Advantages of Renting Vacation Apartments in Sitges, Barcelona

Apartments in Sitges

Are you craving a relaxing holiday with your spouse? Or do you like enjoying the beaches with your friends? Sitges is a paradise in the heart of Barcelona, where travelers can unwind and relax and tranquility and serenity near the sea of Mediterranean.

Just 35km away from the southwest of Barcelona, in the loveliest seaside town of Catalunya, Sitges sizzles with mesmerizing beaches, nightlife and enviable clutch of festivals. Numerous events take place in the town: the Sitges International Fantastic Town Festival of Catalonia, Carbnival, the Festa Major, Theatre Festivals, The Barcelona Vintage Car Rally, Harvest Festival and many more. Nowadays, it is a popular destination for gay and lesbian travelers, as it becomes one of the most gay-friendly places in the world. This place is a jewel in Mediterranean. Sitges is definitely a convivial village where all people are welcomed regardless of color, religion and sexual orientation.

Traveling to Sitges is far more conceivable than any other destinations. Its seafront promenade is lined with grand apartments for rent. They offer many of the comforts of home, along with some additional amenities that are suitable for vacation or business traveler. There are two bedrooms and one bedroom flats, to accommodate visitors for longer vacation or one to two day bookings.

Standing near the deepest blue sea, these rental homes adorns a coastal aura from interior to exterior and drag the beauty of sea right in front. The apartments are nestled in ocean beach neighborhood, minimum 1 to 2 km walking distance from nearest beach. These are less expensive more private and offers a high quality accommodation.

Apartments for rent in Sitges – check out the benefits

Spacious & Comfortable:

The rental apartments offer more space and homely comfort unlike any other hotel or villa. They are more like home because, it includes kitchen, dining space, bathroom, balcony, terraces and master bedroom. The extra space gives more room to spend leisure time with family and friends and cook your own meal if you desire.

Impressive Interior & Exterior Details:

Apartment in Sitges boasts about luxury and sophistication from every nook and corner. These are designed keeping visitors convenience and comfort in mind. A constant design flow is maintained from fabrics to furniture, walls to floor and from interior to exterior. It’s worthy to rent for long stays or one-two days break with your family or friends.

Special Accommodation for different age groups:

Holiday in Sitges means fun with family and kids. If children are accompanied by you, then special fun facilities are also arranged by the apartment sites. You can avail park, swimming and playing facilities for families with kids. Additional bedding is also provided for extra members.

Booking for Longer Stays:

Best of apartment rentals lies in longer stays. Those who are on a long term business assignment or a getaway can certainly benefit from extra spaces and home like quality. The extra spaces can provide abundant space to keep their belongings and the kitchen space can save lot of money. You can cook your favorite meal while staying in one of Sitges apartment for rent.


Rental apartments are financially much beneficial than villas and resorts. There is no monthly payment, no utilities charges, maintenance charges or any other tenant/landlord responsibility. Renting an apartment is much cheaper than mortgages. Vacation apartment can be found in wide range of prices ranging from simple to luxurious.

Special Amenities:

Unlike houses, apartments are generally built with specific amenities like pool, gym, convenience stores, food facility and wifi inside the premises or closer to the proximity. You could have access to all facility, any time. Thus, apartment living could be proved to be more convenient living arrangement.


One of the greatest benefit of apartment rental – is their location. Best of Sitges apartments are built nearest to the shopping centers, historical sites, lively bars, restaurants and nightclubs to make it a perfect holiday destination. These apartments are accessible to local tourist destination and popular festivals or carnivals, which makes more unique. People from all around the Spain flock together to celebrate with much enthusiasm.


Apartment rentals assure completes safety to you and your belongings. Apartment complexes invest in overall safety of the residents. This rental homes provides safest location for single women, children, families and elderly.

Overall, Sitges apartments for vacation are perfect for anyone who wants homely accommodation outside. You will meet around native people, eat good food, get along better with you travel companion, sea unusual sights and sleep well. So, whether you are traveling for leisure or business holidays, Sitges apartments may be comfortable and affordable accommodation. Booking one could offer you a more relaxing, enjoyable and easier holiday than you have expected.