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Tips for Travelling with Pets

Just imagine you are standing in the queue for security checking with your little friend taking some rest in a pet carrier approved by your airline authority. I bet you will feel nervous in such a situation if it is your first-time foreign tour and might be thinking how the security officers will react to your furry friend.

Travelling with Pets

If you are prepared, there is no need to worry

Getting prepared is the most important step ahead of your visit with pet. If you have a clear idea of what to face next, things will be a lot easier when you will be waiting to get through security checking. With chatting and humming all over the airport, you should think about how to be prepared for the next rounds before you finally board the flight.

The TSA agents will ask you to hand your pet over to them as it too needs to get through security screening. You may even be asked to take your pet to the metal detector. However, if this is not possible for you, a secondary screening test will be performed on your pet, which involves both a physical and visual check. It may sound funny but these days when airport security has been made more stringent, your little companion too needs a thorough pat-down along just like its owner. The security guards will even ask for pet carrier checking and then you have to carry it in your lap and bring it on the ground.

If commotion or sight of so many people at airport scares your pet and forces it to react, you can request the security guards to keep it in a separate room during X-ray checking of the carrier. In reality, most of the pets often get scared at a new place like airport where a lot of unfamiliar people are coming in and out and it gets difficult to control them once they are out of their carrier. You will surely not want your little body to make its way out off the airport.

Reach the airport well much before your boarding time. This is because it will take more time for security checking than you have expected especially when you are travelling with a pet. If you are accompanied by someone during your trip, it will be of great help to you. However, when you are travelling on your own, carry a leash to keep the pet under your control. Even the quietest of pet may react in an unfamiliar way if it is brought to a place like airport as where a lot of strangers and noise are very common.

Family Travel

Tips for Travelling with Toddlers by Car

Travelling with a toddler will be a bigger problem than what you have ever thought even in your wildest imagination. They seldom keep quiet and often start whining for petty problems. And very often you need to take them in your lap, which means carrying an extra baggage that requires maximum attention.

Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

Here is a list of some effective tips on what you should pack in during a trip with your toddler and believe me that have helped me a lot and will also make things a lot easier for other parents.

  • Toys are toddlers’ favorite. Pack in a few of them that they play with at home. That distraction is really important to keep them busy during your trip.
  • Pack in books. Surprised? Toddlers also love books which have a lot of colorful pictures. Give the books to your little champs, they will never complain about anything even if the car is stuck in a jam for a long time.
  • If you are visiting a place where mercury has dropped down significantly, don’t forget to pack in blankets. Throw two blankets into your bag. Make sure you are carrying a security blanket as you will need it to spread on the floor or protect your baby from chill.
  • Are you still using a breast pump? If yes, get one of travelling type when you are travelling by car.
  • When you are visiting a beach city or town, remember to carry sunscreen and a bathing suit for not only yourself but also your toddler. Also bring sunglasses and a small hat as well.
  • Get a car seat from a shop or on rent. They are specially designed for the toddlers. They make travelling a lot safer for the kids. Travel accessories are also available for your toddler’s car seat.
  • Remember to pack in a few extra outfits as there is a chance that your toddler may have a diaper leak or spit up during your journey.
  • I used to carry at least one diaper per hour of journey whenever I took my traveler on my trip. That will meet your requirements even if you are caught in traffic jam.
  • Extra bottles, Sippy cups and Nipples are among the most important things to pack in your bag. This is because, you need to have backup if one gets dirty and it is difficult for you to access restroom for washing bottles, sippy cups and nipples.

Actually, there are a lot of things to pack in order to ensure safety and good health for your toddler and also to keep it in cheerful mood during its journey.