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Outdoor Adventure to Enjoy in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world and rightly so. You will find plethora of adventure in this beautiful island. The place is full of active volcanoes, beaches, rich tropical food, clear blue water and much more.

One thing that you cannot miss in Hawaii is its outdoor adventure. The natural beauty is like a feast for the eyes. If the greenery doesn’t make you of gaga over the place then its various outdoor adventures will surely do.

Your Hawaii guide will take you to places you may not have heard of. You will have the time of your life. The next time you plan a vacation to this beautiful island make sure to try these outdoor adventures:

  1. Hawaii Volcanoes

Hawaii is a hub for some of the best volcanoes in the world. A visit to the volcanoes must be in your list of outdoor adventures. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the place you need to check out. Hike on the lava field and see the lava pouring out in the sea. Hilo town is just situated there and is always bursting with life with restaurants and all. You will be rewarded for the long walks with a magnificent view of the volcano.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

  1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is another outdoor activity that you should try while vacationing in Hawaii. The Kona is known for its excellent snorkeling and diving activities. If you are in luck you might see the endangered Hawaiian Monk Sea. You will also get to see the spinner dolphins as well.  If you are a snorkeling enthusiast then this Hawaii is the place to be. Hire one of the Hawaii guides and you will be able to visit some of the best places in Hawaii.

Snorkeling the Kona Side on Body Glove Snorkeling Cruise Hawaii Big Island

  1. Water falls

The Hawaii adventure list is incomplete without the mention of the impressive and the most beautiful waterfalls. Your Hawaii guides will take you to visit some of the popular falls like the Waianuenue Falls, nicknamed Rainbow Falls in Hilo, Akaka State Falls ,  Kahuna Falls,  Hiilawe Falls and more. These falls are a thing of beauty. Amidst the green and rock and trees, these waterfalls just standout and will take your breath away.

Rainbow Falls Big Island Hawaii

  1. Zipping Like No Other

Zip lines are quite popular in Hawaii. The long zip lines can stretch up to quarter of a mile and above 200 feet high. Zipping over 250-foot KoleKole Waterfall is one of the most thrilling experiences you will have. This may scare you a little but everything is worth it. When you plan a vacation to Hawaii do not forget to add zipping to the list.

Zip lining on Big Island Hawaii

Hawaii offers some of the best outdoor adventure activities from the most dangerous to the most beautiful. Visit volcanoes or go snorkeling or stand up padding and have the best time of your life. Make sure to hire one of the best Hawaii guides and explore this magnificent place.


Top Destination Wedding Venues You Will Fall in Love With

Having a destination wedding is incomplete without the perfect venue. Venue selection makes the most important decision, in fact, without the choice of right wedding destination; the decoration, the cake, and the gown are all just a waste. Venues add grandeur and individuality to any wedding. Therefore, to make a wedding lifetime memory here’s a list of favorite places you will fall in love with!

Lake Placid Lodge, Lake Placid, New York

Searching for an ideal destination wedding space nearby you? Hold your breath; NYC has a relaxing retreat in the northern side which gives an Italian feel. This place embellishes a fireside ceremonial place with a lakeside tent location where you can arrange the reception. Or, else there are horse-drawn carriages and brick-wall cellar in case the cozy, luxurious space needs some essence of nature. One of the best places for rehearsal dinners and other outdoor activities. Also, find dresses from best wedding gown shop in NYC to create the perfect event.

Rockhouse Hotel, Negril, Jamaica

Rather than walking down the aisle, you and your partner can say “I Do” over a suspended bridge at Rockhouse hotel in Negril. This Cliffside hotel features an amazing overview of Caribbean Sea side vistas with Rock Mountains and blue water. The wooden bridge over the sea creates the perfect scenery. And, if you wish to match with the outdoor try trumpet styled wedding gown from Rosa Clara collection. If you are unable to find one, visit best wedding gown shops for expert suggestions on how to match your outfit with the venue.

Montelucia Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona

This place is absolutely a gem on the desert! You will have an opportunity to witness mind-blowing sceneries while organizing your wedding here. Castillo Lucena creates a mesmerizing ambiance with 15,500-square-foot indoor/outdoor Alhambra Ballroom featuring a beautiful terrace, 18-foot cathedral ceilings, and a lawn with stunning mountains in the background, which is just few walks away from the classic 16th – century Spanish styled double doors. The moment you will walk down the aisle in white Pronovias Gown or Yumi Katsura attire, every eyes will struck on you. No doubt, this place will give the perfect place to exchange vows in a surreal outdoor.

Vail Mountain, Vail, Colorado

Organizing open-air wedding ceremony is quite common these days. Couples are running to mountain views, but have you ever though what make Vail Mountains so different? Vail Mountain is all known for its mind-blowing wedding deck, which is actually an amphitheater built into the mountain. So, your guest can enjoy the rock side backdrop while you were busy in taking the vows on the mountains. But, keep few things in mind. For a mountain top destination wedding, selection of flowers, decorations may vary a little. Ask from designers at best wedding gown shop, about which bridal gown will suit the most. Remember, wedding is almost a one-time affair and everything needs to be special and memorable for lifetime.

Castello Di Vicarello, Cinigiano, Italy

Standing away on a hilltop outside Florence, this 900 year old country castle is overflowing with Tuscan charm, making a perfect destination for romantic fairy-tale wedding for couples loving a rustic twist. Exchange vows in an amazing outdoor, with sun-kissed garden and dense olive groves. Celebrate the cocktail party near the pool and reception dinner on the lawn.

New York Public Library, New York City

A wedding could not be more glamorous than having it at Carrie Bradshaw’s venue. This library is completely designed with classy marble interior, featuring towering ceiling and large grandeur for destination weddings. The classic building adds a dramatic overview of royal signbature with much pomp and show. Mix and match your wedding attire from best wedding gown shops in NYC, so that everything sings well with the bride’s beauty.


Molenvliet Wine & Guest Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa

If you are thinking about a vineyard destination wedding, then this location finds the best place in the list. Molenvliet Wine & Guest Estate is not an ordinary estate; it features Majestic Mountain in the horizon and Mediterranean style architecture that speak ethereal elegance and class. Unlike other winery wedding, an outdoor wedding reception isn’t just an option here. There’s a white banquet hall with maximum human capacity designed with class and sophistication in mind. Molenvliet is just 45-minutes away from Cape Town. So, you don’t have run for expensive bookings to Napa or Tuscany for a memorable wedding ceremony.

Ladera, SoufriÈre, St. Lucia

Enclosing mesmeric scenic vistas between Piton Mountains, Caribbean Sea, and dense vegetation all around, the famous Ladera provides a spectacular wedding venue for lovely couples who are eagerly waiting for the big date. If you have always fascinated an open-air paradise near sea and mountains, then this place is definitely a big nod to give. But, it’s important to pick some design and decoration inspiration for your outdoor and wedding gown from professional too. The dress must sing with outdoor wedding theme and reflect a whimsical look. Prefer a vintage style or contemporary over modern bridal attire from best wedding gown shops. You can ignore the venue decoration and focus more on food and dining arrangement.

Viceroy Anguilla, Meads Bay, Anguilla

For luxurious weddings in Anguilla, this high-class property standing on white sandy beaches of Caribbean Sea makes the perfect backdrop for destination wedding. Being an exotic resort, the venue offers you an access to many spectacular locations, including secluded sea beach for ceremonial seating and a striking Cliffside alternative. An affluent style open-air sunset lounge beside the blue-green water will create a romantic ambience, in and around. Imagine the scenario, when you will descend down in a white modern gown from Aire Barcelona and hold each other’s hand and make your official kiss first. That‘s really amazing!

Alila Ubud Resort, Payangan, Bali

There’s no better place on earth than having a destination wedding in Bali. Alila Ubud resort makes an exotic vacation rental, but it’s an ideal wedding destination too. The mystical hillside beauty overlapped between mountains and forests and tropical gardens offers a retreat feeling. Host your wedding ceremonies in an open-air gazebo with original Balinese vibes, or organize dinner aside amazing infinity pools. Complement the outdoor wedding with some beach themes bridal attire available at best wedding gown shop. Pick everything perfectly; after all, wedding is the most special day for couples.

Mt. Hood Organic Farms, Mount Hood, Oregon

Unlike all other conventional farm wedding, Mt. Hood Organic Farm is little different. The location encompasses most scenic vistas that are mostly overlooked at other farms. Garden, ponds, lake, orchards, woods and three of world’s most famous mountains – Mount Adams, Mount Hood and Mount Rainer cover this area from all location. And, as the name suggests, you won’t have to worry about food, as you will be served farm-fresh food items right on the dinner table. You can organize dinner in the lawn at Apple House, an indoor/outdoor space with surreal views.

Cal-A-Vie Health Spa, Vista, California

Expanding around a 200 acre plot, this exotic health spa resort is a treat for couples and their guests. You may feel perplexed over “health spa” word, but this 17th chapel situated 40 miles away from San Diego reflects a French style architecture that will leave you stunned. The design is totally imported, giving you a feel of French Countryside in California. Organize your reception at L’Orangerie, or Dijon relic to relish an enchanting ambience, with some picturesque views for the guests.

The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, India

If you are looking for an exotic place for your nuptials, then there is no better place than Oberoi Udaivillas in India. This is a royal residence for couples looking for an affluent wedding in a palace. When you will look into the architecture, every detail leaves an awestruck moment. Not only that, the panoramic lake viewed of the villa will make you and your photographer’s heart race. And for some special effects, guests and VVIP persons are taken to the villa through boat. This is absolutely to have royal wedding, and leaves you with no other choice.

Vaux Le Vicomte, Maincy, France

This magnificent castle dates back to 17th century, but the grandeur and elegance of the building is juts drool worthy.  André Le Nôtre’s garden provides an ideal setting for outdoor destination wedding, while the vibrant, baroque-style indoor of the castle can host an imperial dinner, accommodating more than 400 guests at a time. In fact, for some special effects fireworks and horse-drawn carriage makes the best exit program. Brides can go with the contemporary styled wedding or traditional themes. It will help them choose the best bridal gown from Christiano Lucci collection. Set a theme for every important addition to the wedding.

These are some of the hottest venues in the world to get hitched. While deciding for your favorite decoration, theme, styles and dress from best wedding gown shops, always book the destination first. This will surely ease your wedding and add more stories to the memories.

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Tips for Travelling to Punta Cana

Punta Cana is not much familiar to the tourists who often set out to explore the unknown. It is yet to be frequented by the backpackers though offers a beautiful blend of picturesque surroundings and luxury accommodations. Seated at the center of the Caribbean on the east coastline of the Dominican Republic, it could be the next on your list of must-see for all the right reasons, especially if you are looking for a heavenly winter escape.

Travelling to Punta Cana

Here I have mentioned three simple tips to remember before you start planning for your trip to Punta Cana.

Avoid hiring a taxi

I don’t want to mean any kind of security issue but taxi fare in Punta Cana is very excessive. But then how can you reach hotel and be back to airport? There are several airport transfer service providers and you can start negotiating with your travel agency for such service. Usually the airport transfer packages include fare for both reaching hotel and return. During your stay in the island, you will need transportation service for excursion to islands or parks. Ask your tour agent if excursion cost includes receiving you at your hotel or resort and dropping you back.

Go to the whitest beaches

Travelers coming off near and farthest corner of the globe to visit Punta Cana prefer powdery white beaches. Backpackers are simply in love with these beaches and want to have a feel of silky sand under their toes. But you should know that all beaches in Punta Cana are not such shining white. The color of beach – better to say sand – varies widely along the stretch of east coastline of the Dominican Republic.

If you visit further south, sand is whiter. Punta Cana coast resembles the shape of an arrowhead that points toward the east. El Macao is where the arrow comes to a point. White sands turn golden to the north of the point. That variety also looks pretty but if you want to see pure whitest beaches, stay in a resort in the southeast coast or south of the point i.e. El Macao.

Find a resort catering to your needs

Different resorts have different facilities and so are catering to different needs and pockets. Some resorts have perfect arrangement for those travelling with family especially kids while others are only for adults. The second type is ideal for couples – especially the newly married – seeking a perfect gateway to sink into romance and be in warm embrace with each other. Many resorts follow the traditional European customs. If you are an American and don’t like that, you may chose other resorts that perfectly suits your needs.