5 Best Shopping Destinations In Mississauga

Best Shopping Destinations In Mississauga

Are you a shopaholic? If yes, then this article is surely a must read for you. Mississauga is home to some great shopping centers. And we present before you a list of top shopping destinations from where you can pick the coolest stuffs during your stay at our furnished rental in Mississauga. Read on to know more…

Square One:

Square One is undoubtedly the epitome of the best shopping experience in Mississauga. The fact that Square One offers plethora of shopping options makes it an exciting destination for the shopaholics. No matter what you look for, it’s a given that you can find it in Square One and it is because of this the tag ‘best shopping centre of Mississauga suites it perfectly.

Square One is located at the Mississauga’s City Centre which makes it quite close to our furnished rental. Hence during a stay at our accommodation, along with our comfy amenities, you can even enjoy an awesome shopping experience in Square One mall. With over 360 stores, the mall has it all to be recognized as Mississauga’s biggest mall.

Dixie Outlet Mall:

Shopping in Dixie Outlet Mall can turn out to be an incredible experience. This mall can turn out to be an ideal choice for the ones who are looking to have some amazing stuffs in a pocket friendly price. Basically Dixie is popular for the great bargains that it offers to its customers.  Though a midsize mall but it surely deserves a mention for its affordable price tags and superb food courts.

Conveniently located right off of the QEW, Dixie Outlet Mall is basically an apt pick when searching for affordable attire. The outlet mall offers array of different stores, many of which especially cater to adults.


If Square one is Mississauga’s biggest indoor shopping centre then Heartland is its biggest outdoor shopping district. You can spot the outlet of almost all the premier brands right here. This upscale shopping district offers a great variety of designer clothes, branded products and services. Heartland is certainly the perfect alternative of Square One Mall in Mississauga.

Erin Mills Town Centre:

Erin Mills Town Centre is one of the best shopping malls in Mississauga. Basically, it is considered as the second largest mall in the city after Square One. This sprawling mall offers wide number of stores for its customers along with some finest eateries and food courts.

Mississauga Flea Market:

Do you love street shopping? Well, then Mississauga Flea market is surely your go-to place. Though it is just a flea market but it certainly has a lot of exciting things to offer to its customers. Whether you are looking for apparels, footwear and jewelry or for that matter fruits, electronics and wares, you can find it all in this flea market with ease. As far as the latest fashion is concerned, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed with its offerings. In fact Shopping in Mississauga Flea Market can get you some great stuff in quite a reasonable price.

You can try out shopping in some or all of these picks next time you are in town. Platinum suites are located in downtown Mississauga and are quite close to some of the best shopping centres that you can find in the city.