5 Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy on Your Moroccan Hiking Trip

Moroccan Hiking Trip

Morocco embraces every bit of its natural bliss, starting from the undulating dunes of the Sahara desert, the balmy coastline, the remote landscapes and mountain escapes to the colourful history and vibrant Berber culture. And while on a Moroccan trip, a visitor will be allured to explore every easy and complex elements of Moroccan adventure to the core.

The activity series include hiking in Morocco, getting lost in the Medinas, exploring Volubilis, enjoying the beach and seafood of Essaouira, visiting Marrakech, day excursions, trekking the unexplored mountains, dipping in the waterfalls, and so much more. Among all these activities, hiking and trekking are the most challenging outdoor pursuits. Therefore, being prepared and planning ahead will help you stay fit, active, safe and healthy during these hiking trips.

Keep a Watch on the Weather

The Atlas Mountain ranges are accessed from spring to early fall. If planning hiking in Morocco’s volcanic range, know that Jebel Sarhro is accessed from December to mid April before the temperature starts to rise and water sources start disappearing. If hiking a higher elevation like Jebel Toubkal is your ultimate plan, do it before the snow melts and this will also require proper winter trekking equipment. The Rif, Anti Atlas, and the Middle Atlas are accessible during all four seasons, though the weather conditions of the Middle Atlas vary broadly during the winters.

Carry Emergency Supplies and First Aid Kit

While on your hiking trip on the Moroccan ranges, if anyone in your group gets injured or hurt, it will be difficult to get immediate medical help. Therefore, carrying with you the basic first aid kit with alcohol swabs, bandages, thread and a needle, scissors, blister kit, latex gloves, painkillers, anti-diarrheal medication and a full course of antibiotics will be quite helpful in the journey. If you plan your trip in winters, then adding some more supplies is suggested that may include instant hand warmers, blood clot trauma pack, emergency water rations, satellite phone, calorie bars, and some heavy-duty bandages.

Sun Protection

Whether its summers or winters, having sunscreen, sunglasses, and UV-blocking chapsticks become mandatory while hiking in Morocco. Make sure you carry it from your home or else pick some from the cities before heading off to the mountains. Carry a thin scarf, which can be wrapped around the head in turban-style to prevent sun exposure as well as the sand storms. Even if you’re trekking on snow-covered ranges, sun protection is necessary. Long sleeves protect you from sun rays reflected by ice as they can cause burns and infections.

Stay Hydrated

When in Morocco, depending on tap water and well water for consumption is quite unsafe. When on short hike trips carry water bottles, whereas for long treks get purification tablets or portable water purification device. On a hiking trip, you need to consume at least a gallon or 4 liters of water every day. In warm weathers, the altitude and distance covered become important factors that increase the water intake to stay hydrated.

Altitude Sickness

Research and studies say that trekkers and hikers experience altitude sickness when mounting up to elevations over 2500 meters. The symptoms are dizziness, appetite loss, headaches, vomiting, nausea and anxiety. Sometimes, uneasy feeling in the chest and breathing problems also add to the symptoms. Prevention is a subject to matter in this case, so take time to adapt to the climatic changes at higher elevations. For instance, before the Jebel Toubkal summit starts, spend a couple of days at lower altitudes or the mountain village of Imlil for acclimatization. Avoid heavy meals, alcohol consumption or overexerting and stay calm. While on the go, if you experience any altitude sickness symptoms, descend to a lower elevation.

When you are new and getting ready for hiking in Morocco mountain ranges, it’s recommended to keep these tips in mind. And along with this, try to be a part of the best tour companies to keep the excitement on the best pace!