The Top Tourist Places to Visit in Germany

Thinking of a backpacking tour but couldn’t pin down on a place? How about Germany? Located in the heart of Europe, Germany lets tourists enjoy the breathtaking landscape and a comfy stay; the country also introduces its rich cultural heritage and historic artifacts to them.

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Before you head to Germany, make a list of the places that are you going to visit. The top tourist attractions are;

Rügen Cliffs

Rügen Cliffs

The Rugen Island is where the cliffs are located. The specific location is inside the Jasmund National Park, which is in the northeast of the island. Among the cliffs, the biggest one is which is 387 feet high. The literal meaning of the word Königsstuhl is king’s chair. Dense forests at the top of the cliff offers a peaceful setting. The forest also belongs to the national park.


Frauenkirche is a Lutheran church. It is situated at Dresden. During the second world war, the church underwent heavy destruction. After the war, reconstruction work begun. The original plan from early 18th century was used and the site was reopened in 2005. The literal meaning of the German word “Frauenkirche” is church of our lady. The golden cross on the dome of the church was offered by the city of Coventry.

Cologne Cathedral

The cathedral is known as Kolner Dom. It is regarded as the greatest cathedral in Germany and has been the most celebrated landmark of Cologne. The construction of the cathedral started in the year 1248. It took almost 600 years to complete the cathedral. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Peter and Mary. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Germany. The gothic architecture requires appreciation.


Neuschwanstein is a castle on a hill in the vicinity of a place called Füssen. The place is in Southern Bavaria. A very fascinating history is associated with the development of the castle. King Ludwig II of Bavaria gave permission to build the castle and the work ended in 1886. Your visit to Germany would be incomplete if you don’t see Neuschwanstein.

The places mentioned above are remarkable tourist destinations. Visit them and enjoy your Germany tour.


Top 5 Must Do Activities In Sydney

Sydney is one of the best places that you should go to if you want to unwind and see how wonderful the world is. Aside from man-made wonders, Sydney is also gifted with natural views such as the harbour islands, beaches, and public gardens. You will also enjoy the excellent transport system that will make it easier for you to explore the place.

Top 5 Must Do Activities In Sydney

So if you are travelling to Sydney, here are some of the activities that you should try.

1.     Visit the Opera House

This is the most recognizable figure that can represent Australia. It is a busy place where music and art performances are being held. You can explore the Opera House inside and out for you to see how perfect the structure is, making it one of the most photographed buildings.

2.     Travel in Sydney Harbour

If you want to see some of the greatest attractions in Sydney then riding on a cruise is a perfect idea. You can have various options when taking a cruise. You can choose from a romantic tour, speedy jet boats, dinner cruise, or vintage tall ship. The water can provide you a great view of the Opera House as well as the Harbour Bridge.

3.     Enjoy Whale Watching

Sydney is known for having plenty of beaches where you can do different water activities. But did you know that this body of water also serves as a home for impressive marine life? The easiest way for you to see a whale is to get on the water. Whale watching is getting popular in Sydney so you can expect lots of operators in the place that can help you see the whales at a closer look.

4.     Explore the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney

Educational programs and scientific research are done on Royal Botanic Gardens. Your kids will surely enjoy the scenic train rides and the walking paths. You can have a picnic with your family while you enjoy the views of the Sydney Harbour. This can be a great way for you to relax when having a vacation in Sydney. Don’t forget to look for the souvenir shop so you can have something that you can give to your friends when you go home. This will also remind you of your memorable experience in Sydney.

5.     Dine at the Finest Restaurants in Sydney

Exploring the place will surely make you feel hungry. So before you continue to travel around in Sydney, it would be a good idea if you will stop for a while and try the foods offered in some of the finest restaurants in the world. You can try different cuisines that will suit your taste and will make you crave for more. Travelling is a lot more fun if you have a happy stomach.

Doing these activities while in Sydney will make your vacation unforgettable. There are indeed plenty of extraordinary things that you can try in Sydney in addition to the beautiful landscape. Given all these, you might even think of going back in Sydney in the future.