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Tips for Travelling to South Africa

There are so many to see, explore and enjoy in South Africa that it is never possible for the vacationers to run out of things during their trip. African Safari – there are only a few who have not heard about this famous movie. Take a toast to life with a glass of iced Chardonnay, spot on a lion on safari and mix up with the locals – the world will look and feel simply fascinating with its beautiful diversity in terms of terrain, culture and natural panorama.


Route 62 in South Africa is the world’s longest wine route and runs through the famous area of Klein Karoo, Tulbagh, Wellington and Roberstom. Tour agencies arrange regular trips to these vineyards in South Africa. If you are not offered this opportunity, take a rental car to visit the vineyards. You can also enrol your name in a wine tasting course or class that also includes catering and accommodation. Some wineries even make arrangement for evening entertainment.


Safari adventure is, no doubt, the biggest attraction of the South Africa tour. And to enjoy the most fascinating wildlife from a close quarter, you have to be at the game reserves. Here you will chance upon different species including rhinos, buffaloes, elephants and even lions. They roam freely in these reserved areas – some of which are private while the rest are for the public. Simple camping nearby the reserved areas and five-star facilities are also available for the backpackers to be all eyes on these beautiful wild creatures. You can also take part in some outdoor activities like quad biking, fishing and even guided walks.

A visit to the national parks in South Africa will give you a golden chance to enjoy a wild rendezvous with the animals in their own natural habitats. It will also introduce you to some of the most fascinating sceneries in the world.


The best day to visit South Africa is 27th April celebrated as the Independence Day of the country. On the same day in 1994, the first democratic election of South Africa was held. It is the joyous celebration for the South African natives and several events are organized to commemorate the historic day. Cultural parades are showcased by local bands and other performers.

24th September is marked as Heritage Day to underline the inherent diversity in tradition, beliefs and culture in South Africa. There are parades and several people celebrate the occasion by hosting barbecues in their outdoor space.


Usually, South African cuisines are made of non-veg items like springbok, ostrich, antelope etc. Dried meats like Droewors sausage and Biltong are also famous and quite common in restaurant menus.

Potjiekos is a must-try dish for every South Africa bound visitor. This cuisine is prepared outdoor and in a cast iron pot. Meat, vegetables and occasionally potatoes or rice go into the making of this heavenly delicious cuisine. The most commonly used ingredients to add some flavour include sherry or bear, a Dutch-Malay blend.

Another most popular dish is Bunny Chow or Kota. It is a thick curry served on a bread loaf. Sosaties is another princely delight and equivalent to Kebabs whereas Vetkoek is dough balls that are deep fried.

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Tips for Travelling to Paris

Paris has always been a fascinating city. The French capital, rightly nicknamed as “the city of lights”, is a big draw for the travellers all around the globe. Paris takes pride in its booming economy and a great cultural heritage. There are plenty of sightseeing spots in Paris and this capital city is widely famous as the epicentre of trendiest and haute fashion.

When to travel to Paris? 

If you want to know Paris just like the locals, winter or fall is the best time to be here. This is the high season to feel the vibrancy of Paris. Enjoying Christmas in Paris is just like a lifetime experience. However, for purpose of sightseeing, summer is the best time. The city feels a little warm by that time. Prices are usually higher in peak travel season. Paris is mostly crowded during summer and Christmas vacation. However, if you don’t like the crowd, the rainy season is good for you though it will be irritating to go on shopping or sightseeing in drizzling rain or heavy shower.

How long to stay?

A very short-time offshore trip is never a good idea. Think about staying minimum one week in this beautiful and most happening city. Plan wisely and in advance so that you can enjoy the highlights of the city. If you are not a budget traveller, a hotel in the downtown area could be a great choice as you will get to cover many places of attraction fast.

If exploring the city is what is in your mind, think about a fortnight trip. You will enjoy a more relaxed and quality vacation in Paris on a longer trip. There are several must-see spots tinged with natural beauty or cultural richness. History witnesses that the city has always been a hub of art and literature.

Paris is almost dotted with museums, art galleries and architectural specimens. So make a list of priorities, depending on the length of your vacation.

Where to stay?

If you have a plan to visit Paris during high tourist season, the hotels are booked up much beforehand. Hotels are also very costly during this time. To save your budget, think about staying in suburbs or private guesthouses. You are more likely to get good deals through online searching.

What to see?

Eiffel Tower tops the list of tourists’ wish-list when it comes to Paris visit. It is a magnificent and towering architecture in Paris and looks at its stunning best at night. The entire city looks mystic and majestic from the top of this tower.

Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees are among other must-see sites in Paris. Walking along Champs Elysees and visiting the Arc de Triomphe are worth cherishing until the last breath of your life. The view, the history, the ambience and the energy make it the most unique and something hard to forget.

Louvre is regarded one of the best museums in the world and a home to world-famous painting Mona Lisa. You may need a couple of days to see all arts and artefacts preserved in this museum

You will be hardly satisfied by visiting Paris only once, so just promise yourself that you will come back here times and again.

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Top 8 Tips for Traveling With a Cat in the Car – Things to Take Care

When planning your next trip, make sure you think through everything to avoid any trouble. It is paramount you do that especially if; you are traveling with your pet. The majority of the pets particularly the cats or felines are sharp mates of a road trip. It is such an incredible experience to go on a trek with your pet cat. Traveling with your cat in your car can be a remarkable experience if you do it properly.

Traveling With a Cat in the Car

Following these top 8 tips for traveling with a cat in the car will make sure that your road trip is uneventful and only filled with ecstatic memories with your beloved cat.

Here are the tips:

  1. Before taking the cat you must remember that cats can be kept inside the car in a carrier with proper care. In the event that the pets are left without the carrier they may exasperate while driving. So keeping in mind this thing it is better to make them stay inside the carrier for your and their safety.
  2. Before you buy such carriers it is essential to perceive that its size is as per the size of your cat. It has to be marginally greater with the goal that she can without much of a stretch move about with ease. You can likewise take with you a few toys that are enjoyed by your cat to give them something to do.
  3. You can have a flask to feed your cat. Keeping food in a vessel may spill apart and may dirty your car seat and spreads. So, taking a feeding bottle is a great idea. The most ideal route is to stop at few spots where you can feed your cat.
  4. When you stop at any place you can permit the pet to feel free and have a walk. However, just make sure that they don’t run away from that place in the excitement.
  5. Don’t strive for long trips in light of the fact that pet gets depleted by going for a more extended time. Anyhow in the event that you are on a long road trip you can choose for stops where you and your pet can rest. Then again one can likewise organize or book a roadside motel where pets are allowed.
  6. When you are taking your cat then you must make her get used to the climate and environment. She might possibly like the spot if you make your cat feel comfortable.
  7. You can likewise take your cat on little test outings of 15-20 minutes in your car before your planned trip to make them used to traveling in car. This will help them to get acclimated to the journey.
  8. Before you embark on your road trip, just make sure that you go to the vet and get your cat a full checkup so that your cat remains healthy throughout the trip.