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How to Find the Right Limousine Service in Los Angeles

Renting a limousine is one of the best ways to enjoy a relaxing ride. If you live in Los Angeles then you must have a ride on these amazing cars at least once in your lifetime. It will change the way you have been travelling in the city.

Limousine services are scattered all over the city. They come in various sizes and styles and can accommodate all kinds of budget. You can use Los Angeles limousine services for all kinds travelling – for travelling to and from the airport, business meetings, parties, office, or anything.

Los Angeles Limousine Services

But not every limousine service will offer you the best experience. For that perfect ride you will first need to find the service. There are so many Los Angeles limousine services that choosing the right one may look like a hectic job.

Here are some of the ways you choose the right limousine service:

Choose by Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to choose a limousine is to look them up online or check the directories. You will find plenty of Los Angeles limousine services online. You can check a few of them and compare what they are offering.

But one of the easiest ways to hire a limousine service is through word of mouth. Ask a friend or family member for a recommendation. You can also choose the same service you used the last time.  People often like to go back to the same service providers if they had a great experience the first time. A word of mouth can go a long way in helping you find the right service.

Check the credentials

It is easier to choose one limousine service and stick to them for as long as you can so that you don’t have to check the credentials every time you hire. Credentials are important for hiring a limousine service. Find out how long the company has been in the business and if they possess the license for commercial purposes. Likewise, you can ask various questions like how the drivers are hired, what are the safeties features and if they are insured and all.

Once you have verified the information and you can hire them. And if you liked their services then it will be great to hire them once again instead of opting for the new one.

Ask the actual price

The price you see on the ads may not be the actual price. The number of miles you are travelling greatly matter and you will be paying for the gasoline. Plus, there can be other additional charges like parking tickets, toll tickets and other things. When you call them for hiring makes sure that you ask if the price includes everything. The best thing to do is to ask for quote. This will give you a general idea as to how much you will be paying for the ride.

One of the best reasons to hire a reputable Los Angeles limousine services is that they will upfront with the pricing, Even if you feel like you are being overcharged, you can be sure that they are being very straightforward about it.

Avoid Limousine Services that ask 50% or 100% deposit in advance

A general rule of thumb is to pay 15 to 20% in advance when you hire the limo cars. If the company is asking for 50% or more, then you need to say “No Thanks” to the company. This is a sign that the company may be a fraud. No one will pay in full even before availing the service. This is one example of how fake companies can dupe you of your money.

Always inspect before you hire

The photo-shopped pictures in the website can be misleading. You should personally go to their shop to inspect the cars before you hire them. Unless you know the owner make sure that you know what you are hiring. Check that the cars are in great condition and are also insured. You don’t want to be the one paying in case of any accident or unwanted situations.

Checking out the cars before hiring also gives you the opportunity to see what options are available. Generally, there will be more cars in the shop then what is displayed on the website. Here you will have more options to choose from.

Look for Perks more than the price

It so happens that almost every limousine service offers the same price – more or less. You may think what difference it would make if you just went ahead and hire anyone. The difference is the perks and extras that companies offers. One might just be offering a clean and new limo car, while the other may offer you coupons for discounts, disposable cameras, refreshments and other things at the same price.

So, it is important to see the perks that the limo service comes with instead of just looking at the price.

Check Online Reviews

One of the best ways to hire a limousine service is to read the online reviews. Some places like the Angie’s List are one of the best places to find reviews on various services. You can also check out reviews of the customers in different forums. This will give an idea as to how good the services are.

You can also check the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau. Find out if the company has any record of any complaints about. This will help you hire the best Los Angeles limousine services.

Travel in Weekdays

The limousine services are quite busy during the weekends just like people in the weekdays. The prices in the weekends are higher as well compared to the rest of the days of the week. If you can fit to the schedule hire the limo cars for travelling during the weekdays rather than on the weekends. This way you will be able to save more money and have more options to choose from the available cars.

Look for some special offers when hiring limo cars for travelling. Since the weekdays aren’t that busy you can always save some money on hiring them. Be on the lookout for special deals in the weekdays.

Always hire the limo for more people

The limo car charges you as per the car and not how many people are travelling. If you are hiring a limo car with 6 seats for people, it would be wise to share the ride with other friends. Why waste space and money when you carpool together and save plenty of money as well.

You can share the bill if you want, but they all charge the 50 to $60 dollar an hour, which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. The six seat limos are more comfortable than the smaller one. Invite your friends and enjoy the ride.


Los Angeles limousine services offer one of the best ways to travel within the city. They are super comfortable, highly affordable and you have plenty of options to choose from. The only things you need to do is to hire the right service so that you can enjoy the best ride of your life.

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A Peek into Celebrity Travel Diaries to Find Best Beach Destinations

Superstars – they have always been a point of fascination for people of every age. There’s something about their lives and styles that keeps the world captivated and your eyes fixed on them. It especially gets enrapturing when celebrity travel becomes the topic – they keep on moving most of the times and have some irresistible charm to their move.

The people and paparazzi keep on following them on their vacations, airports, over-the-top honeymoons, what latest designer they are flaunting, and on their restaurant tours. Thanks to the paparazzi and social media, we can easily keep a track on every move of our favorite stars – where they are getting married or which exotic beach destination they are about to mark their foot on! In the blog ahead, let’s check out the lavish trips to exotic beach destinations by the favorites.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Dubai with its weather that stays same all-round the year, white beaches, luxurious resorts and beautiful ambience become an A-listers hotspot. Dubai has been a part of celebrity travel diaries of The Beckhams, Kim Kardashian, Kellu Brooks and Rita Ora. Resorts of Dubai are known for their extravagance, and like nowhere, the Burj Al Arab guests are offered gold-plated iPad during their stay.

St. Barts, Caribbean 

St. Barts or Saint Barthelemy is a beautiful part of the glamorous Caribbean island series that heightens the glitzy nightlife and offers the perfect spot to get tanned at St. Jean beach. Here, you can rub elbows with famous people like Beyonce, Jessica Alba or Jay-Z, who use this glistening port to dock their yacht.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This huge seaside city recently was in buzz due to hosting of World Cup and Summer Olympics. This entertained huge number of sports person and sports lover from all across the globe as well as magnetized celebrities like Gerard Butler, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Madonna. The beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema, Christ the Redeemer and vibrant carnivals make it the best tropical paradise. 

Bondi Beach, Sydney

The world-famous option for sailing and surfing under the Harbour Bridge to the Coogee’s cliff tops is made extravagant in the Bondi Beach. It serenity and sweeping white-sand crescent beauty makes it an iconic option for celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Hugh Jackman, and more.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This resort city of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula is well-known for its water-based activities, beaches, and nightlife. This place is a mainstay for stars because it’s just a 2-hour flight away from Los Angeles. It is the best place to switch on the party mode on the flip side it is also the best spot to rest and relax with margaritas. With all these awesome specifications, Cabo San Lucas keeps on attracting celebrities like Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Seacrest.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui entices its visitors with an invigorating blend of natural beauty and open-air adventure, vitalized with warm alohas. The magnetizing power of Maui attracts star power extravagantly, be it Paris Hilton’s affairs or wedding bells of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green on its romantic coast! The coast has also witnessed the foot of Oprah, Britney Spears, Owen Wilson, Justin Bieber and many more.

 Necker Island

This 30-hectare island located among the British Virgin Islands is owned by chairman of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson. This beautiful private island was rebuilt in 2011 after a tragic fire and still continues to lure famous and rich personalities such as Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, and Oprah. 

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

This place is among those that everyone hopes to witness at least once in their lifetime. Bora Bora is surrounded by sand-fringed motus, turquoise lagoon and cosseted by a coral reef, it’s best for scuba diving. The bungalows perched over the water epitomize privacy, romance and beauty infinitely. This popular luxury resort destination has endowed a beautiful experience to stars like Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, Kardashians, Eva Longoria, Rob Lowe, and Charlize Theron.

When celebs are ready to add new location in the celebrity travel diaries for relaxation and rest, they choose the places with luxurious resorts, exotic beaches, drooling food options and exclusive nightlife. What do you look for?

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8 Significant Qualities that Made a Yoga Guru the Best

The popularity of yoga made it the prom queen of the fitness world. Yoga is not just like any other physical activity rather it is a pathfinder of wisdom and eternal peace. Practicing yoga amplified the need for yoga teachers that eventually increased the importance of best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Yoga teacher have a massive impact on their students’ lives! They help their student relax and rejuvenate and push through mental barriers to reach certain heights that the student never knew, existed. After contemplation and research, it was realized that there is no quintessential yoga teacher image, but the presence of significant qualities that can make a person an amazing yoga guru.

best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Authentic Personality:
An amazing yoga teacher should love, live and inspire yoga with their correct amount of energy and personality. Though both personality and energy vary indifferently, but the spark in them must be enlightening. Some teachers warm your heart with their teachings, while others mold the hardship into pleasure with their sense of humor and light-heartedness. And they need to have the ability to focus, calm, and channelize energy by uplifting the session with their authentic personality.

Ego Deficient:
A yoga session is not just an enhancement of skills of a yoga teacher rather it is an approach to take their students on a supportive journey to experience the positive effects of yoga. During the sessions of best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, the teachers are taught to be patient, ego deficient and happy, so as to share the knowledge and wisdom with their students in a better way.

Flexibility is not just for the body. The authentic and certified yoga teachers adjust their training sessions based on their audience group. They might have a plan, but should be able to alter the plans to cater the need of their audience. An excellent yoga teacher should have an intuitive side to understand, listen and handle the worries of students, even at times when they are not portrayed directly.

Respect and Love for Yoga:
Yoga is all about balancing the mind, soul and body. This holistic approach makes yoga more than just a physical activity. It balances the physical and the esoteric attributes of life. A strong respect and love towards this remarkable art and science will surely prove to be beam of energy in the right direction and inspire the students to understand yoga genuinely.

A yoga session can become boring if it’s more about the lecture and less about the physical activity. A teacher must know the tactics of how to make a session interesting with subtle knowledge on things as well as regulating the right amount of activity. A good teacher should also make their students aware about the transition time between two different postures and the breathing pattern.

The Connectivity:
No matter whether the class consists of 5 students or 50, a great yoga teacher can effectively connect with everyone in the class, even the one in the corner trying to be inconspicuous. Yoga teachers understand the importance of connectivity that is much required to touch the heart of their students.

Voice of Command:
The great yoga gurus have a way with words, which is perhaps the most powerful tool. Directing a group of student confidently, to attain a posture, just by using words, can be challenging enough but performing it smoothly and clearly, to maintain the flow is a trademark of the best guru.

This matters tremendously and after being a part of the best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, it must be reflected in your resume and yoga career to reach the heights the teacher measured. Again, it’s just not about the certificate you have, but steady personal practice can help a teacher tame the good and bad brilliantly. Age is never an important factor but the years of practice and skills make them stand out in their genre.

Now with an amazing stretch of idea regarding the significant qualities of the best yoga guru, you too can differentiate between the yoga teachers and know what makes them special.


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5 Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy on Your Moroccan Hiking Trip

Morocco embraces every bit of its natural bliss, starting from the undulating dunes of the Sahara desert, the balmy coastline, the remote landscapes and mountain escapes to the colourful history and vibrant Berber culture. And while on a Moroccan trip, a visitor will be allured to explore every easy and complex elements of Moroccan adventure to the core.

The activity series include hiking in Morocco, getting lost in the Medinas, exploring Volubilis, enjoying the beach and seafood of Essaouira, visiting Marrakech, day excursions, trekking the unexplored mountains, dipping in the waterfalls, and so much more. Among all these activities, hiking and trekking are the most challenging outdoor pursuits. Therefore, being prepared and planning ahead will help you stay fit, active, safe and healthy during these hiking trips.

hiking in morocco

Keep a Watch on the Weather

The Atlas Mountain ranges are accessed from spring to early fall. If planning hiking in Morocco’s volcanic range, know that Jebel Sarhro is accessed from December to mid April before the temperature starts to rise and water sources start disappearing. If hiking a higher elevation like Jebel Toubkal is your ultimate plan, do it before the snow melts and this will also require proper winter trekking equipment. The Rif, Anti Atlas, and the Middle Atlas are accessible during all four seasons, though the weather conditions of the Middle Atlas vary broadly during the winters.

Carry Emergency Supplies and First Aid Kit

While on your hiking trip on the Moroccan ranges, if anyone in your group gets injured or hurt, it will be difficult to get immediate medical help. Therefore, carrying with you the basic first aid kit with alcohol swabs, bandages, thread and a needle, scissors, blister kit, latex gloves, painkillers, anti-diarrheal medication and a full course of antibiotics will be quite helpful in the journey. If you plan your trip in winters, then adding some more supplies is suggested that may include instant hand warmers, blood clot trauma pack, emergency water rations, satellite phone, calorie bars, and some heavy-duty bandages.

Sun Protection

Whether its summers or winters, having sunscreen, sunglasses, and UV-blocking chapsticks become mandatory while hiking in Morocco. Make sure you carry it from your home or else pick some from the cities before heading off to the mountains. Carry a thin scarf, which can be wrapped around the head in turban-style to prevent sun exposure as well as the sand storms. Even if you’re trekking on snow-covered ranges, sun protection is necessary. Long sleeves protect you from sun rays reflected by ice as they can cause burns and infections.

Stay Hydrated

When in Morocco, depending on tap water and well water for consumption is quite unsafe. When on short hike trips carry water bottles, whereas for long treks get purification tablets or portable water purification device. On a hiking trip, you need to consume at least a gallon or 4 liters of water every day. In warm weathers, the altitude and distance covered become important factors that increase the water intake to stay hydrated.

Altitude Sickness

Research and studies say that trekkers and hikers experience altitude sickness when mounting up to elevations over 2500 meters. The symptoms are dizziness, appetite loss, headaches, vomiting, nausea and anxiety. Sometimes, uneasy feeling in the chest and breathing problems also add to the symptoms. Prevention is a subject to matter in this case, so take time to adapt to the climatic changes at higher elevations. For instance, before the Jebel Toubkal summit starts, spend a couple of days at lower altitudes or the mountain village of Imlil for acclimatization. Avoid heavy meals, alcohol consumption or overexerting and stay calm. While on the go, if you experience any altitude sickness symptoms, descend to a lower elevation.

When you are new and getting ready for hiking in Morocco mountain ranges, it’s recommended to keep these tips in mind. And along with this, try to be a part of the best tour companies to keep the excitement on the best pace!


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Tips for Travelling with Baby on Airplane

Traveling with a baby is more than overwhelming for most of the parents, especially if they are travelling by flight. Before you start packing, consider the essential items for comfort and safety of your baby.

One of the dilemmas ahead of jetting to somewhere with your baby is if you should pack in a baby stroller. It will be of big help during your trip that involves a lot of walking. However, you must check if your flight is stroller-friendly or not. Here are a few simple tips for those parents who are going to travel with the kids by flight for the first time.


Tips for Travelling with Baby on Airplane


Decide wisely

First check with your airline if it allows a baby stroller. It will also determine if you consider the added travel accessory an asset or a burden for your trip.

Learn about the area where you will take a walk

Gather as much information as you can about the area you are going to travel. Know about the width of doorways and number of stairs that you need to climb. Dragging the stroller between subways or pushing it over a bumpy area will be more troublesome than carrying your child on a trip.

Label your stroller properly

It is something that you must do before leaving your home. Side bar or handle bar is the right place for labeling. Write down your name, contact details, flight information and destination. You will receive a tag after checking of stroller but it sounds wise to use both tag and label to make sure that you get back your stroller after landing.

Make a plan B

An alternative plan should be in place if you need to leave the stroller outside. If weight of your baby is not more than 20/30 lbs, a baby carrier, backpack or sling is a better choice. If your baby can walk, a harness should be considered to keep your baby tightly tied to you in crowded and strange places. If the idea of harnessing your child is what you hate the most, then there is no way but to keep a constant tab on the little champ.

It needs an important mention here that if the stroller you have bought can be easily folded to pack into your overhead carrier (check dimension from your airline), you won’t have to gate check the stroller. Fold the stroller and carry it next to your seat.