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10 Things to Consider Before Booking St. Martin Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals make visiting St. Martin more fun and exciting. The idea of having the comfort of home in a foreign shore is easily achievable with vacation rentals. But of course you need to be aware about the pluses and minuses before signing up for vacation rentals in St. Martin.

St. Martin vacation rentals are extremely alluring and they can just be at par with any top-notch hotel.  Considering St. Martin is a destination that is filled with amazing vacation homes for tourists, it may turn out to be quite daunting to pick right.

Undoubtedly renting a vacation home could just be the most prudent decision even in terms of finance. Basically you need to take an analytical look at the profitability of having vacation rentals in St. Martin.

Note that all furnished rentals are not equal. So you should know what you look for so as to experience an absolutely hassle-free stay during your vacation in St. Martin.

Whether you want a luxury villa, beach house, vacation condo or a home rental near pristine sunny beaches, you will easily find the kind of space you like in this gorgeous destination.  But the key is not to show haste and be very observant while making the choice for Vacation rentals in St. Martin.

Listed here are the guidelines that you must consider before booking St. Martin vacation rentals:

Check out the reviews

Read the reviews well in detail as they can give you the exact glimpse of what you can expect in the vacation rentals in St. Martin. The greatest help can come from the prior tenants as they will give you all the right indication about the space and let you know what kind of environment you will find, when you set your foot there with your luggage. At times people get so much enamoured with the photos of the vacation rentals in St. Martin that they fail to get deeper in their thought and later end up with regret for choosing an inadequate vacation home.  In short, go through the reviews and collect as much information as possible from different sources to enjoy a comfortable stay during your vacay.

Get an idea on the ambience

If you do not want to take any sort of chance and feel to be absolutely sure about the setting of the St. Martin vacation rentals, use Google earth! Take this opportunity to have a proper look at the location of the vacation rentals before you finally commit. If you are looking for a cool and tranquil space to keep your privacy intact sans any hassle, you certainly would not appreciate the noise emanating from a nearby lively pub. It would be extremely annoying when your cocktail hours will be marred by loud music; hence it is important to study the environment before packing your bags for the place. It’s not that tough to find a likeable space if you have a better understanding of your needs and moreover if you have a no-compromising attitude towards it.

A closer look at the amenities

This is probably one of the most crucial factors to look into.  You may find the vacation rentals in St. Martin just as real as it comes across in the advertisements however, you would face hassle when the absence of some essential amenities will come to your notice.  So, when you decide to book St. Martin vacation rentals, it is an unsaid rule to study the listing photos and amenities scrupulously.

Evaluate the distance from public transportation

In case there has been no mention in the listing about the distance of the public transportation from the Vacation rentals in St. Martin, you must ensure to ask before sealing the deal.  In fact the easier way to it is to obtain the address and get it checked on Google Maps.

Fastest internet connection

If you do not want to cut off from the virtual world during your holiday and want to keep an eye on everything that’s going around the world, just make sure you have a vacation rental that has the strong and consistent broad band connection which will easily allow you to use Skype,  and stream entertainment.

Luxury is a must

When you ditch the idea of hotel and go for St. Martin Vacation homes, this should be your basic expectation to get a space that must be at par with any upscale hotel if not more. Luxury is the most significant requisite of vacation rentals which bring people to plan a stay with it with a hope to receive an incredibly luxurious service. When looking for the vacation rentals in St. Martin, Be absolutely to get the best. Your vacation home should be able to fulfil all your vacation wishes and ultimately give a worth-cherishing experience.

A beautiful view makes the day

A natural scenic view has its own appeal and no lavish interiors and amenities could overshadow this.  So, look for the properties that could offer you the breathtaking ocean views, and gorgeous beachfront locations. Basically it is all about being in a space that is endowed with stunning vistas. They certainly would add a lot of amazing memories to your holiday experience and make it one of your best vacay at St. Martin.

Budget-friendly vacation rental

Be careful to choose a vacation rental in St. Martin that would not ask you to stray from your set budget. Make sure to take a firm look at your budget and then go for the space that would suit your pocket with ease. In fact you should be vigilant about the hidden prices that may come up from nowhere in the end. Have a clear cut discussion with the professional service provider and address all your concerns to be able to make the right choice with a perfect vacation rental.

A home away from home

Vacation rentals truly gives you the feel of your own ‘nest’.  So, when you plan a trip to St. Martin, without any confusion and reluctance, you can put your bet on the vacation rentals. They are as comfortable as one home is but of course with an added dose of luxury.  And that is what precisely draws people to rent it out.  So, try your best to figure out how comfy the whole service is and if at all it aligns with the promise of being “home away from home”.  Unless you are absolutely sure, hold on and explore a bit more to find your place at St. Martin.  

A professional service provider

One of the most important factors to take into account is the service provider credibility. A random choice may land you in soup. So, verify the facts regarding the service provider and go ahead with it only after being completely assured about its reliability.

Now you know all that you need to do to get a premium vacation rental in St. Martin. Feel free to go ahead with the correct conviction and find the finest St. Martin vacation rentals and enjoy a blissful vacation in this gorgeous island.

How To Plan A Trip

Planning a Trip to Los Angeles? Here are 10 Helpful Tips to Save You

Planning a trip to Los Angeles is an incredible experience, and it all comes with various other terms and responsibilities. There are various things which need to be considered earlier for saving you time and money while you are on travel. From flight booking to accommodation, food to Los Angeles private tours, planning earlier can make the most out of the trip. So, if you want your trip to Los Angeles to be comfortable and memorable, please come with a little legwork. This could ease you some inconvenience and save you money, time, as well.

Here are 10 helpful tips for planning your visit to Los Angeles.

Book Flights Earlier

Around the 365 days of a year, Los Angeles is always flooded with visitors, holidaygoers, couples and tourists from all around the globe. It faces a busy flight network in peak seasons. Book your flights earlier to save more time and money. Check for some travel benefits such as discounts, weekday offers, pre-booking airline facility, etc.

Search for Hotels

After landing at Los Angeles, the first and foremost concern that comes in mind is a hotel to stay. There are many hotels in the area that offers great accommodation facility for all sorts of budget. You just need to decide which part of the city you want to stay.

If you want to stay in the city of glitz and glamour, then Hollywood is typically the best place to nest and watch your favorite stars from close. From some great restaurants to nigh club and tons of activities you can do during the day time, Hollywood has complete package for you. If you wish to witness some soothing vistas, Santa Monica provides an elegant beach vacation for all. There is a ton of stuff to do their during day and some fantastic beach locations to drink and dine at night. And, if you want to access both these locations together, then Beverly Hills is the best place. This place is in between the beach and Hollywood so you can get to both these areas relatively quickly. Downtown LA is also an ideal option for holiday accommodation.

Downtown LA is a fun place to visit and explore, as there are many latest places to discover and accommodate you. At these four destinations, you can find awesome hotels to stay and relax with your friends, family and colleagues too.

Browse Best Places to Eat

Once the accommodation is sorted, time to decide the best restaurants to eat and drink. From fast food to high end meals, LA has a variety of restaurants to choose from. If you are looking for an upscale restaurant, Dialogue Restaurant brings a major fine dining and avante garde pedigree to this tiny tasting menu restaurant hidden inside a Third Street Promenade food. For tasting Italian sea food, you can go Cal Mare in Beverly Center. Here, you can find crudos, fresh mozzarella with caviar, whole grilled fish, Neapolitan pizzas, and pastas that’ll reach a wide range of diners.

If you are staying near Santa Monica, there’s a true Italian pasta bar named Uovo. Here, the pastas are hand produced in Bologna and then shipped over by air to this sleek Santa Monica space, where it’s prepared with a precise set of sauces. Italiaphiles will fall in love immediately, and the prices aren’t too shabby either for this level of pasta. For drink and wine, Dustin Lancaster has a sweet wine destination in Chinatown. Oriel Wine Bar is set at a quirky little building annex with indoor and outdoor space underneath the gold line, The  space carries its own charm, and wine menu is pretty straightforward. You can enjoy wine at bistro fare, with beef tartare and French onion soup in play. All these restaurants are covering nearest standbys across the city.

Reduce Thrifty Traveling Costs

Los Angeles is all occupied with mind-boggling destinations for fun and play. Tons of museums and historic destinations are there also, an if you are star lover, then are Hollywood tours are also there. Take a personalized Los Angeles private tour in a luxury vehicle high up into the Hollywood hills and see many of the star homes today as well as yesterday like Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, Keanu Reeves, Michael Jackson, and Lucille Ball while also taking in some very scenic views of the city below. Many stars are also living in Beverly hills also or the windy canyon road, ask your tour operator to manage your travel to those areas also. Let’s drive to the Hollywood Sign and you can have your picture taken with the world-famous letters behind you. Or, explore the beauty of a modern town Downtown LA. Santa Monica and Malibu is also an ideal destination for hanging out with friends and family. You can personalized your tour plan based on the number of days you travel.

You can save a lot of money by making your reservation in a hotel a little bit earlier than peak season. Similar to that, booking Los Angeles private tour before time can offer big discount packages on luxury rental bookings and reduce thrifty travelling charges. You can enjoy complete freedom of accessibility and movement with your tour guide. They will help you spot the best places to explore, which in tune help in extruding travel expenses.

Keep Time for Shopping

Now, when you are in LA, then you need to plan for some shopping extravaganza. There variety of shops and stores for shopaholic people. From shops along the Rodeo Drive to quirky stores along Melrose, LA has many things to offer for shopping lovers. Tour to the streets where shopping is inexpensive. Go for Whimsic Alley and It’s a Wrap for collecting favorite Hollywood memorabilia.

If you are an outdoor shopping lover, then you should check in 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. This pedestrian mall is a world-class shopping, dining and entertainment destination located across the road from the beach. Over 6.3 million people visit sunny 3rd Street Promenade annually, including 3 million international visitors. One of the most prominent attractions of this outdoor arena is the musician and performers that you will find along the path. You can simply stop by and listen their songs and enjoy the dancers along the cobble stone route.

The above-mentioned points are a trick to keep your holiday expenses under control. Get more balance over some frugal choice and useless expenses to experience a stress-free holiday in Los Angeles. Keep in mind – LA has many things to offer! Have the best time holidaying here with best Los Angeles private tour .


Morocco Travel Itinerary – 7 Tips to Make It Memorable

A trip to Morocco offers an incredible opportunity to experience the amazing Nomadic Berber life with a family. The culture of the place tells us about the ethics and civilization that is followed by its inhabitants and helps widen the people’s perspective with their cultural and behavioural patterns. Whether it is their beliefs, tradition or festival, the culture of Morocco comprises a detailed history which would be great to unravel throughout the tour.

The exquisite art and culture of Morocco beautifully portrays the social structure of the place and offers a greater view regarding its ethics, religion, civilization, specification and as well as diversification. The cultural language of Morocco has a distinguished tone and is quite endearingly different than the other languages.

Morocco culture offers an incredible impression about Berber tents, camel trek along with the women of the Berber society. The Berber women are indeed quite civilised and customized. Whether it is the Morocco climate, women, food or education, they all speak volumes about the extraordinary Moroccan culture which is certainly worth experiencing.

The amalgamation of French language and the Islamic religion in Morocco makes it quite a unique destination.  For travellers who want to learn about the Berber life in Morocco, they should try to know the differences and dynamics of the culture to cope up with it with ease.

Check out the ways to experience the best of  Morocco:

#1- Unlock the doors of local interaction

You can make your life easy amidst the locals in Berber village simply by using a few words of the local language and moreover by basically understanding and respecting the differences between you and the locals.  Your visit to the Berber village would give you an opportunity to share and receive the best of one another which will make your whole experience a lifetime memory.

#2 – The bi-annual migration

The migration of the Berbers is an 11 day trekking trip of Morocco through the Atlas Mountains.  Your exploration of Morocco and Berber culture can see a great moment with the bi-annual migration that the Berber families set out with their goats and sheep from the lower Dades Valley to the High Altas Mountains.The nomadic Berbers have been making this trip all their lives and have an enriched idea about the best routes so as to be relied upon in all conditions.  The beauty of this tour lies in the fact that it does not follow a rigid itinerary. The journey begins in the Dades Valley and ascends to the splendid High Atlas, which is known as the highest mountain range in North America.This will make you to trek through rugged terrain and cross steep passes in the backdrop of stunning panoramic views along with the passing of Berber villages that are tucked away in picturesque valleys. The whole feel of camping each night in rustic Berber tents would simply add to your beautiful experience.

#3 – The Sahara Desert

This is considered as one of the many reasons as to why the tourists get attracted to Morocco. Desert camping undoubtedly offers a delightful experience which becomes even more special with the heartfelt welcome from the Berbers. On your way to the desert camp, you can ride a camel and enjoy the desert sun.The amazing nightlife in the desert is truly enchanting. You would love to just sit around the campfire and indulge in the revelry of singing and dancing with the desert people. Indeed this would just be the added charm which will get you closer to the Berber life.

#4 – The Souks of Marrakech

The real highlight of Marrakech lies in the Souks or markets of the medina. These are the largest in Morocco and are extremely popular throughout the world. For visitors, it can be one bewildering experience to shop in these exotic shops. Whether it is the shoes, clothes or crafts, you can find it all out there. The Souks are the part of the Moroccan culture and the perk is you can shop at one go and bargain. Bargaining is a way of life and it is accepted by the shopkeepers there. Hence when you visit the famous Souks, bargain sans any hesitation and enjoy the excitement to the fullest.

#5 – The view of Ait Benhaddou

This place is enlisted as a UNESCO heritage site. Located at the edge of the Atlas Mountains, it is basically a traditional mud brick city. The place is famous for being the location of many popular movies and so far it has appeared in more than 10 films, which includes the likes of Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia. This fascinating site is truly alluring and is one of many attractions in Morocco. A visit to this place would simply make your travelling itinerary even more exciting.

#6 – Morocco’s best nature

hiking destinations in Morocco

A trip to Morocco will show you its different facets, which as well includes its beautiful nature. The view of sunshine in its high mountain range, the hot winds off of the Sahara desert, steeps, mountains or for that matter the green areas of agriculture and vegetation, these are all the best reflection of Morocco’s natural beauty.  In fact it would be truly an amazing feel to see the sand dunes and oases which make up the landscape of Morocco. Overall there are many incredible places in Morocco which have their own naturally captivating beauty.  So, when you plan a trip to Morocco, you can surely expect to witness the Morocco’s nature in its own unique way. It is the diversity of Morocco’s landscapes, waterfalls, beaches and desert which makes it one of the most beautiful countries to travel.

#7 – The stunning Moroccan towns

Of course it is practically not possible to explore each and every city of Morocco. However, there are a few places which you can include in your bucket list to enjoy the true charm and beauty of Morocco. One of the best places to visit is Chefchaouen .The city cascades down the mountainside and reveals more diversifying buildings, cafes and colourful plants. This remains an ideal place where you can view the unspoiled Morocco with all its glory. Essaouira is another important place which can be called Morocco’s hidden gem.  Besides its natural beauty, it is notable for its souks, buildings and colourful boats. Places like Fes, Ifrane and Mekens are some of the finest places of Morocco which can offer you the best Moroccon travel diaries.

Whether you are a novice or a professional hiker, you surely can enjoy trekking in Morocco. The place indeed is the best hiking destinations in Morocco and amuses the adventure junkies like no other. Here, they surely can get the feel of Morocco hiking trails and gather a different kind of experience.

Morocco is home to high mountain ranges, deserts, green oases and many more. In fact the Berber culture leaves a deep impact on the visitors and enriches the experience of travellers even more. Pack your bags and get set to explore this part of world. It certainly worth your time and money!

Travel Tips

Ways You Can Make Money While Traveling

Traveling the world is one of the best things anybody can do with their life. It opens your mind and teaches you important life lessons. You truly learn to see the world and other people in a different way and to appreciate the advantages you have.

The problem for many travelers is not getting the motivation to get up and go, but funding the kind of traveling lifestyle that they desire.

Money is almost always going to be a big limiting factor in your travel plans. It will affect which countries you choose to visit, where you stay, what you eat, which activities you try, and most importantly, how long you stay out before coming home to reality.

Traveling can be like a drug. Once you get a taste for it, you just want more, but if you keep having to come home to work and save up, you’re never going to be fully satisfied.

So, here is a list of some of the easiest ways to combine work with travel, and either make a living from anywhere in the world or at least prolong your traveling experience until you finally decide to come home, or decide to make traveling your reality.

Teach English

Becoming an English teacher is tactic long-used by travel lovers to earn some cash while on the road. Chances are you probably already know somebody who’s tried this or is doing it now.

Teach English

There is a huge demand for capable English teachers in all areas of the world, particularly in Asia. This demand is growing, as education levels improve around the world, and people embrace the necessity of learning English to help with tourism, business, and the internet.

It’s easy enough for any English speaker to become a teacher if a little time and effort are invested. Official courses vary in price and difficulty, but some kind of real qualification is definitely the most surefire way to guarantee yourself a job quickly.


Volunteering is a bit different to the other options here, as by definition you won’t be getting paid for your work, and you will usually have to cover some expenses yourself.

However, this is probably also the most rewarding option.


It can give you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a foreign culture. You can learn how other people live and actually contribute something meaningful to communities and environments that need it.

There are endless options for prospective volunteers, meaning you can choose a cause that speaks to you. Do you want to volunteer in Ghana in an orphanage? How about becoming a volunteer in Marine Turtle conservation in Costa Rica? The only limit is your imagination.

Au pair

This is another great way to fully immerse yourself in another culture. It involves going to live-in with a host family in a country of your choosing, helping them with various tasks.

You are likely to help with childcare primarily, but may also be needed to assist with cooking, cleaning and other household tasks.

It’s a brilliant way to get to know locals, improve your language skills, and earn a (modest) income.

Work as a flight attendant

This is more of a career choice than the other items on the list. You will have to undertake fairly lengthy training, and it is more difficult to qualify for the job in the first place than the other options. In return however, you will receive a good salary with lots of benefits.

Work as a flight attendant

Clearly, a vital part of the job is traveling regularly from place-to-place, so you will constantly have opportunities to explore new countries and cities.

It is a serious career though, so you won’t have as much freedom as some of the other choices. The turnarounds in between flights can be very tight, and there may be long hours involved.


Taking on some freelancing gigs is a great way to combine work and travel, as you are your own boss and can take on or reject work based on how much free time you have.

Pretty much any skill can be sold online for money, so if you have a degree or work experience in a certain field, or if you’re just good at something, chances are someone will you pay for it. A few examples might be marketing, writing, photography, design, translation, and tutoring.

All you need is a laptop and internet connection, or even just access to internet cafes, and you can start making money from anywhere.

Anybody can find a way to work and travel at the same time

Hopefully, this list has given you some inspiration to start looking for ways to combine work and travel and enjoy the amazing experience of traveling for longer.

Even if nothing here appeals to you, there are plenty of other ways to achieve the same kind of lifestyle. Anybody can find something that works for them.

Nicoleta is the resident content blogger for uVolunteer. Nicoleta is an avid linguist, speaks fluent English, Chinese, French, Spanish and native Romanian. She spent a decade working in China in the education sector and working with major international development institutions and currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. She is passionate about volunteering, sustainable travel and has a soft spot for ethnic food.


Top 8 Fashion Hotels in the World

The famous fashion designers of the world have taken their designing magic to the whole new arena – hotels. Like their dresses, shoes, accessories and jewelries, their hotels too reflect their unique style.

The luxuries fashion hotels designed by some of the most prominent designers are scattered all over the world. You will find them in some of the most popular cities in the world in many continents.  Living in those hotels is a dream for many. People who love exploring new hotels are definitely curious about the designer hotels.

The fashion designers have already expanded into new markets like the fragrance and liquor. And, now they have partnered with hospitality leaders to give the world even something more unique and luxurious than the clothes.

From Armani to Missoni to Ralph Lauren, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Here is a list of top stylish designer hotels from the world’s top designers:

Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Address: 4 Avenue de la Madone, 98000 Monaco, France

This vintage hotel was built in 1889 and is one of the popular hotels in the world. Monet Carlo is a fashion hub known for its luxurious lifestyle. What can be a better place than Monte Carlo to create own personal space by the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld. The Odyssey as the name given by the designers is inspired by the Greek mythology and sits atop the roof of the famous luxury hotel. The unique feature of the space includes the whole monochrome set up. One of the most personal decor of the space that immediately jumps out at you is the 18 backlit glass screens. Together, they create a fresco-style mural that simply captivates you. Additional features that only add to the allure of the place are the white cabanas and lush landscaping look that will simply transport you to different world.

Hotel Icon, Hong Kong

Hotel Icon, Hong Kong

Address: 17 Science Museum Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

The Chinese-born fashion designer Vivienne Tam is another famous fashion designer who created a suite at this grand hotel rendering her personal fashion statement to the place. When you visit the place you will clearly see that the décor has been inspired by the East and West so much like her fashion lines. She has woven magic with simple color palette that includes taupe and deep reds. There is no dearth of art in here with a Chinese ceiling screen and courtesan plaques. Vivienne Tam is known for her stunning Swarovski crystals artwork too and you will not be disappointed because the suite includes her creation.  As for the furnishing the suite boosts off smooth wood and floor to ceiling sliding doors. The hotel suite also comes with breathtaking views of Victoria Harbor.

The St. Regis New York, USA

The St. Regis New York, USA

Address: 2 E 55th St, New York, NY 10022, USA

The St. Regis New York is another one of the famous fashion hotels that reminds you of the tiffany box. When you stay there you will never forget that you are living in a large size tiffany box. Everything is Dior in here. The Dior grey hues, Lady Dior prints and bows and even the fabric. The dining room is so impeccably designed that will simply stun you with its eggshell blue walls and white table set. The pearl-strewn crystal chandelier adds to the already glamorous suite. One of the most stunning pieces of decor is of course the watercolor painting by fashion illustrator and Dior Beauty’s first artist-in-residence Bill Donavan.

Palazzo Versace, Australia

Palazzo Versace, Australia

Address: 94 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia

Designed by another great fashion designer and also named after him, the Palazzo Versace hotel in Australia is one of the top ranked fashion hotels in the world. You will see that the designs in the suites are so Gianni Versace.  The floors and the vaulted ceilings of gold just reeks of sophistication and elegance you can expect from Versace. The hotel has 200 bedrooms and suites complete with bespoke Versace furniture. These suites have bath products from the Versace range. The suites are also known for the Juliet balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows. It provides excellent views of the Broadwater. The hotel is known for luxuries and the cocktail bar and private marina just adds to the list of luxuries you will enjoy here. If you need more grandeur than the twin bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantoms which is chauffeur will complete the list. These are driven for bring and drooping off guest to and from the hotel.

Hotel Le Bellechasse, France

Hotel Le Bellechasse, France

Address: 8 Rue de Bellechasse, 75007 Paris, France

This elegantly designed boutique hotel in France is known for its effortlessness and chic style. It is so French in its design, style and aura. Designed by the famous designer Christian Lacroix, the Hôtel Le Bellechasse boosts of Trompe l’oeil wallpaper that immediately reminds you how flamboyant the whole space is. The beautiful gold satin furniture completes the whole look effortlessly. The extravagant style and the nature-inspired interiors define the space.  You will notice the fabrics like the satin, silk and velvet have been extravagantly used throughout the hotel.  Art work in every room makes it so unique.

Claridge’s, England

Claridge's, England

Address: Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR, United Kingdom

The Claridge’s Grand Piano Suite in England is one of the iconic fashion hotels in the world personally designed by the fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. It is well known for its five-star service and the art décor is world famous. If you are looking for glamour and elegance in hotels rooms then this is the place to be. Like every other designer, this two-bedroom suite is marked by the characteristic designs and style of the fashion designer. The bold colors have been very meticulously mixed to create something extraordinary.  The walls are lined with photographs taken by her from her tours to Europe, Africa and Asia. One of the grand features of the place is the marble fireplace and beautiful grand piano.

Halekulani, Hawaii

Halekulani, Hawaii

Address: 2199 Kalia Rd, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA

Vera Wang needs no introductions. Her weddings gowns are something to die for. She can beautifully combine the traditional elegance and the modern twist to create something extraordinarily elegant for the beautiful brides. Her self-named, one-bedroom suite at Hawaiian hotel Halekulani is one of the most popular fashion hotels in the world. The island holds special memory to the designer as she was proposed here which adds to the allure and romance of the place. The suite elegantly interprets romance with soft cream and lavender hues. The wood flooring and the vintage furniture brings alive the place. One of the key features to look out for is the private verandah on the second-floor overlooking Oahu’s Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head; the extinct volcano.

UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, Brazil

UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, Brazil

Address: Porto Seguro – State of Bahia, 45810-000, Brazil

The UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa in Brazil is known for its bohemian style. Designed by Wilbert Das, the hotel is everything local from its design to style and feel. The designer collaborated with the local artisans to give the place the authentic Brazilian look. He made use of the sustainable materials to create a very environmentally and people friendly space that’s boosts of the local culture and style. As for the art you will not be disappointed with the Brazilian antiques which give the place its uniqueness.   

These are some of the fashion hotels by some of the legendary fashion designers in the world. They are each unique in their own way. They all are a must visit place for the travelers.