About Me

Okay, first things first, let me admit that it is always a hard decision to leave everything and start packing to chase your dreams. Some people will look at you like you have done something horribly wrong. But, you have nothing to fear because you are after all just pursuing your dreams even if that dream is to travel the world and explore new places.

For a first timer, it is always confusing where to start. Sometimes it tends to be overwhelming because you simply don’t where to plan, how to plan your trip, etc. So, here I am helping you out to plan each step of the trip with you even if, you don’t have a single clue about how to make plans.

While you may want your trip to be spontaneous, there is nothing wrong in being informed and take decisions accordingly. On this page you will get a list of different tips, tricks on how to make plans, how to travel cheaper and better.

This site will help you in acquiring all the necessary information that one needs to furnish before embarking on a journey. These tips are categorized and you will find information for both first timers as well as the seasoned travelers. Stay with us so that you always pay less for getting more!

I am Joe Brown, a travel enthusiast, regular blogger, and an ex software professional who just loves to travel around the world. This blog is a place where I like to scribble down my personal musings about my travel experiences to share it with the world. I have been traveling all round the world since 2007 and have had a lot to tell my readers as I went on to make fondling memories and stories along the way.

I decided to share my experiences with the world in hope that others will learn from my mistakes, my impressive decisions, my planning talents and make use of the information in their own lives. I even went on to hope that people will get somewhat inspired from my stories and pursue their dreams of traveling with full vigor as I did. I do hope I am succeeding in the latter!

My first big trip didn’t happen until I was in college. Sure I went out with my parents, but those trips, I would never count them as any real traveling at all. So, it happened that me, and 2 of my friends decided to take a trip to Italy over spring break. And, I got to tell you that, that trip changed my entire life and my perspective towards world.

It was like I suddenly had a pair of colorful glasses fit on my eyes and the world I was seeing through it was completely a new one, different from what I was used to see. We had so much fun exploring the streets and eating our way through the night. The art and rich culture was like a magnet to me. I never felt so happy in my life and that is when I realized how much I loved traveling.

As I came back from the trip and went on with my life, I felt a hole in my heart like it something was amiss. I finished college, took a job with a satisfying paycheck, but was never quite content with my life. Chatting over phone with my same college buddies and relinquishing those beautiful moments I suddenly knew what I was missing in my life. I needed to travel – A lot.

I quit my job; I had saved enough to tide me over for some time. Therefore I packed my bags and started to explore my own backyard first (My beloved America) before embarking on a riveting journey covering the world. There was so much to see and so much to take in that I was overwhelmed at first.

As the emotions sink in, I realized that I had picked up quite a few things from here and there while explored new places, cultures and people. I knew that many people want to travel but can’t do that because they don’t have enough money, or they don’t have a clue about where to start. Therefore I decided to use the most powerful tool today, to start a blog and share my thoughts, my experiences and my knowledge with the people who need it.

What started as a temporary hobby got turned into a full-time thing. I now do blogging for a living and when I am not I am out traveling. I love to share the tips and tricks to travel faster and smarter and this is what my blog is all about.

So, welcome to stick around and know a few things that will help you a lot to travel better.

See you around!

Joe Brown