7 Travel Tips to Know Before You Arrive in Morocco

travel holidays in Morocco

For an adventure junkie, it is a beautiful dream to explore the fascinating sights of Morocco. The snow-covered Atlas Mountains, the white sandy beaches of Sapphire Ocean, the rising Sahara Desert, are some highly recommended destinations for travellers. Apart from these beautiful destinations, Morocco is also known for its peaceful and moderate atmosphere all throughout the country.

Being a traveller, Morocco is a strange place for you. The culture and diversity of Morocco are different and unique. The entire country is rich in architecture and art. To enjoy the best travel holidays in Morocco, you can go through the below-mentioned points before you arrive.

#1 Cafes are the best place to socialise –

The Northern port city of Tangier has got the popular cafes in the town. Mainly, the two must visit cafes include Cafe Hafa and Cafe Baba. Moroccan men gather here to drink mint tea and to discuss their affairs. In case, you are seeking happening events in Morocco, just walk down to these cafes.

#2 Pay a visit to the traditional mosques –

In Morocco, around 99% of the population is Muslim. There are a number of mosques all throughout the country, and muezzin’s melodic call to Islamic prayer is very common to hear in Morocco. Being a non-Muslim, you can visit the popular Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

#3 Experience multilingual dialects in Morocco –

Arab is the official language of Morocco, but due to different cultures, you may also witness French, Spanish, Berber, and other local dialects. Darija is a very common Moroccan language, spoken on the street.

#4 Don’t miss a chance to enjoy Hammam sessions –

Though there are many posh hotel hammams in Morocco, a visit to public bathhouse is something exceptional. It is not at all weird to be bathed by a complete stranger; rather it is going to be the most memorable experience of your Morocco tour.

#5 Be attentive while moving in the narrow streets –

The small alley markets in Morocco are the home to mule-drivers, hustlers, and hagglers. If you hear ‘Balak’ on the streets, then immediately step aside and avoid the market. Balak basically refers to the heavily laden handcart.

#6 First class train travel is affordable in Morocco –

When you are planning to travel between cities, the easiest way is to travel in trains. Train Company ONCF ensures affordable and quick travelling in Morocco. Pay a bit extra and book tickets in first class.

#7 Moroccan food involves a lot of cumin –

Cumin is one of the important spices in Moroccan cooking. You will find it on every Moroccan table along with chilli and salt. In case, you don’t like cumin, then go for other cuisines.

Best Time for Morocco Travel

Geographically, Morocco is divided into four different regions – Sandy coastlines of the Atlantic sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlas & Riff Mountains, Berber towns & Oases, and the Sahara desert. Because of this varied geography, the best time to travel Morocco also varies with the regions. For Saharan region, you need to avoid travelling in summer, as the temperature is very high. The coastal cities like Rabat & Essaouira are just perfect for summer. Visits to the Atlas Mountains are also avoided in winters because of severe cold. It’s like, the travel holidays in Morocco depends on the region, to which you are travelling. Otherwise, spring is considered as the best time for Morocco travel holidays.

Before planning travel holidays in Morocco, you need to understand the culture of Morocco. It is recommended to discuss the Morocco holiday schedules with a professional travel agent. Make sure, your holiday expenses for Morocco travel, remains within the budget.