8 Significant Qualities that Made a Yoga Guru the Best

Made a Yoga Guru the Best

The popularity of yoga made it the prom queen of the fitness world. Yoga is not just like any other physical activity rather it is a pathfinder of wisdom and eternal peace. Practicing yoga amplified the need for yoga teachers that eventually increased the importance of best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Yoga teacher have a massive impact on their students’ lives! They help their student relax and rejuvenate and push through mental barriers to reach certain heights that the student never knew, existed. After contemplation and research, it was realized that there is no quintessential yoga teacher image, but the presence of significant qualities that can make a person an amazing yoga guru.

Authentic Personality:

An amazing yoga teacher should love, live and inspire yoga with their correct amount of energy and personality. Though both personality and energy vary indifferently, but the spark in them must be enlightening. Some teachers warm your heart with their teachings, while others mold the hardship into pleasure with their sense of humor and light-heartedness. And they need to have the ability to focus, calm, and channelize energy by uplifting the session with their authentic personality.

Ego Deficient:

A yoga session is not just an enhancement of skills of a yoga teacher rather it is an approach to take their students on a supportive journey to experience the positive effects of yoga. During the sessions of best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, the teachers are taught to be patient, ego deficient and happy, so as to share the knowledge and wisdom with their students in a better way.


Flexibility is not just for the body. The authentic and certified yoga teachers adjust their training sessions based on their audience group. They might have a plan, but should be able to alter the plans to cater the need of their audience. An excellent yoga teacher should have an intuitive side to understand, listen and handle the worries of students, even at times when they are not portrayed directly.

Respect and Love for Yoga:

Yoga is all about balancing the mind, soul and body. This holistic approach makes yoga more than just a physical activity. It balances the physical and the esoteric attributes of life. A strong respect and love towards this remarkable art and science will surely prove to be beam of energy in the right direction and inspire the students to understand yoga genuinely.


A yoga session can become boring if it’s more about the lecture and less about the physical activity. A teacher must know the tactics of how to make a session interesting with subtle knowledge on things as well as regulating the right amount of activity. A good teacher should also make their students aware about the transition time between two different postures and the breathing pattern.

The Connectivity:

No matter whether the class consists of 5 students or 50, a great yoga teacher can effectively connect with everyone in the class, even the one in the corner trying to be inconspicuous. Yoga teachers understand the importance of connectivity that is much required to touch the heart of their students.

Voice of Command:

The great yoga gurus have a way with words, which is perhaps the most powerful tool. Directing a group of student confidently, to attain a posture, just by using words, can be challenging enough but performing it smoothly and clearly, to maintain the flow is a trademark of the best guru.


This matters tremendously and after being a part of the best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, it must be reflected in your resume and yoga career to reach the heights the teacher measured. Again, it’s just not about the certificate you have, but steady personal practice can help a teacher tame the good and bad brilliantly. Age is never an important factor but the years of practice and skills make them stand out in their genre.

Now with an amazing stretch of idea regarding the significant qualities of the best yoga guru, you too can differentiate between the yoga teachers and know what makes them special.