Choose Platinum Suites for The Best Rental Experience in Mississauga

If you are moving to Mississauga and desperately looking for well furnished rentals in Mississauga, without a speck of doubt, head straight to Platinum suites. The fact is we are the best furnished rental providers of the city and the added advantage is that with us, you can enjoy a luxury filled stay in quite a pocket friendly cost.  To know more about Platinum suites, check the below mentioned pointers right here!

Rental Experience in Mississauga

We Offer locations that can save your expenditure 

The biggest perk of Platinum suites is it is located in Mississauga downtown where   everything could be accessed in a stone’s throw away.  The fact which enhances the value of platinum suites lies in the fact that all the important and major destinations are located nearby its vicinity. Whether it is the public transport stop right at the doorstep or The Pearson International airport which hardly demands 15 minutes drive from the location or for that matter the major highways which could connect you to the downtown Toronto within 20 minutes of travel time. You can find it all along with the famous Niagara Falls which requires only 2 hours ride or the biggest mall like Square one, restaurants and clinics in one location with Platinum suites at the centre of it.  Thus, thanks to Platinum suites, you can save a great deal of conveyance expenses with ease.

We are the Provider of spacious accommodation

When it comes to the space, rest assured you would have no reason to complain about it during your stay. Whether your requirement is a single bedroom suite or accommodation with multiple bedrooms, you can get a large living space by choosing to stay in Platinum suites. What’s more, with a separate balcony and a roomy living room, you can also find clean and well ventilated washrooms. The fact is choosing platinum suites can ease off all your worries related to space.

Offer a neat and tidy space 

Keep all your worries at bay about the cleanliness as we at, Platinum suites ensure to offer fully cleaned and well maintained accommodation. Basically, our main objective is to make our guest feel at home and we make sure that our guests actually find a home in our furnished rental away from their home. We know it quite well no place can replace one’s own home thus, in order to refrain you from missing your home during your stay with us, we put in all the possible efforts.  Furthermore, with platinum suites, there would be housekeeping staffs always at your beck and call ensuring a hassle-free stay for you.

Get a cost effective stay with platinum suites

The fact is, if you truly want to make your stay in Mississauga pocket friendly, without a shred of doubt, opt for platinum suites. Basically, with platinum suites you can get the worth of all you spend during the entire stay. Nonetheless, if you are planning a trip to Mississauga on this winter, you can surely enjoy the benefit of a lucrative winter specials offer of $99 per night by Platinum suites.

Assure you of Classy and luxurious amenities 

As far as the amenities are concerned, it plays a great role indeed. And lack of amenities could cause a great hindrance.  Therefore, we at Platinum suites have integrated all the facilities that could help in making your stay a complete luxurious experience. Be it the fully well equipped kitchen or the free hi-speed internet or for that matter indoor swimming pool and gym, you just name it and you can find it in the furnished rentals provided by Platinum suites.


How to Make your Family Vacation to Vancouver Smoother

Nestled between the Coast Mountains and the vast Pacific Ocean is this arresting metropolis of Vancouver. This majestic city boasts of a gorgeous skyline, breathtaking backdrop, picture perfect attractions, creative culture and a rich cuisine. Vancouver becomes a great choice for family travel with endless choices of adventurous and fun activities to experience. But there is an inherent chaos to almost every family vacation and therefore planning ahead of yourselves can help you make the trip memorable.

Vacation to Vancouver

Here are some insider tips on saving money and making the most of your family vacation to Vancouver. Dig in to plan an exciting holiday with family!

Eliminate spontaneity

When you are flying with kids make sure you eliminate spontaneity from the equation to make the trip as smooth as possible. Book your flight tickets, hotel rooms and tickets to popular city attractions well in advance. Forward planning will save you a lot of time, plus it will also minimize the panic of last-minute preparations. Another great benefit of advance planning is that you can grab great deals and discounts on your flight tickets and hotel reservations. Go for accommodations near the Vancouver Sky train as it will allow you to explore the public transit better.

Come prepared

Kids are fickle and the only way to tackle them is to keep them amused and engaged, if you want your family vacation to go smoothly, make sure you come prepared. With kids, you always need to be equipped for hunger, headaches and entertainment. Make sure you stock up all the necessary gear including some non-perishable snacks like chips and biscuits; first-aid and fun games or coloring books in an easy-to-access bag.  This tip will help you stave off any potential tantrum, kids are known for.

Also, do a proper research of Vancouver’s weather at the time of your travel and pack accordingly. Vancouver’s weather is mild all year around which makes it quite hospitable.

Know how to get around with kids

Getting around can be a major concern while you are travelling with kids as you have to take care of their comfort and safety. The Vancouver Sky Train or the SeaBus is a fun, affordable and safe option for commuting with kids. Additionally, the route offers beautiful scenery to keep the kids entertained on the way. Taxis on the other hand can be really expensive and seems an impractical idea if you are on a budget. For exploring the city, the Vancouver Trolley is also a great option. It offers hop-on hop-off tours to the city’s top attractions. If you are looking to make your family trip a little more adventurous and fun, you can rent a car and plan a road trip to the nearby attractions. We are sure navigating the route won’t be much of a problem with current technology.

Eat on wheels

Vancouver is a multicultural city and is brimming with authentic eateries that offer incredibly delicious food to pamper your taste buds. Also, most of the Vancouver’s best restaurants welcome kids with a warm heart and are totally equipped to serve kids with their kids’ friendly staff and high chairs. Apart from that, Vancouver’s street food scene is also equally amazing. There are numerous food trucks offering affordable, quick and appetizing snacks. Plus, we all know how much kids love to indulge in street food, so that’s another advantage.

Create an itinerary of must-visit attractions

The city offers a plethora of options to explore with family. There are numerous beautiful parks, museums, landmarks, historic destinations and galleries that can be visited with family. Kids market is a must visit place with kids as you can find some great off-beat, handcrafted and educational toys and nifty junior sized fashion as well. Water wonderland, which is the largest free water park in North America is also a great place to have a family picnic. Do some research in order to figure out the best Vancouver attractions you can discover with the kids. Make sure you book you book the tickets in advance to avoid the queues and save time.

Indulge in out-of-the-box activities

If your kids are above 5 years in age, indulging in an adventurous activity can make the trip much more memorable. You can visit the Vancouver’s most popular wave pool, Watermania or take your kids to Vancouver aquarium for exciting marine encounters. Kids market, Vancouver zoo, Greenheart Canopy Walkway etc are other great options. How about taking your kids on a voyage of discovery? The Science world and omnimax theatre at Telus World of Science is a great place to ignite your kid’s imagination and explore some interactive exhibits.

Vancouver is a paradise for kids with hundreds of outdoor and indoor activities for entertainment. This very reason makes Vancouver the perfect family vacation spot. Don’t forget to click lots and lots of pictures so that you can treasure your time in Vancouver forever.


5 Best Shopping Destinations In Mississauga

Are you a shopaholic? If yes, then this article is surely a must read for you. Mississauga is home to some great shopping centers. And we present before you a list of top shopping destinations from where you can pick the coolest stuffs during your stay at our furnished rental in Mississauga. Read on to know more…

  • Square One: Square One is undoubtedly the epitome of the best shopping experience in Mississauga. The fact that Square One offers plethora of shopping options makes it an exciting destination for the shopaholics. No matter what you look for, it’s a given that you can find it in Square One and it is because of this the tag ‘best shopping centre of Mississauga suites it perfectly.  

Square One is located at the Mississauga’s City Centre which makes it quite close to our furnished rental. Hence during a stay at our accommodation, along with our comfy amenities, you can even enjoy an awesome shopping experience in Square One mall. With over 360 stores, the mall has it all to be recognized as Mississauga’s biggest mall.

Square one

  • Dixie Outlet Mall: Shopping in Dixie Outlet Mall can turn out to be an incredible experience. This mall can turn out to be an ideal choice for the ones who are looking to have some amazing stuffs in a pocket friendly price. Basically Dixie is popular for the great bargains that it offers to its customers.  Though a midsize mall but it surely deserves a mention for its affordable price tags and superb food courts.

Conveniently located right off of the QEW, Dixie Outlet Mall is basically an apt pick when searching for affordable attire. The outlet mall offers array of different stores, many of which especially cater to adults.

  • Heartland: If Square one is Mississauga’s biggest indoor shopping centre then Heartland is its biggest outdoor shopping district. You can spot the outlet of almost all the premier brands right here. This upscale shopping district offers a great variety of designer clothes, branded products and services. Heartland is certainly the perfect alternative of Square One Mall in Mississauga.
  • Erin Mills Town Centre: Erin Mills Town Centre is one of the best shopping malls in Mississauga. Basically, it is considered as the second largest mall in the city after Square One. This sprawling mall offers wide number of stores for its customers along with some finest eateries and food courts.
  • Mississauga Flea Market: Do you love street shopping? Well, then Mississauga Flea market is surely your go-to place. Though it is just a flea market but it certainly has a lot of exciting things to offer to its customers. Whether you are looking for apparels, footwear and jewelry or for that matter fruits, electronics and wares, you can find it all in this flea market with ease. As far as the latest fashion is concerned, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed with its offerings. In fact Shopping in Mississauga Flea Market can get you some great stuff in quite a reasonable price.

You can try out shopping in some or all of these picks next time you are in town. Platinum suites are located in downtown Mississauga and are quite close to some of the best shopping centres that you can find in the city.