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Tips for Travelling with a Baby on a Plane

Now you have decided to go on a flight with your baby. You need to be extra careful because your little champion loves to be cared. First check safety rules and regulations of the particular airline you have decided to board. These rules are actually guidelines about ‘dos’ and ‘do nots’ while travelling with your baby on flight.

Most of the domestic airlines have the following regulations:

If a child is two years old or less than 40 pounds in weight, the baby must be carried in an infant carrier or in the lap of a paying passenger. Infant carrier can be a car seat or any other convertible restraint. The carrier should be located in a non-exit row’s window seat. The restraint system for the carrier must have approval level from the authority and be fastened with the provided seatbelt in the airplane seat.

When you are travelling with your baby in a flight, you have either of two choices. The first one is to carry your baby in your lap. The airlines allow such passengers to use a carrier or sling for your baby when the plane is taking off or landing. If you opt for this option, you have to buy only one airline seat ticket. However, there are some safety issues to consider should you choose it as you need to control these with your arms. This option is not allowed in every airline.


The second option is to go with an airport-authority approved car seat. Such car seat features a sticker that can be usually found underside of the seat. If your baby car seat is approved, you will be allowed to carry it in the flight and place the same just next to your own seat. If you go with this option, you need to buy a separate seat for your baby though discounted offer on a baby seat may be available. You can also ask for a free seat if the flight is not crowded.

The carrier must be placed on a window seat and must not be on that way of other passengers so that they feel free while getting into and out of their seats. The maximum width of the baby seat must be within sixteen inches, which is equal to that of most airline seats.

Once you travel with your baby in a plane, you will immediately realize that it takes no short of superhuman effort to carry luggage along with baby car seat and your baby! To make things comfortable for you, wear a carrier in front to secure your baby inside and strap the baby car seat with your back. That will keep your baby secured and you will have your hands free too.


Travel Safety Tips

Tips for Travelling with a Baby

Many parents don’t entertain the idea of travelling with their babies. The kids always need special care and attention. They also need to be fed frequently. Now that leaves mothers tired and exhausted, especially during a trip. However, if you need to board a flight, it is never possible to leave your baby at home. It could be quite exhausting to travel with a baby but there are a few things to follow in order to make your trip more comfortable.

Safety is a priority

It is the safety of your baby that should be the priority. You may be thinking how to ensure safety for your baby. Here are a few tips for you.

  • Get detachable window shades fixed on your car to protect your baby’s eyes and tender skin from sunlight.
  • Check if the baby seat is correctly fixed and properly secured in your car. A baby seat is always installed on the back seat of a car.
  • Keep the first aid box in your car. The box must include nose drops, teething gel, paracetamol etc. Also carry the medicines prescribed by the child specialist while going on a tour with your baby.

How to feed your baby in a flight?

The best is to feed your baby ahead of your departure to catch the flight. You can also feed your baby at airport or after the plane takes off or lands. If you breast-feed your baby, it is the easiest thing to do during travel by air. However, if your baby is used to formula feeding, it would be convenient to buy travel-sized and ready-to-use packets.

Make sure to carry boiled water in a sterilized bottle or thermos flask. Now preparing formula feed is very easy whenever your baby needs it. Remember to sterilize bottle before its use. You can also buy bottle sterilizers and pre-sterilized bottle liners. These are easily available at airport or other stores. These ready-to-use formula feeds are highly recommended and also hassle-free to use.

You may be relieved to learn that airlines don’t have any restrictions on carrying milk or baby food as your cabin baggage. You are allowed to carry adequate amount of baby food for your baby. However, you must check if the airlines have any restriction ahead of your journey.

It will be better if schedule of your flight matches sleep time of your baby. Your baby will sleep most of time during your travelling by air.

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Trusted Ways to Save More on Flight Tickets

Flying abroad was earlier a rich affair. Until the end of 20’s, tickets were hugely expensive, making air travel a facility for the rich only. People having abundant money can only afford those pricey tickets for business or pleasure tours. Things have changed, thankfully, and now any one can fly to the most exciting cities in the world for a token price.

cheap flight tickets

Cheap air travel is now readily available and it is possible to buy cheap flights by using flight comparison sites. Several Low Cost Carrier provider in the aviation industry have price comparison and discount features to provide big benefits to buyers. This acted as a catalyst in popularizing the price-based competition and pushing airlines to offer services at cheapest possible rates. Whether you are a frequent flyer or someone who is shopping for a ticket to that rare and much awaited vacation, these services can certainly a money savior while traveling back and forth to the destination. Let’s have a look at some beneficial discount tricks:

Off-season discounts: Airline ticket prices are much like other goods, that obeys the law of supply and demand. The supply for a particular commodity increases with the increase in demand, and vice-versa is also true. Similar terms and conditions are also applicable to aviation industry, the ticket prices get lower in off-season and highs when the demand arises. Suppose the seat for a particular destination isn’t selling, the airline will be forced to slash the prices. Naturally, during the peak holiday seasons the ticket prices are high, whereas in off-season when the temperature and climate are unfavorable for tourists to travel and roam around, the price lowers to unbelievable rates.

For example, tickets to beach locations are cheaper during rainy seasons. This might seem unfavorable, but if the type of holiday is not affected by seasons, this is a convenient method of saving money. When you go up against the odds you definitely enjoy cheaper airfare and end-up getting to the destination at lowest expenses. Collect details about your holiday destination and know the peak and off-peak seasons to save money while traveling to the destination.

Mid-week flights: Mondays, Tuesdays are always considered to be the busiest travel days in a week. That is why the prices for these weekdays are as high as the ones booked on weekends. So, always plan your travel on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. During these days the prices are significantly lower and predominately cheaper than tickets booked throughout the week. You can save a lot of bucks and apparently, free to spend on your other travel expenses like hotel booking, fooding or traveling.

Early bookings and last minute tickets: Airlines always provide value offers for early bookings. There are advantages of cheaper tickets and discounts for flyers who book six months earlier. If you are planning to travel during peak holiday season, early bookings are advantageous in many ways. On the other hand, tickets sold in off-peak seasons are considerably lower than earlier bookings. The airlines sell empty seats at lower prices to make up total flight expenses. There are loads of flights offers that are dropping down to low average rates within 6 weeks before the scheduled departure. Therefore, last minute bookings are great deals to save money in low seasons.

Economy class reservation: Flying in economy class means sitting in main cabin, not first class or business class. Seats are smaller and packed closely, and limited services offered to the passengers. Economy class reservation won’t be comfortable as other classes, but at least less payable for short distance traveling. If you are looking for cheap air flights for minimum distances, experts recommended to book tickets in this class. To make an economy flight more pleasant, you can try to book bulkhead or emergency row seats or an aisle seats to be most comfortable. An hour or two in the economy section of the plane shouldn’t be that difficult.

Most viable options to book cheap flight tickets online

To book flight tickets for domestic or international travel, there are several viable options. The development of mobile technology and Internet facility has even made it easier. There are several online travel agencies offering a number of available flights for a particular departure and destination. These web portals do compare, filter and list-out the best deals favorable for customers in all corners. Online travel agencies regularly offer cheap rates or credits to book tickets online.

Nothing could be easier and enjoyable, than getting away for a holiday. Saving more in addition could be like icing on the cake. You can buy more souvenirs, go for shopping and enjoy a holiday that was never experienced ever before. Plan accordingly and book your tickets from online dealers.

Booking cheap flight tickets and low cost airline tickets has never been so easier. Travelers can find fare deals, on airline tickets with . If you are constantly looking out for saving money on your travel, search and compare on this link to choose the best flight in the cheapest flight.