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Tips for Travelling with a Cat

If you have a pet, you must consider several factors while going on vacation with it. Most of the people usually leave their pets at home or in care of family members or friends. But there are also those who cannot live without their pets and always take them on a trip especially if it is going to be a longer one.

Going on vacation with pets is never easy but also not as complicated as you think. In this write-up, we will focus on cats and discuss how they can be taken good care of during travel. Take a hard look at these following tips before planning a trip with your cat:

Firstly, if the trip is for a brief period – say a couple of days – it is better not to make your pet a part of your journey. This is because; it will most probably not like hustle-bustle of your short-time tour, particularly when you are travelling by flight.

Secondly, if you are travelling with your pretty cat, you need to be armed with necessary equipments. Every cat needs a suitable carrier during travel. Everyone claims his/her cat very calm and quiet but even if it is so, you must not let it roam free. If you do so, it will cause distractions for the driver and even other travellers will not feel comfortable. On other hand, remaining loose may also pose serious injury threats to your lovely pet.

Thirdly, the travel carrier for your cat must be large enough. Your cat must feel comfortable while travelling around. If your journey is too long and you need to take several breaks before reaching at destination, you should place a water bottle in the carrier. A bottle will be a much preferred choice. If you place a bowl, water will spill out.

Fourthly, pets also suffer from acute anxiety just like human being. So before taking them on your trip, consult a veterinarian. He may prescribe oral medications to ease your pet’s nerves.

Fifthly, pets also feel vertigo and motion sickness during a trip by car. Medications are available to reduce such problems. Most of oral medications for pets are added to drinking water shortly before your trip.

Lastly, during a long trip with your cat, you may need to take an overnight stop. Sometimes, cats don’t like leaving a hotel if they feel comfortable there. Cats, particular the nervous ones, often take shelter under furniture and refuse to come out of their hiding. So, as a cat owner, you must wake up early in the morning and coax your cat to come out of its place of hiding.


Top 4 Reasons to Choose Extended Stay Suites in Mississauga Over Hotels

A trip to Mississauga could be a fun experience in a shoestring budget if you zero in on fully furnished extended stay suites in Mississauga over a hotel. Remember extended stay suites can offer you all that a hotel can but undoubtedly in a better way.  Wonder how?? Find out right here…

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  • A relaxed atmosphere 

One feels a great sense of ease when one get back home after a long day at work or from outside in general and that is the same feeling which you can get to feel if you choose an extend stay suite over a hotel. Remember, no matter how much a hotel looks promising, the fact is, you can never find the calmness that a home offers. Moreover, a hotel’s ambience would always make you feel that you are somewhere out of your comfort zone. However, entering into an extended stay suite after a hectic day would just rub out all your tiredness in a moment thanks to the calmness it’s surrounding exudes.

  • Comfort in every nook and corner

Comfort indeed is the most important part and you should always choose an accommodation which could offer you the comfort at its best. Hence, you should undoubtedly pick extended stay suites in Mississauga for your stay purely for the unmatched ease that it provides to its guests. Basically by choosing it over a hotel you can feel your home despite of being away from your home.  In order to offer you a comfort living, extended stay suites store everything that you may require during the stay. Be it the facility of laundry or a dishwasher or for that matter a toaster, basically you can find everything in an extended stay suite that a home offers.

  • A lavish stay in a luxurious way  

If you reckon that only hotels can offer you a luxury-filled stay, you are certainly wrong. The fact is extended suites can offer you the same classy stay and in a better way. Whether it is the   heated indoor swimming pools or gym or for that matter internet and recreational activities, you can get to enjoy it all and more along with home like comfort. Extended stay suites certainly are the perfect blend of comfort and luxury.

  • An affordable stay 

Extended stay suites is the best option to choose as it is available in quite a reasonable price as compared to the hotels. When it comes to the hotels, there is always an uncertainty about the hidden cost whereas with extended stay suites the question about hidden cost does not even arise what’s with its clear rental policy.  So, without an iota of doubt you can be rest assured about the extended stay suites affordability.

  • Best locations 

Location certainly matters and as for the extended stay suites, you can spot it right in the downtown of Mississauga where all the major business centers, malls, restaurants, cafes and clinics are situated. Basically, owing to the fact that you can find everything close by the extended suites, you can slash down a hefty expenditure of travel if you choose to stay in it.

Travel Tips

Tips for Travelling with a Cat in the Car

If you are one of those who don’t like leaving their cats at home and instead travel with them, there are some important tips to follow in order to ensure the best comfort and safety for your pet.

  • Irrespective of whatever medium of transport you are using, you should hang a collar along with a tag around its neck. The tag must contain your name, hotel address and phone number. In that case, even if your cat is lost, there will be a greater chance to find it out.
  • If you use car too often, make your cat familiarize with car travelling. In that case, the pet won’t be frightened while traveling by car and enjoy its journey. Usually, pets take great pleasure during their trip if they are habituated with traveling since their childhood days.
  • Carry your cat in a special basket or bag. Such kind of pet carrier must be tied by a tight seat belt to cut down the risk of its falling down and getting hurt. The cats, which travel frequently, consider the carrying baskets just a “home away from home”. Such basket is very comfortable and also a safe place for your pet during the journey.
  • If you are on a long trip, carry toilet tray as well as enough of water and food for your pet. It is also important to stop regularly on your way so that the pet can drink, eat and relieve itself.
  • You must make sure that required vaccines have been administered to your cat especially if you are heading to a new country or region. You should also take care to prevent attack of external parasites on your lovely pet such as fleas and ticks. Consult your veterinarian as to anti-ectoparasite agents. It is crucial to gently comb your cat every day and also inspect its skin so that external parasites can be detected earlier. If you will be staying in the new place for a week or more, don’t forget to find out the nearest veterinary clinic.
  • In some cases, you may be required to carry your cat via public transport like train, bus or airplane. In that case, the pet is to be carried separately. Your cat may need some time to accustom itself to the basket and you need to take responsibility of making it feel safe.
  • Never feed your cat just before the trip. It will be better to feed it six hours before the journey.
  • If your cat suffers from motion sickness, don’t delay to consult your veterinarian.

Following the simple tips will keep your cat happy and also save you from unnecessary troubles.