child specialist ahead of trip and pack in prescribed medicines in case your one-year old infant falls ill while holidaying.

Travel Tips

Tips for Travelling with a Dog

If you are planning to take your dog on a trip or vacation, you must not forget a few important things. Travelling with any pet is a big challenge and you need to chalk out an effective plan much beforehand. First and foremost of all, you must have a fair idea about where you will be heading to, how long it will take to reach there and how you will get there. Will you drive; go by road or jet to the place? Or are you considering a journey through train or other kinds of transportation?

For most of the dog owners, this canine animal is just like an extended part of their family. However, all don’t think that way and will not tolerate your pet everywhere. There are some places where pet dog is strictly ‘not allowed’. So you must make sure to book a hotel that allows the dog owners to keep their pets with them. If you are travelling by flight, you should check with the airline to see if your pet is allowed and necessary arrangements are made for its safe and comfortable journey.

Most of the dog owners don’t love the idea of parting ways with their pets while being on a flight. They love their dogs to get seats just next to theirs. Usually, the dogs remain calm and quiet throughout the journey if they are accustomed to traveling from their childhood. You should train your dog in order to make it familiar with car rides whenever possible. Start with short trips until your dog becomes accustomed to journey and enjoys it. Here are few more tips for the dog owners who want to travel with their pets.

  • Pack necessities for your dog. Remember to pack in prescribed medicines and normal food that your pet takes at home.
  • Lots of exercises for your dog just ahead of trip are important to keep it fit and healthy. Regular stretches are very important for its health and make sure that your dog practices them ahead of trip.
  • Ensure dog-friendly accommodations and arrangement for your lovely pet.
  • Using a travel crate will be best while driving with your pet. It is the safest choice. It is like a child seat in car and absorbs extra pressure in the event of jerking.
  • Hang an identification tag around its neck as well as crate. If your dog gets lost, chance will be higher to get it back.
  • Never feed your dog just before going on your rip as motion sickness is very common to pets.

Travelling with your pet dog will be an amazing experience, particularly when you plan your trip accordingly.