The costs related to travel, among others, increase marginally each year. Everyone likes to travel, but the skyrocketing hotel room costs, and the passenger fares make it difficult for one to travel within a given budget. Fortunately, there are certain tips that you can follow to make your holiday tourism cheaper, and more affordable.

Economical Holiday in India

Here Are The 10 Tips to Spend an Economical Holiday in India


Some parts of northern India are quite hot, during the summers. Summer in India extend from April-May to June-July. Lesser tourists visit the country during this time period. Consequently, hotels and other accommodation places offer huge discounts to tourists during the season in India. For instance, the luxury hotels in Jaipur can offer you can discount of up to 50% during the summer season. You can visit the country during this time, and witness lesser crowds as well.


Transferring all the hassle of holiday planning, to a tourist services company is easy, and luring. The holiday packages offer you all that you need, and you just need to place a phone call for the purpose. But the agencies charge a fee, for their services, and you end up paying a lot more than required. By giving only a few hours of your time, you can easily save on the costs. Book your train, airway, and hotel tickets yourselves, through the internet, calls, and messages. Not only will you know more about the places you visit and the routes to reach them, this way, the well-earned holidays will be more memorable as well.


Shopkeepers at the tourist destinations you visit might charge you more, especially if you have a white color, or seem to be not from India. When buying at the vacation spots, bargain, hard. You will find that the shopkeepers will give way to your demands, sooner than you anticipate.


The hotel food is a lot costlier, as the meal bills have the service, and other charges added to them. You can eat outside the hotel, at other places. Not only will your choices increase, you will also explore the diversity of Indian cuisine, in a pocket-friendly way.


Home Stay is a new and emerging business in India. Home owners attach their residential property to some travel agency, and the tourists get the rooms at low costs. Explore the home stay options that you have, when planning a holiday vacation. The rooms have all the basic amenities, and a lot more. You will get the television, air conditioner, Wi-Fi, and other perks and amenities.


Eating fruits is a healthier option, anytime. These are also cheap, at all places you visit. You can prefer fruits, including bananas, oranges, and apples, among others, over the spicy food, and save a lot on food-related expenses. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, the fruits will also keep you healthy and fit for travel during the vacation, and even after it.


An overnight journey to your chosen holiday destination, will make you reach at the hotel in the morning, at the check-in time. The strategy will help you save on room cost, as you will pay more by reaching a hotel at night, and pay for its whole day’s cost, while only staying at it for 12 hours.


Homemade food costs less, and is also more hygienic and trustworthy. Travel with food, when you start your journey to the tourist destination, so that you save money while travelling.


You can get discounts at the travel websites, when you plan your holiday using them, and book tickets through them. The discounts get even bigger, when you book your flight tickets and hotel rooms, through the same website travel agency. Search the internet to know more about the deals and offers, and you will surely find a number of them.


You can save money by staying alert as well. Eat only hygienic food, and follow other precautions, so that you are not trapped into some fraud. Attention will also keep the thieves at bay, and your belongings will not get stolen during travel.

Enjoy, and explore India economically through these money saving tips. Indian hospitality and attractions are pleasing, and memorable.

Rohit dips into the ocean of Indian ecological and cultural diversity, to bring out the gems that are not yet fully reviewed. Writing for Trans India Travels, his writings also include advising and tips, to make your journeys safer and economical.

Adventure Travel

6 Wonderful Hiking Destination in Morocco No One Should Miss

Morocco is known for its hauntingly beautiful terrains and the attraction it has for the hikers. People come from around the world to enjoy the beautiful terrains and explore the extraordinary beauty through leisurely hiking. Hiking is such a wonderful hobby and when you are vacationing in Morocco, hiking is one of the best things you can do. Morocco has some of the world’s best hiking destination that no one should miss when these are in the country.

6 Wonderful Hiking Destination in Morocco No One Should Miss

Hiking in Morocco is also one of the best ways to explore the place and know as much as you want about the place, its culture, people, food, drink and of course the terrain. Out of all the trekking and hiking destinations, there are some which are very popular and must be on your list.

Here are the 6 most wonderful hiking destinations in Morocco where you can go hiking.

1. Toubkal Mountain in Western High Atlas

The first in the list of wonderful hiking mountains is the famous Toubkal Mountain in southern west Morocco, one of the highest peaks in North Africa. Hikers from all around the world come to hike these mountains which provide a mixture of challenge and excitement. Apart from the wonderful terrain for hiking, the Toubkal Mountain is also known for its Atlas Mountain Berber tribes who live in the small villages.

2. The M’goun Mountain in Central High Atlas

The M’goun Mountain is home to some wonderful Berber tribes and is less taxing for hiking as compared to the Toubkal Mountain. When hiking in this mountain you will get to enjoy the scenery and valleys where these tribes live. If you visit the place in late spring you can enjoy the bloom of wild flowers and snow-melt rivers at the foot of the valley.

3. Sahara Hikes

A part of Sahara desert lies in the southern Morocco and is one of the most beautiful places for trekking. It is well known for the palm groves of the Draa Valley and the eternal dunes. You can ride on camels and take in the beauty of the desert. Hiking in the Sahara desert is on the most intriguing hiking experience in Morocco.

4. Saghro Mountain

The Saghro Mountain is a true vision in winter and the hiking is much easier then. The wintery landscape provides a little less challenge to the hikers but the magnificent view is all you can hope for as compensation. The cave paintings are the best attraction of the mountains, which no one should miss at all.

5. Tafraoute Mountains

The next in the list is the Tafraoute Mountains. It is an anti-atlas mountain and has very harsh conditions with little water and Rocky Mountains. This mountain is best for serious hikers looking for some challenge. It is also great for walking tours, rock climbing and biking tours because of its rocky terrain. Its untouched and natural landscape is a must try trekking destination.

6. Marrakech to Sahara desert

This may sound repetitive, but a challenging and adventurous tour from the Marrakech to Sahara desert is a must for the serious hikers. You can sign up for a tour package, which will take you through the splendid landscapes of Atlas Mountain.

Hiking is Morocco is one of the best thing anyone who loves travelling and hiking can do. Visit some of the fantastic places in the terrains of the country and enjoy the best of hikes, trekking and scenery.  


How to Plan Your Next Vacation in Sitges – Top 5 Tips to Fix the Problem

A vacation in Sitges conjures up the images of the bluish Mediterranean sea, sparkling sunshine, azure blue sky, golden beaches and white-washed villages around the hillsides in the mind. This amazing town in Spain can be a real-life experience of an exotic destination in your lifetime memory. Offering an astounding display of the coastal landscape, rustic old constructions and raucous nightlife – gay or straight, Sitges has all the facility of being your next vacation choice among all other options.

A family or group travel to Sitges is really exciting and money-saving. This Catalonian city offers the best accommodation, food and touring facility at affordable prices. There are single or two-bedroom apartments in Sitges to accommodate small or large families with ease. It has many spots for nightlife, food and museumsto spend a fun-filled vacation.

Whether you want to explore the most impressive dining at a seaside tavern or ruins, you can accomplish your vacation to Sitges with variety and style without creating a burden on your pocket. Here are 5 things to consider before planning your next vacation to this ‘Jewel on the Mediterranean’.

1. Set a Budget: We all know, that traveling means complete financial planning. You need to come up with a budget that suits your pocket. Make a rough estimation of accommodation, transport, food option, sightseeing/activities and insurance policy. If you are moving with your family or friends, share the details with them to have lump-sump idea about the overall cost. Infact, share the expenses equally among every member to reduce the cash burden.

2. Find Affordable Flights: Situated around 30 km from the Barcelona, just half an hour by train, Sitges needs a train followed by plane from Barcelona. Once you are done with the budget, find the best airfare. Your one single round-trip will likely be the biggest cost of the trip. So, check for the daily deals or any offer package to save more on your budget. It would be ideal to book a few weeks earlier and check with the smaller carrier because ticket prices fluctuate on an hourly basis.

3. Book Rooms: Where to stay is inevitably a major component of your trip. After visiting the local attractions, having gala dinner, enjoying the music festivals or events, you finally need an exotic space to unwind and relax. Look for the best hotels or apartments for your next trip. Like most common hotels in other cities, Sitges offers the same level of comfort and cost. Whereas, the rental apartment is specially meant for group accommodation and longer stays. They have single and two bedroom apartments in Sitges , for families and couples who wants to spend a splendid time together. The prices are also quite low and amenities are similar to that of a hotel or resort.

4. Search for local attractions: Sitges is one of the loveliest seaside towns in Catalunya. Beautiful long sandy beaches, a stunning old town, great shopping, and lively bars, restaurants and nightclubs all combine to make Sitges the perfect holiday destination. This place is associated with traditional Catalonia culture and tradition. So, there are many churches, museums and historical monuments to explore and expede. Google it and enjoy the trip!

5. Coordinate with travel buddies: To explore all the major attraction in Sitges, you need to figure out the best transportation option. Either book rental cars for easy and convenient transportation to your destination. Else, coordinate with your local travel buddies to arrange any car or two-wheeler to traverse the region on your own. Recently, travelers have been going for bicycles to travel around the town.

All that’s left to do is pack your bags, follow the golden rules and head on to the most exotic destination on the earth. If you really think that planning a summer getaway is a distant memory – then it’s the perfect time to kick into action and plan your next adventure trip to Sitges.

Travel Tips

Tips on Travelling with A Newborn – For Your Baby’s Safety

Numerous parents with an infant are hesitant to go with the child on a trip. The infant would require a ton of attention and proper care, in addition to incessant food. Also, the mother is prone to feel depleted. Some of the time you don’t have any other alternative to avoid the trip, you have to go and take your newborn with you.

While it could be an exceptionally debilitating situation for you, there are several things you can do to make your trip more comfortable.

Tips on Travelling with A Newborn

Following these tips to travel with a newborn will make sure that you and your baby don’t encounter any discomfort on your trip.

  • Introduce separable window shades on your car for keeping the infant’s fragile eyes and skin away from the cruel daylight.
  • Verify that the car seat for the infant is effectively introduced and secured appropriately with the seatbelts in.
  • Keep a first-aid box handy with you with all the necessary medicines of your baby prescribed by the doctor with you all the time. The most convenient way to travel with a newborn is by air.
  • That being said, breast feeding is the least demanding method while you are traveling, as it obliges no gear, and if the infant has been introduced to bottled food, it’s extremely advantageous to buy milk powder in travel-sized parcels to feed your baby with ease during your flight. You can also take boiled water in a canteen jar, cleaned flasks and the required food so that you can set up the food as and when the infant needs it. Although getting the flasks disinfected obliges a bit of administration.

It may come as a help to discover that there is no confinement on taking infant’s food and other important necessities like diapers, napkins, toiletries, etc. as you are allowed to take along these for your child, yet you may check with the airlines’ site before you board your flight.

The timing of your trip has to be such that it matches your child’s nap time, so your infant dozes more often when you are on your journey.

Now the important question that arises is how soon your infant could travel. Ordinarily, airlines suggest your child to be no less than two days old before they can board a plane. Since infants are more sensitive, it is fitting to hold up till the infant is no less than three months old before he or she can travel comfortably. Anyway you can hold up more on the off chance that you believe that it would be better for the child, or that you feel that the successive changing of diapers and feeding the infant won’t be best for you. After all, it is your choice to make.