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Tips for Travelling with Infants

Tips for Travelling with Infants

Every vacation is a welcome relief from day-to-day work pressure and humdrum routine. And vacations become more exciting when you are accompanied by your kids. They add more life and charm to your trip. However, travelling with kids could also be more problematic if you don’t plan well in advance and forget to take necessary precautions to keep the kids safe and in fine health during your journey, particularly if it is a long one.

Planning for Vacation

First and foremost of all, you need to start planning well in advance to enjoy a vacation with your family. This planning must include the following steps:

  • Get done with ticket booking and it must be confirmed.
  • Reserve a hotel suitable for your taste and budget for a comfortable stay when you are away from home.
  • You must complete vacation-oriented shopping
  • Packing must be done sensibly.

When kids are included, you must take extra care for their safety and good health. And those span across the following recommendations:

  • Taking children with you during your trip means there will be a lot of luggage to carry. So you should reach airport much before check-in time. If you hurry, there is a good chance that you will leave some important things at home and start rebuking the kids to vent out your frustration. That will surely spoil kids’ vacation mood.
  • Take some easy-to-carry entertainment materials for the kids. Those will be of some good help as kids never sit idle for hours. Those materials can be anything else ranging from puzzle books to video games.
  • Make sure to pack enough food, milk and drinking water for your kids.

If you are making your trip by train, the following precautions must not be forgotten:

  • Ensure that your kids are properly and comfortably dressed.
  • If you have more than one kid, every one of them must be accompanied by an adult member of your family if the seats are scattered in the train compartment.
  • Your kids must be trained enough to behave properly with the co-passengers.

What if you are traveling to a hill station? Followings are some important precautions to keep in mind:

  • Proper medication is extremely important when you are enjoying your trip with kids. If you are making a trip to a hill station, your kids may have some breathing problem.
  • Carry enough of woolen clothes to prevent them from catching cold.

What if you are taking your kids to a sea side? That will surely be very exciting. Make sure to follow the tips below:

  • Whenever the kids are going into the sea, they must be accompanied by members of your family.
  • Life jacket is a must for them.
  • Teach them a few important life emergency techniques before they go to the sea
  • Never take them deep into the sea. Some do so after being swept away by over enthusiasm and the result – in most of cases – is not a happy ending.
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Tips for Travelling with Diabetes

Tips for Travelling with Diabetes

Are you a diabetic? That won’t be a problem if you are planning a vacation near or far. You just need to remember some simple tips to make sure that you enjoy a healthy vacation. Here is a list of tips for you to know ahead of your trip.


Get ready with prescriptions


Consult your family physician or the diabtologist you are currently under treatment of. Only a medical expert can guide you regarding how to take care of yourself during a trip. If you take insulin or are on regular medications, the doctor may prescribe additional medicines should emergency happen.

Prescription laws are not same in every country. You can collect a list from International Diabetes Federation groups. If you are taking an overseas trip, you may also visit a specialist in that country. Visit to get in touch with the International Association for Medical Assistance to the vacationers.

Do some smart packing


Pack in at least twice as much glucose-testing tools (glucose test meters, diabetes test strips, monitors, body fat weight scale etc) as well as medicines according to your requirements. Take a small carry bag with you, which should contain the followings:


  • Insulin and testing supplies
  • Extra batteries for diabetic glucose meter
  • Oral medications
  • An air-tight snack-pack
  • Your diabetes ID card


Request for special meals


If you are travelling by flight, request for special diabetic meals. Check with the airlines to know how much time in advance you have to request for your meals. If you take insulin, don’t push injection until you see meal coming your way. Any delay will not lead to low blood sugar. To be on the safe side, make sure to carry some food wherever you travel.


Properly store insulin and insulin needles

First think about a proper place to store insulin. It needs not to be refrigerated. However, you must not keep it in an extreme weather like in a hot place or on ice as this way, your insulin could lose its strength. You should keep it in a travel pack to ensure that your insulin remains cool.


Plan for changes in time zone

If you are an insulin user and planning to visit another time zone, contact your doctor before leaving. If you are travelling east, you will experience a shorter day. That could mean you may require less insulin. If you are traveling west, you will experience longer day and may require more insulin.

Taking extra care is a must for diabetes patients during their trip to anywhere else.


Make taking care of your diabetes a priority on your travels and you’ll be rewarded with a fun and healthy vacation. Bon voyage!


6 Reasons That Will Compel You to Fall in Love with Marrakech

The red city – Marrakech, located in the center of the kingdom becomes the first stop on a Moroccan journey. It’s an ancient yet bustling city that offers innumerable exploration opportunities such as Morocco’s souks, beach resorts, countrysides, deserts, museums, cafes, shops and mountain ranges. Being very well connected, it works as the base to plan some marvellous tours from Marrakech city to different parts of Morocco.

tours from Marrakech city

What will make you fall in love with the captivating Marrakech city?

The Local Moroccan Food – The magical Morocco offers an amazing range of local food for a perfect gastronomic treat. The food is a typical mix of Arabic, Mediterranean and Berber cuisines with a Sub Saharan and European influence. The staples are wheat, olive oil and grape, eaten along with fruits, vegetables and meats. Most of the food hubs serve traditional Moroccan cuisines, which can be an incredible option for the vegan/vegetarian friendly people. Some of the popular dishes are harira, sardines, rfissa, tagine, lamb or beef with prunes, bastilla, couscous and more.

Fantastic Hammam & Massage Therapy – It has been a traditional part of the country and it’s an amazing highlight of Morocco trips. It will help you experience Moroccan hospitality, where a person will be taken into a hammam (hot steam bath), soaped, scrubbed, showered, hair cleaned and eventually the whole body is masked to nourish your skin and den after some time cleaned. A perfect addition to your tour, it will relax your soul as well as revitalize your spirit!

The Marrakech Souks – The insanely busy streets of in the medina of Marrakech or square of Jemaa el-Fnaa are always ready to exclaim you with flamboyance and variety in collection, but make sure you cling to your partner or group or else, you will soon find yourself lost in the busy souks! In these narrow streets, you can find high-quality herbs, spices, oils, colourful ceramic, leather products, carpets, clothes, huge variety of food and to be literal everything else that one can imagine!

Tours from Marrakech city – If you wish to take tours around Morocco, make the city of Marrakech your base as it is located centrally and has an amazing transportation connection. Being at Marrakech, one can easily discover the wonders of the Kingdom of Morocco – old Berber Kasbahs, the beautiful mountains, cascading rivers, desert oases covered with palms, mud-brick nomad villages, the Sahara with sandy dunes, gorges and canyons, Dades Valley, Todra Valley, Fes city, Ourika Valley, Ouzoud Cascades, and more.

Stay in Riads – The country is quite famous for its Riads, which are large traditionally built houses with fountains or pools in the middle. Most Riads have now been turned into beautiful hotels and resorts that accommodate tourists from all over the world. This opportunity not only allows a stay in the heart of the medina but also helps you experience Marrakech in a more traditional way. A stay in riads will surely mesmerize you!

Sunbath –If getting a tan is your ultimate desire while enjoying your Moroccan vacation, then you can enjoy sunbathing. It can be done in winters while the temperature remains around 18-20°C during the days or in hot summers, when the temperature is as high as 50°C. Not only this, sunbath in the desert is also possible, you just need to select the best base camp, a nice rooftop restaurant or a beautiful hotel garden.

Marrakech is a wonderful city that can be a perfect destination for people in love with adventure. Get ready to execute tours from Marrakech city for enchanting and everlasting memories. Here, you can get entangled in beach sport activities, golden sands playtime, trekking on the mountainous range or just strolling around the roads of Marrakech. Plan perfectly to accomplish your personal favourite’s Moroccan daydreams!


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Tips for Travelling with Dogs by Car

Travelling with Dogs by CarIf you want to travel by flight with your canine friend, you will get some boost to know that some airlines allow the passengers to carry dogs with them. If you own a larger pet, it will be placed in a separate compartment tucked in the underbelly of airplane. Get in touch with your airline’s cargo department, particularly when you are jetting to a foreign destination where medical certification and quarantine time are a must. Wherever you go, reservation in advance is necessary, preferably if you catch a nonstop flight early in the morning.

Get a crate approved by your airplane well in advance of your departure date. Some airlines require the dog owners to submit an up-to-date health certificate that must be signed by your veteran doctor within 10 days ahead of your flight date. It is important to train your dog in such a way that it gets easily accustomed to the crate which it will be carried in. Use a few layers of newspaper to place at the bottom of your carrier. It will soak up moisture and prevent your dog from catching cold.

Write some important pieces of information including your name, address, contact number, your pet’s name, flight details and departure time on a paper and paste it outside the crate. Feed your dog before 12 hours of your flight departure. Enquire about liability limitations of your airplane. If you are pondering over tranquilization, consult your vet for advice.

Travel kit items for canine friend

  • Leash and collar
  • ID tags carrying home and destination address to be fastened to collar
  • Old towels (at least two) and a blanket
  • Food and bottle of water
  • License and health record
  • First-aid box containing medicines for some common diseases like diarrhea and motion sickness
  • Plastic bags, paper towels and scooper
  • Grooming and bedding aids
  • Favorite toys

If you are travelling by car with your pet, here are some important recommendations for you.

Vacations & Car Travel

  • Your pet must be properly identified. Make sure to include details regarding your destination.
  • Never forget that your dog needs at least two hours to digest its meal.
  • Stop your car every 2-3 hours as it will make your pet feel relaxed.
  • Remember to tie your dog with a leash; otherwise it may jump out of car when you will open the door.
  • Even when you are traveling by car, crates are safe for your pet. In all likelihood, it will be a good place for your pet to relax during its travel. You can use a crate harness for better safety for your car.