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5 Wonderful Advantages of Traveling An Exotic Destinations On Earth

The world is like a book, and traveling is like the reading the unturned pages of life. We travel to distant places on earth to learn, love and teetering into the unknown  in order to know where we truly belong. We delve ourselves into the world of wilderness to explore and feel the essence of nature close to us. And, the one who do not travel read only a single page of the book.

Most of traveler keeps thinking about traveling to beautiful places; while others watch TV shows about people traveling or read blogs and books about people traveling. They fail to realize that traveling is never a matter of money, but of courage. Untill and unless, you travel the unknown you cannot fight the inner weakness. The one who misses the opportunity will only regret the chances he didn’t taken.

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Here are the major benefits of traveling:

  1. Disconnects from Regular Lifestyle: From the regular hectic work schedule and boring lifestyle, holidaying in an exotic destination can relive your stress and anxiety. It can help you to figure things out that you would have understood without the distant traveling can give you. Going alone with some friends or family or a reunion with friends can be fun-filled. If you are planning a trip for your sweetheart, traveling to most exotic destination like Sitges, Barcelona can give an excluded holiday experience. Perhaps it can make you realize the importance of each other in life. Like the saying says: we never know what we have until we lose it.
  1. Time to Relax and Unwind: Touring to some of the most picturesque location relaxes and soothes your mind. The green mountainous vegetation, bluish-green sea covered with an azure blue sky and white-washed building gives a heavenly feeling. Suppose you are traveling to Sitges, booking for any of the seas-side Sitges Apartment can take you to the lap of nature. There are beautiful palm beaches and bluish Mediterranean sea in front to calm your eyes and soul. Traveling is indeed a good stress remover that has a lot more to give than most people willing to accept.
  1. Increase Your Experiences: When we travel, we may notice that some of the things we’ve heard about the world end up being very different than what we have indoctrinated and conditioned to believe. However, exploration and expedition broaden our horizon. By living the different situation and gaining enough knowledge, we feel more competent and enthusiast on coming back to home. People who travel a lot in life are always ready to embrace the changes and have a natural ability to handle any problem with confidence.
  1. Creates Memories: Traveling creates a lot of memories with your friends and family member. These memories strong bonds between each other which no one can break, how hard the situation remain. It can gives a new perspective to the relationship and cement the bond forever. It also give a nice opportunity to capture things on camera and create an album and when you feel nostalgic you can take an hour of time and live the moment again. Which is why it is said – Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller – IBN Battuta
  1. Improved Social Interaction Skills: One of the main benefit or traveling abroad is, especially in those areas where you do not know the people well, improves your social and communication skills. It will teach you how to communicate with the people and deal with different unfavorable situations. We could experience a new culture, their tradition, language, clothing style, festivals and celebrations in the country.

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

The more we travel, the more we realize and learn in life.


Top 5 Adrenaline Destinations In Canada

If you live for the rush — always seeking out the next big adventure, then you may see yourself as an adrenaline junkie. After all, what beats the thrill of pushing your limits — challenging yourself in ways you never imagined?

Although you can easily go sky diving or bungee jumping, there are destinations that are known to offer thrill-seeking adventure around every bend. In Canada, there’s so much opportunity to explore, especially for those looking for the next big thrill. From coast to coast, there’s so much to see and do, starting with these must-see destinations.

Adrenaline Destinations In Canada

Be Sure to Check Out These 5 Canadian Destinations 

A surge of adrenaline can make you feel as though you’re capable of just about anything. As you head out into nature, allowing yourself to push the boundaries, there’s only one word to describe how you feel — alive. For those who surf, cycle, or snowboard — take your pick, Canada is full of adventure-seeking opportunities.

  1. Whistler-Blackcomb — British Columbia 

Whether you’re Canadian or not — everyone needs to experience Whistler-Blackcomb at least once in their lives. Located 121 km north of Vancouver, it’s highly accessible and most certainly unforgettable. Although you can ski and snowboard your little heart out, there’s more to this destination that first meets the eye, including:

  • A bobsled ride down the world’s fastest track — hitting speeds up to 125+ km/hour
  • Backcountry skiing/snowboarding tours, allowing you to leave the lifts behind
  • Whistler Bungee allows thrill-seekers to jump 160 feet over a frozen gorge
  1. Bay of Fundy — New Brunswick 

Home to the highest tides in the world, twice a day, one hundred and sixty billion tons of water flood this area, before retreating back into the Atlantic. Check out the Hopewell Rocks as well — incredible rock formations that have been carved by tide erosion. For those seeking adventure:

  • Take a zodiac out to spot whales and other unique marine life
  • Zipline along the bay at Cape Enrage, traveling 140-feet before hitting the ocean floor
  • Kayak through the rock formations during high tide 
  1. Surf Cow Bay — Nova Scotia 

Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Cow Bay is an absolute gem for surfers. Here, you’ll find two main beaches — Rainbow Haven and Silver Sands. These are both internationally known as kayaking and surfing hotspots. There are also plenty of exciting cycling trails. While you’re on the small province of Nova Scotia, be sure to check out:

  • A hot air balloon tour, overlooking Annapolis Valley from 1,000 feet above
  • Backcountry camping opportunities, allowing you to see the night sky as it’s meant to be discovered
  • White-water rafting along the Shubenacadie River 
  1. Auyuittuq National Park — Nunavut

As you head north, you’ll find Baffin Island within the territory of Nunavut. If you plan on taking any self-guided adventures, including skiing, climbing, or hiking, you will want to be both experienced and well-prepared. If you’re keen on checking out this incredible national park, but aren’t confident in your backcountry abilities, then guided expeditions are also available. Some of the best spots to check out include:

  • Akshayuk Pass allows skiers to experience a ride unlike any other
  • Advanced climbers take advantage of Mt. Tirokowa and Thor Peak

P.S – For this destination, make sure to bring a solid wind breaker/rain jacket as it can get kind of chilli!

  1. Vallée Bras-du-Nord — Quebec

For anyone who enjoys off-road cycling, this area offers up unbeatable cross-country mountain biking. Many Canadians travel across the country, as well as those from North Eastern United States to experience these trails. You will also pass by some of Canada’s most stunning deciduous forests. Once again, Quebec is home to plenty of adventure, including:

  • Hike, canoe, or snowshoe in Parc National de le Jacques-Cartier
  • The longest Air Canyon-style zipline in Canada, located at Canyon Sainte-Anne

Although there are hundreds of adventures to be experienced, one thing is certain — Canada is the ultimate thrill-seeking destination. With a backyard unlike any other, the vast wilderness gives way to unique opportunities and endless exploration. Whether you want to venture out to sea, stay on land, or head up in the air — there’s something for everyone.

After all, what is life — but a grand adventure?

Author : I’m Dan, and I’m the Editor in Chief of True North Athletics. I’m also an avid adventurer, digital nomad and traveler. I enjoy all types of outdoor sports, a good golf tan, and spontaneous weekend trips. I currently live in Brazil where I can be found frequently hiking the rain forest around my city!

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5 Most Exciting Places to Check out in Bahamas

Bahamas is known for its pristine beaches, the clean, turquoise blue water and water adventure and sports. There is no dearth of excitement and entertainment in Bahamas. Just choose from one of the Bahamas vacation rentals and set out to see the wonders of this beautiful island country in the Caribbean. Everyday you will get to wake up to the sound of the sea and beautiful sunrise. Bahamas is truly heaven on the face of the earth.

Bahamas has so many things to offer from sightseeing to adventure sports to local tropical food and culture. But, people mostly come here for the sea and the powdery beaches. One of the best ways to enjoy Bahamas is to get a vacation rental as it comes with all the facilities you need to feel like home. They are fully furnished and all you need is your clothes and toiletries with you. If you forgot to pack anything important, do not worry, convenience stores are just round the corner from where you stay.

Now, to the business. If you are a first timer or have seen many of the Bahamas attractions, there still places to visit that are more popular than the others. It is difficult to decide on what new places you want to visit in a country as versatile as Bahamas. So, here are the top 5 attractions you can visit to get the best out of your Bahamas vacation.

  1. Grand Bahamas

Grand Bahamas

There is no place like the Grand Bahamas and as the name suggests there is everything so grand about it. Port Lucaya is the tourist hub known for its shopping destination, delicious food and exciting nightlife with full entertainment. You can buy jewelry, souvenirs and so many other goods that have a local touch. The best thing about the Grand Bahamas is the underwater cave system and you can also spot some native bird species in the national park.

  1. Atlantis Paradise Island

Atlantis Paradise Island

This is one of the most exciting places in Bahamas where fantasy come true. This is a resort in the paradise island that has so beautifully recreated the lost city of Atlantis. It is a hotel, entertainment hub and water park where you can enjoy so many things. With more than 20 swimming areas, the Atlantis island is your one stop for aqua venture and waterscape. The fun doesn’t stop here. You can enjoy watching hammerhead sharks and swordfish swimming lazily in the open air pools as well.

  1. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

The next big attraction in Bahamas is the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Located in the remote eastern side of Bahamas, the sea part offers seascapes for people who love water adventure. One of the remarkable things about it is that it is marine protected area, one of its kinds in the entire Caribbean. Its crystal clear water and white sands provides the perfect environment for the divers and snorkelers.

  1. Harbour Island

Harbour Island

The next stop in Bahamas is the Harbour Island known for its pink sand beaches. This is one of the best places to do diving, snorkeling, and fishing. If you like you can enjoy the beautiful pink sand beaches all day long. Just book Bahamas vacation rentals nearby and enjoy the best of Harbour Island everyday of your stay.

  1. Andros Island

Andros Island

The Andros Island is the largest island in the entire Bahamas and is known for its huge barrier reef that runs along 190 miles and 6000 feet below the ocean. This is reason why it has such a flourishing fish population. For the fishing lovers, this is where you need to be when in Bahamas. You can also enjoy its secluded beaches and natural marine habitat.

When looking for a tropical vacation destination, the Bahamas provides the perfect one. It has some of the best places to enjoy the beaches, sea and sand and adventures that will make everyday of your stay perfect.