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Six Things to Consider Before Going in a Tanzanian Safari

Tanzania is an African country best known for its untouched wild heritage. Although there are about twenty countries where you can go for Safari, Tanzania tops the bucket list for most Safari lovers. Tanzania treasures two of the best places for amazing wildlife viewing-Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.

Ngorongoro Crater is an exquisite place popular as a world’s largest intact Caldera covering 100 square miles. One can spot around 25,000 species of animals within the region as the crater wall stands as a natural barrier preventing animals from leaving the spot.

Tanzanian Safari

The Serengeti is the most popular wildlife park in the world. Its endless plains of Serengeti spans around 12,000 square kilometers, and it is renowned for its annual migration of around two-million wildebeest.

Exploring Tanzania’s rich wildlife habitat is a must-do thing once in a lifetime. So if you are planning a safari tour in Tanzania, you do not have to ponder much. The reason being there are many agencies providing tailor-made safari packages in Tanzania.

Key aspects of Tanzanian Safari ride:

  • It is not what you see in a well-edited Television Footage: No doubt, we all have enjoyed well-scripted television footage shown in many wildlife shows. But it is not the same when it comes to a real safari. Although you can spot many species in a Tanzanian safari but do not compare it with a high budget television footage that takes months of editing. Witnessing a potential chase or hunt could be one of the unforgettable thrilling memories. But it is all a matter of luck.
  • Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride: Going for a Safari ride could be a tiring experience as most of the roads within the park are unpaved. The roads comprise dirt, rocks, and uneven plains. Hence, we prepared to get jerks and bounces inside your vehicle. Apart from the jerks, the roads are full of dust. So, do not expect to remain spotless while on a Safari ride. Following behind other vehicles or facing the coming cars will give you an experience of passing amidst a cloud of dust. Hence it is advised to carry face masks, bandana, or a neck gaiter as it will be challenging for people with respiratory issues. Further, carry a neck pillow as it will reduce the pain due to jerks and also allows you to take a quick nap if you are too tired.
  • Stay inside the Safari vehicle: Going for a safari ride is not dangerous until you stay within your car. Most of the animals in the park are accustomed to the presence of humans in vehicles for decades. Further, every day, they experience vehicles passing through the plains. Hence now, the animals also have developed a habit of ignoring the human presence. But still, there are chances to find a cheetah jumping on the top of the land cruises to get a better view but do not panic. The animal will not harm you until the time you are inside the vehicle. But if you go out of your vehicle, you may become potential prey. Hence, in case you want to go outside your car, take the assistance of your guides.
  • Safari Guides are experts in finding animals: The guides who take you on the ride are professionals and are experts in finding animals. With their years of experience and deep knowledge of Tanzania’s wild habitat, they can help you spot elusive animals. The guides also communicate with other fellow guides through radio, and by doing so, they gather useful information regarding various sightings happening in real-time in the park.
  • Tell the guide about your sightseeing plans in advance: Although the guides have knowledge regarding the destinations where you can spot wild species. Yet it is your responsibility to let the guide know which wild animal you want to spot and for how long. Else the guide will unnecessary be taking you to the destination, and in short, it will be a wastage of time. Similarly, if you do not care about any particular species, then tell the guide any enjoy whatever the guide has in store for you.
  • Bring big lens: Most of the time, simple smartphones or cameras are not enough to capture the vivid natural beauty of landscape and wild animals. Hence it is advised to carry along with you a DSLR camera with at least 200mm lens. The reason being many of the wild animals do not come in close proximity, and it is dangerous too to go very near to them. Hence, the high power lenses will allow you to capture stunning photographs.


Going for a safari ride in Tanzania will give you a bag full of memories to cherish for a lifetime. And further, you will have many stunning images of the wild Tanzanian heritage. The experience of observing the unforeseen wild species and being in the lapse of nature will give you a break from your monotonous life schedule.

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How to Pick the Best Places to Stay in Charleston, SC?

If you have been planning a holiday to Charleston, SC, for quite some time, you might have already picked a place to stay. However, if you haven’t yet completed this mandatory task, you can always find the best places to stay in Charleston, SC, with a bit of research and the internet by your side. Charleston is known for its historical backdrop, and a day’s tour to this city wouldn’t do justice to its rich-backstory and the beautiful landscape.

holiday to Charleston

When at Charleston, you must plan a weekend trip or make it four days if you love what you see. But, first things first, let us help you out with tips to pick the best places to stay in Charleston, SC.

#1 Start Looking Through TripAdvisor

The best place to start when looking for an ideal location is to look through TripAdvisor. This particular website is dedicated to making your trip the best yet with everything from flight tickets to hotel bookings. With this website, you can find quaint Bed and Breakfast or ultramodern hotels as per your requirement. The reviews listed on this website are genuine and provide you a more in-depth insight into the features and services provided by a specific hotel in your choice of city/town. Always look for places that flaunt a certificate of excellence. 

#2 Location of the Hotel

When out on vacation at Charleston, you would surely want to be as close as possible to the best historical sites in this city. The idea is to look for a place that is around a kilometer or so from such places. This allows you easy access to these places with less travel time. Try to keep the distance as minimal as possible. Picking a location closer to the areas of interest might cost you a bit high, but it is merely worth those few extra bucks given the fact that you save so much on travel costs and yes, your precious time. 

#3 Pick Home Rentals or Bed and Breakfast

Another factor you need to remember is the fact that hotels might bring you all that modern-day luxury, there is definitely something cozy and warm about being in a BnB or Home Rental. Not just that, they also help you save a lot on the rent charges while you enjoy a warm welcome with home-cooked food even when you are far from home. Necessarily, it’s like living in the comfort of your own home with a warm welcome provided by the hosts. So, if you want to enjoy this homely feeling, always look for the best places to stay in Charleston, SC, that have been listed as BnBs or Home Rentals. 

#4 Skim Out The Noise

Even if you have to select a place that is located on the outskirts of the city, go for it. Why, you ask? After a long day of exploring places and forcing your legs to cover that extra mile to reach your favorite tourist spot, you will surely need silence and peace to drain out all that exhaustion. When picking the best places to stay in Charleston, SC, keep in mind that a place that doesn’t draw in the city noises will make your holiday much more fun and full of energy. 

#5 Price

Hold on! We haven’t yet talked about the price factor. In terms of bills, you need to be particularly realistic about the budget set for your trip. Try to find a hotel that provides you all the above amenities without making you regret your decision financially. Staying at a beautiful place doesn’t have to mean spending 100s or 1000s of dollars. You could easily find similar facilities at flexible price tags. You might have to skim out something that doesn’t add much value to your trip. However, if it saves you a lot, you can surely live without television or Wi-Fi, especially if you are going to spend a chunk of your day in the city exploring. 


Remember, research is critical to ensure that your stay at Charleston, SC, is as fabulous as you wanted it to be. Check through the online reviews and make sure you visit the Hotel’s official website to know more about the features and services they provide to their guests. Your taste can vary, so the choice boils down to your comfort.