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The Perfect To-Do List to Make Costa Rica Vacation Magical

Costa Rica is an important part of Central America and bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. This place is undoubtedly one of the most magical place any one can ever visit. The name simply expresses the land with a rich coast.

In Costa Rica, a person can entail in the series of options that includes the lush green jungle spills, golden sand beaches, crashing waves, surfer’s hideout, gushing waterfalls, bubbling volcanoes, serene sunrises and sunsets, starry nights, mouth-watering local foods, plethora of flora and fauna, never-ending activities, and friendly people. What more do you need!

vacation packages to costa rica

Now, let’s check how perfect vacation packages to Costa Rica can be prepared to get the essence of each and every point mentioned above:

Visit Tortuguero National Park on the northern coastline of the Caribbean and exclaim yourself with the massive jungle, lovely lagoons, and deep rivers that resemble the great Amazon forests. Another attraction, it’s the ultimate breeding ground of the endangered green turtle. It’s a home to around 170 different species of amphibians and reptiles that include endangered Manatees.

Volcanoes are an ultimate tourist attraction in the country. Many are located in national parks, so reaching them can be combined with hiking, rafting and kayaking. Arenal is an active volcano, located in La Fountuna with beautiful trails. Irazu is recognized for its astounding green-blue lake crater, while Poas Volcano is known for its boiling acid lake that sits in one of its craters.

Costa Rica has a rich coastline and it has a lot of waves that enable you to learn surfing. Surfers from different parts of world come here as the waves are world renowned. It you ever wanted to learn surfing and Hawaii, Bali or Australia seems far away, Costa Rica is the best place. Along with surfing, you can enjoy activities such as paddle boarding, snorkelling, diving and more.

Experience an amazing aerial walkway through the treetops with the Rainmaker Aerial Walkway.

As you know Costa Rica considered the most popular Latin countries that easily teach the visitors Spanish due to its easy to understand dialect. Different programs too are available, but a stay with a Costa Rican family can teach much.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens is well-known for the waterfalls, but apart from it, it also has an aviary that hubs butterfly garden, hummingbird garden, big cats, reptiles, and more. Surely pay a visit to discover the magnificence of nature.

The city Puerto Viejo is popular among expats and backpackers due to its striking bleaches, surfing options and party atmosphere. It is dotted with a huge number of restaurant, discos and pubs to enhance the party idea. On the other hand, if you are in search of quieter place, the tranquil beach hotels can match the exact mood.

Costa Rican coffee is famous worldwide and taking one of the coffee plantation tours, you can understand every step of the refining process and can buy discounted coffee too. Love the ambience as well as the aroma!

Corcovada National Park is known as an ecotourism destination today which is located in the interiors of Osa Peninsula. Along with exotic ecosystem, it offers immaculate lagoons and virgin beauty with its diverse fauna.


The ultimate beauty of Costa Rica can touch your soul and will incline you for another visit. Make sure you crucially choose your vacation packages to Costa Rica to discover the eminent beauty of this place.

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Experience Amazing Elk Hunts in the Wilderness of Colorado: 6 Tips

An amazing line quoted by Theodore Roosevelt, “When hunting him…he must be followed on foot, and the man who follows him must be sound in limb and wind.” Every hunting aficionado understands that in the country of elks, the word ‘climbing’ is preferred over ‘hiking’ to seize the moment.

The wilderness of Colorado is well-known when it comes to elks, bears, deer and other hunt targets. Colorado elk hunts and deer hunts made this place one of the most visited tourist attractions. Since hunting is becoming a sensation among the tourists, special care is made to keep the population of the elks balanced.

colorado elk hunts

For an astounding experience while hunting elks, a hunter must be fit, practical, and sensible. So, gear up with the following tips and make the elk season less demanding and more successful with realistic plans and goals.

Shape Up:

Once the plan is made, go ahead with some jogging and exercising to be fit enough to make a move among the mountains. This also helps adapt quickly to the climate change and stay away from acute mountain sickness. Try to be in good shape to manage the tough path without getting demoralized and debilitated.


In Colorado, elk hunts are mostly done on foot or horse, so a well-tested pair of boots is a must on the gear list. Being comfortable in the boots will avoid getting those painful hot spots that eventually turn into oozing wounds. Your boots will also save you from getting distracted during the hunt as it is known that a hunter needs to climb miles before achieving the hunting trophy.

Cover Your Scent:

It simple yet tricky and people need to understand its importance. Elks have a brilliant sense of smell, and hence they can smell danger from a long distance. Humans no doubt have a distinct smell. Therefore, before an elk hunt trip, visit a retail hunting store and buy soaps for hunting cloths.

Perfect Location:

Planning on the location matters hugely, while selecting the hunting land. Switching to designated, highly productive and non-crowded environments are considered the best place for hunting down deer and elks. In Colorado there are many such ranches and hunting ground, where hunters can have an amazing time. Those places also offer lodges and furnished cabins for an easy and relaxed stay.

Think What To Do With The Trophy:

Before planning a Colorado elk hunt trip, think what you are going to do with the successful hunt! Elk are huge and needs a careful planning before the arrow is shot or the trigger is pulled.

Learn the Elk Call:

Before hitting the hunting ground, elk hunters need to learn to call an elk. On learning the art of calling an elk, a hunter can achieve better or else will be on a fool’s errand while hunting elk. If for any reason, the hunter wasn’t able to learn this skill, then consider an outfitter or an experienced partner that has succeeded in learning the elk call. This is quite an important tip to follow while getting ready for Colorado elk hunts.

All the points summed up in this context will surely help an elk hunter have an amazing time in the wilderness of Colorado. So, get ready with your partners and the outfitter of the best ranches and hunting land to have an overwhelming experience.

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Tips for Travelling with a Toddler by Car

Travelling with your toddler by car could be quite eventful. However, it could stress you enough for the day. You can make your journey hassle-free and funny even with your toddler. Here are a few tips to ensure safe journey – no matter, whether it is a short or long trip.

toddler in a car


Organize Your Journey

The first and most important aspect of travelling is to organize it well. Throw in car dickey a number of Ziploc as required. Keeping things separate is the first lesson of keeping things organized. Pack in all medicines in a Ziploc whereas throw tiny socks into another. Use one for baby utensils, one for baby dresses and the list just continue…..

Feeding Time

If you are still breast-feeding your toddler, you can easily do it in your private car. Most of the toddlers are used to feeding from bottle. If you keep your baby on bottle and feed it jar food, carry disposable utensils and bottle liners. You can also use carry packs – made of plastic – or throw the disposable bowls after you are done with it. That will keep your vehicle dirt-free and also saves you from troubles of washing things while on go. This way, you can enjoy your journey more. Furthermore, disposable utensils are not expensive.

Ensure Cleanliness for Kids’ Hygiene

Kids create a lot of mess and it is important to ensure cleanliness in your car, otherwise it will adversely affect your toddler’s heath and hygiene. Use scented garbage bags – they are easily available at dollar store. You can get 50 of them for a dollar! These bags are very useful and keep bad smell away. You don’t need to purchase costly diaper trash bags as you can easily do with these scented garbage alternatives.

Take Breaks

Take breaks on your way to destination. Take breaks in an area where you can have a little more space. It will give you and your toddler some relief from being confined to a car for a long time. A break at McDonald’s or the likes means your toddler will be provided with playing area.


Invent ideas to keep your toddler busy and entertained. Several games and activities for kids can be found on internet to make your little champ occupied throughout the journey. You can also play a children movie on laptop. Your toddler will keep calm and quiet while watching it.


Safety and comfort of your toddler is most important for you as parents. If you are driving the car and accompanied by someone else, ask him/her to come behind the wheel after a certain time. When your hands are off the steering, you can feed your baby, play with it and do whatever that keeps it happy.

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Plan to an Unforgettable Moroccan Trekking Experience – 5 Travel Hits

Among the series of “lost kingdoms”, Morocco is such a saga, which has an impressive natural diversity that entails exploration and interaction. From ancient history to contemporary style, it has something for each and every visitor. The amazement can start from Jebel Toubkal trek to the 5 Star Plus accommodations.

Travel holidays in Morocco can touch the strings of your heart and mesmerize you with its remote landscapes, balmy coastline and mountain escapes. Among different Moroccan travel delights, trekking is a highlight. Beginners can enjoy the Atlas Mountains expedition in summer, while the experienced hikers may aim for conquering Africa’s toughest snow-covered terrain in the winters. With relaxation of mind, thrill in soul and a spark in the eyes, Morocco plan might prove to be the best option ever.

travel holidays in morocco

Every traveller gets rewarded, when they explore the valleys, alley and peaks of Morocco. So, below top 5 trek hits are revealed that can add valuables to the fun series:

Highest Peak – Jebel Toubkal

A whopping height of 4167 m makes Jebel Toubkal one of the best adventurous trek summits of North Africa. Toubkal, a quasi-mythical mountain, is highly praise for the beauty it has amassed upon itself. In summers, the adventurers will-fully complete the summit in 2 to 3 days from Imlil to Toubkal. It is a known fact that long treks help the body to acclimate easily. The winters transform Toubkal into a giant beast with thick snow trails all across, giving rise to the need of special gears and proficiency. Again, the gruelling Toubkal Circuit awaits, if you want some exhilarating challenge. The top view promises a rewarding view that can diminish the pain. Totally worth it!

Little Switzerland – Ifrane National Park

Popularly known as the “Little Switzerland”, this beauty is located amid the Atlas Mountains and has an explicit range of flora and fauna. The travel holidays in Morocco will become happening with this trekking addition. This region is filled with easy-to-walk hiking trails that do not demand much energy. The reward at the end of the summit will heighten your mood with unique Atlas Cedar forests and amazing birdlife view. This is an unparalleled Moroccan experience!

Anti Atlas – Jebel Saghro

Another gem of the series, when the High Atlas becomes tricky in the winter, Jebel Saghro stands high with striking wintry landscapes that can be achieved by conquering few hurdles. The levelled up trails and mild temperature make it more amusing for less seasoned hikers to complete Morocco’s summit. At the end, the unique scenery will include some ancient Kasbahs, deep carved gorges, volcanic peaks and lively forests.

Second Highest – M’Goun Massif

After the Toubkal, M’Goun Massif vaults 4,071m into the heavens placed on the Central High Atlas and is not as painful as Toubkal. It is beautifully surrounded by dramatic ridges and beautiful gorges. Again, stated to be unexploited, this enchants the trekkers to explore them on their own. Apart from amazing mountain scenery and valleys, it also forms a home to the local Berber tribes. In late spring, it gets covered with wild flowers carpets and snow-melt rivers. But remember, when winter hits – hiking gets restricted due to adverse weather conditions and remote location.

Incredible Scenario – Rif Mountains

This is country’s not-so-renowned mountain ranges and forms a favourite among families and local walkers. Rif Mountains offers an off-beat trekking experience that will uplift your mood with splendid Mediterranean views and lush green cedar forests. Make Chefchaouen – the blue-washed town your base and have an amazing day trip. Again, Talassemtane National Park is an incredible overnight hiking trip option.


It is a human tendency to come out of your cocoon and elope in the beauty of the Mother Nature. To support this part of your nature, book amazing travel holidays in Morocco with the professional team of Berber Walk. This small yet experienced team will startle you with their knowledge, service and amazing packages.