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Upper House Hong Kong – A Classy Accommodation for Luxury Lovers

When you step into the Upper house in Hong Kong, you would be welcomed to large and elegantly furnished accommodations there were once service apartments. However it has completely been transformed into a chic city hotel that beautifully exudes a modern, contemporary and classy vibe.  This hotel is definitely a retreat from the city buzz and has a luxury feel all around.

Located in Admiralty above an upscale shopping mall, The Upper House Hong Kong is among three five-star properties in the complex. The hotel spells out sophistication and stands as one of the best that can be found in the city.

This hotel has about 117 rooms and suites and moreover this boutique hotel has everything that can make your stay fulfilling. The rippled ribbon stone structure at the entrance of the upper house in Hong Kong is instantly noticeable and the service at the reception is truly fast and professional.

Once you make your way from escalator, you could witness a sense of peace and tranquility that defines the concept of the “Journey of Upward Discovery”. In a nutshell, this is the hotel that could actually give you the best feeling of being there in that surrounding.

upper house hong kong

Here are a few reasons why Upper House in Hong Kong is the best choice:

Contemporary & bespoke interiors – Once you settle in your suite, you can easily notice the neatly modern interiors fitted out in warm neutral hues. The understated interiors has truly been unaffected by time and wears a new and fresh tone.

Amiable & experienced hotel staffs – The manners and conduct of the hotel staffs displays the experience they carry in the business. They are forever ready with their service and do not give out a scope for disappointment. It wouldn’t be wrong to credit the staffs of the Upper house in Hong Kong as one of the major reasons as to why should choose this accommodation.

Retains a beautiful view – The Upper House Hong Kong has a beautiful view to its every room and it indeed offers a surreal experience to the guest. The view adds up to the allure of the hotel and easily charms anyone who stays there. If you want a memorable experience of hotel stay and if it does matter to you as to what kind of service the hotel is offering to you, you most certainly should go for the Upper House. This just is awesome for its every single detail.

Excellent dining options – At the Upper House Hong Kong, you are sure to find some delicious and wide-ranging options. Cafe Gray Deluxe features some of the finest European cuisine and boasts of some extremely expansive views over the city.  As for the in-room dining, it is available with classics like a signature club sandwich or burger, both are absolutely sumptuous. What’s more, the hotel can even arrange for weekend yoga sessions and for those who want to stay in shape, gym is right there for them.

The Sky Lounge, on the top floor adjacent to Cafe Gray Deluxe has its own aura. It is connected via a sky bridge and considered as a relaxing retreat or a perfect choice for a corporate meeting.

Overall, a stay Upper House Hong Kong would be nothing short of a magical experience. So, the next time you are in the city and want luxury to surround you in every step of the way. Choose the place and register some unforgettable moments.

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Tips for Travelling to Ireland

Since our shifting to Ireland and settling there more than 10 years ago, we have welcomed many travellers to our small guesthouse. The ease (or difficulty) with which they cope with the differences has been a good source of thought-provoking amazement for us. It reminds us the way we adjusted on the foreign land after leaving our county America. Initially, we too had a lot of discomforts but over time, we have learned to adjust. Here is a list of five simple tips to take into consideration to make your Ireland trip a more enjoyable and memorable one.

Front door handles are not knobs but levers

Whether you are staying in a hotel – you will find many of them – or in a guesthouse just like ours at Kinsale, you will find the front door has a lever in place of a knob to lock it. You need to lift the lever first and it will cause the locking mechanism to slide out, allowing the key to turning entirely and ultimately locking the door.

Be aware of on/off switches on wall board

If your phone is not charged even after you have plugged it for a long time, it is likely that the switch is not turned on. Turn them off when you are to leave your room, particularly those used for heating units.

Call Garda whenever you need their help

Garda means Police in Ireland. They are extremely helpful to the tourists. There is a police station just behind our apartment. Wherever you are staying, get the telephone number of the nearest police station saved on your mobile. If you cannot find out the way back to your hotel after a visit to a local park or elsewhere, call them and they will reach you at the earliest.

Follow the midlines down the curved roads

In most of the countries, you will see that a road runs straight but in Ireland, it is different. That could be a little bit confusing for the first-time Ireland visitors. Always follow the white line down the mid of the road, irrespective of how it takes a turn or how other roads emerge from it, which may appear to be a straight road.

Roadsigns are not accurate always

All roads in Ireland have signposts developed over years. Some signposts have distance written in miles whereas the rest have written it in kilometres.  You may also find the first signpost mentions 5km while the next one says 7km. Visiting Ireland is largely done in accordance with historic sites instead of road markings and so you may find it difficult to follow the directions on the signposts. Expect the time taken to visit between places a little longer than what you have expected.

Ireland is a favourite destination in Europe. Both urban and rural landscape of the country is filled to the brim with heavenly beauty. Ireland is also known for being stepped in rich culture and heritage. Make the most of your Ireland visit just by keeping in mind those above-mentioned useful tips.

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3 Great Tips to Plan the Ultimate Climbing Experience In Toubkal Mountain

Mount Toubkal which is also known as Jebal Toubkal is located in the Southwestern Morocco’s Toubkal National Park. Considered as the highest peak in the High Atlas Mountains, Anti Atlas and in North Africa, Toubkal Mountain is an exceptionally popular and prominent choice among the travel and adventure enthusiasts of all across. Climbers simply can’t resist the idea of exploring this incredible destination and if you are one among those adventurous junkies, you surely should never miss a chance to climb Toubkal Mountain.

The whole experience of climbing Toubkal Mountain can indeed leave you with a delightful feeling as it seriously is a dream place for the adventure seekers. Basically Toubkal Mountain is recognized as the hiking destination for a lot of professional and passionate hikers, thus the decision to climb Toubkal Mountain can never be a disappointment.

climb Toubkal Mountain

The fact is people having extreme passion and zeal for hiking can take back an extraordinary experience with them which is rare to describe. Here’s presenting a few ideas which can make it easy for you to climb Toubkal Mountain. Read on!

#1: Carry adequate essentials for comfortable trekking

There are a certain stuffs which could act as the comfort padding for hikers. So, if you are all set to climb Toubkal Mountain, you need to be mindful about having a few key things as must. Whether it is the apt pair of footwear or a map and compass or for that matter rain gear, first aid kit and extra food, these are the things which are going to make you climb Toubkal Mountain sans any stress or worry. You would internally feel confident for carrying the essentials that you may need in between the trekking or as per the demand of the situation. Basically it all depends as to how prepared you are to go for this. Make sure to get prepared in every which way before you attempt to climb Toubkal Mountain.

#2: Book a trip through a reliable service provider

One of the most important and wise move would be to book your trip with a reliable and credible source who could help you experience the best of hiking. There are a lot of amazing professionals out there who have been experienced in offering their service to people who wish to climb Toubkal Mountain. So, all you need to do is to seek out for the right professional who is well aware about the twist and turns that the idea of hiking in Toubkal Mountain could bring along and thus should be able to provide their assistance at every possible juncture through the trek.

#3: The way to reach Toubkal Mountain?

Once you land in Marrakech, it is advisable to straightway head towards the Atlas Mountains to begin the acclimatization process. You can as well hire a cab from the airport into the mountains. It surely won’t take you more than 1 and half hour by car to reach the destination, since the distance from airport to the Berber village, Imli would be approximately 174m in the Atlas Mountains. You can choose to stay probably in a riad or any particular nearby Berber village since there are a myriad of accommodations available which could ease you off and provide incredible comfort. Once you reach Imli, you should just start the journey further to climb Toubkal Mountain.

The best way to make the whole journey a hassle-free affair would be to carry along a guide who can get you through the trip with utmost professionalism.

Now, you surely know the way to make your plan to climb Toubkal Mountain successful, so, make sure to follow everything that’s mentioned here and enjoy an enchanting hiking in the beautiful Toubkal Mountain.

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Want to Take Your Dog on Holiday? 5 Points to Consider

People say a dog is man’s best friend and if have a canine companion – you’ll agree with the statement. Dogs have the tendency to become a member of the family soon, their behavior and loyalty enhance their chances of getting connected to the human world. Being great companion, the owners like to take them wherever they go, especially on HOLIDAYS!

dog on holidya

Are you planning a holiday with your furry companion? It’s a GREAT decision! Currently, this decision is respected and government of different countries allows pets to enjoy abroad holiday thanks to pet passports. Check the top five points to consider while taking your dog on a holiday:

#1 Dog Type

Some dogs share an incredible bonding with their owners and will go anywhere with their owners. You just need to have the right pet in your life; Jason McDowell in Edinburg is one such breeder, who avails a huge range of healthy pups. Choose the one you fall for and train them properly to adapt easily to new changes in their life cycle.

#2 Temperament/Behavior

A well-socialized dog may enjoy more the chance of travelling with their owner. Let your dog socialize from the early stage to make meeting new people and seeing new places, fun. It’s because nervy character dog will find it stressful and end up with embarrassment at times.

#3 Dog Necessities

Before starting your packing, prepare a checklist of your dog’s necessities. Make sure you carry enough treats, medicine, food and all-important necessities in your pooch’s bags. Take your dog’s lead and collar; also add a tag mentioning dog’s name and your contact number.

#4 Visit Vet

Arrange a visit to your regular vet prior to a trip. Make sure all vaccinations are up to date and treatments done as new places may expose your pet to common diseases of that area as well as bring them in contact with other animals, fleas, worms or ticks.

Again, Get Contact Details of Local Vets for emergency cases. The dog might falls sick or get hurt while holidaying. At that time, the local vets can be your savior. Research about vets and keep details handy throughout your stay.

#5 Travel Diaries

To add happy moments in your clank pages of your travel diaries, familiarize your dog with car environment and journeys. Start by taking them on shorter journeys to make them well-versed in long car journeys. Safety is crucial. Before starting the journey make them familiar to the drivers for an unrestricted and attentive movement. If you have a sensitive canine who suffer motion sickness, keep remedies in the car and avoid feeding before the time of travel. An extra care is worth for your pet companion!

With the above-mentioned points have a great holiday with your canine pet. Let them spoil a little more; after all, they are on HOLIDAY too!