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A Useful Guide for Tourists Visiting Belize

Not many people are familiar with the small country called Belize. The country is located in Central America and only 22966 sq km in size. Belize attracts visitors from all parts of the world. Sightseeing, snorkeling, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, and sailing are some of the activities for tourists to enjoy.

If you are planning to visit Belize, we not only wish you luck but also offer you guidance so that you could enjoy your stay.

Almond Beach, Hopkins

When you are in Belize, the following tourist attractions shouldn’t be missed;

Caye Caulker

It’s a coral island made of limestone. The beach is amazing, proximity to the sea will make your tour special. The barrier reef is very near to the little island. You can spend the whole day snorkeling, scuba diving and sunbathing, while at night enjoy booze with other tourists or locals on the beach.

The Great Blue Hole

You must have heard of black hole. What Belize has in its store for you is The Blue Hole. It’s actually a submarine cave, located 45 miles from the coast of Belize. The hole has circular shape from aerial view. It spans over 1000 feet area and has a depth of 400 feet. The water appears like ink, diving in that water is an amazing experience. There are limestone reefs in the depth of approximately 146 feet and the experience of diving that deep is just out of the world.


The white sand beach, the turquoise colored water and the army of onshore coconut trees make Placencia the idea place to relax. The place is suitable for sunbathing as well. If you feel like diving, nobody’s stopping you. Happy diving!


Just when you feel you need a break from diving, snorkeling, the beach and the sea, pay a visit to Lamanai. It’s a Mesoamerican archaeological site containing pre-columbian remnants and Mayan inscriptions. Notable structures such as the Mask Temple and Jaguar Temple will introduce a fragment of history to you. History apart, the Mesoamerican architecture will also make you feel impressed.

Cockscomb Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary is a nature reserve in Stann Creek District. There is a forest inside along with jaguars. The flora and fauna, various types of flowers and watershed are all there mimicking the vastness of mystic Central American wilderness. The forest is tropical moist broadleaf type and has a collection of mahogany and cedar trees.

In simple, Belize is small but full of wonders for tourists. Visit once and you’ll want to visit the place again and again. Keeping the above tips in mind will make your tour convenient and hassle-free.

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Some Must See Places for All New York Visitors

new york city
Must See Places in New York

Some call it The City with everything; others call it Hong Kong on the Hudson, but what’s in a name really? No matter what you call it, it will be the same old New York. If you plan to visit New York, you need to update yourself about details of the place.

It’s really difficult to discover the entire New York in one go which is why travelers opt for visiting the places which are must see. New York is an amazing place and some of the must see places are the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Times Square, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and of course the NYC Skyline.

It’s best to have some knowledge of these places before you visit them. So let’s begin with the description of the Statue of Liberty. It is one of the most remarkable artifacts in the world. The statue is of Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. The neo-classical structure was made by Frederic Bartholdi and handed to US as a gift. Travelers can buy ticket online to visit the statue.

Located at Midtown Manhattan, Times Square is a famous commercial intersection. There are huge digital billboards everywhere hanged from the skyscrapers. The place is outstandingly vibrant and happening with Broadway theaters, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and McDonalds. Lights and advertising everywhere makes the place amazing.

The Central Park is yet another hot destination for tourists. It is spanned over 3.4 sq km area over the mid of Manhattan. The place is actually an urban oase. It includes a large area consisting of rolling fields and walking trails. The water is tranquil there. The place was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvet Vaux in the mid 19th century. The places to see are the zoo inside the park, Belvedere Castle and riedsam Memorial Carousel.

The NY Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must see place if you want to be familiar with the artistic, cultural and literary side of New York. It is the largest museum in the whole United States. The museum contains Egyptian art, artistic works of classical antiquity, African, Byzantine, Oceanic and many other cultures. Visiting the museum means witnessing history.

All in all, all travelers dream to travel to New York. Being familiar with New York through searching over the internet could come really handy. The journey should also be safe and enjoyable.