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Best Places to Visit in UK – Holiday Destination Guide to Visit in United Kingdom

Travelling is for those who travel for exploring better places rather for passing off their boring time.

A decade ago, travelling to a different nation was something that only riches can afford. However the trend has changed after a decade. Thanks to the advancements in communication and transportation, and overall thanks to internet! Travelling has become much easier these days. With no more restricted within the wallets of riches, every mediocre who has a passion for travelling can trot around the globe these days.

Best Places UK

And if you happen to be one of such travel freaks, here’s a list of all the not-to-miss places at UK.


Needless to add any adjective with it! One of the most overwhelming cities of the world attracting a huge crowd on a daily basis, London has major sights like the famous Tower of London, Cabinet War Rooms, Buckingham Palace, National Gallery and the Tate Modern.


One of the few places, for which UK is infamously famous throughout the world! Located on the bank of River Cam, north to London this has the famous University of Cambridge. Quite a literary place to visit! King’s College Chapel situated here is another tourist landmark famous for its Gothic architecture.

Lake District

Animal lovers this is the biggest surprise you will get in UK. Lake District located in North West England houses the second largest National Park in the UK. You can see lakes, mountains and glacial erosions along with a diverse wildlife.


Explore the vivacity of one of the oldest cities of the UK. Chester is around 2000 years old and lies close to the Wales on the River Dee in Cheshire, England. And what can you expect from an old city? Rich history, a stubborn culture and diverse architecture!


Famous for the football team, Manchester is a down-to-earth place in the world for its sports and arts. Canal Street gay village, Affleck’s Palace are some of the major attractions of this place. This area is well connected by bus and light rail network.


If you have penchant for theatres and live music, Glasgow is the ultimate place to visit! From traditional to trendy, everything is quite diversified here. Victorian Necropolis, Kelvin grove Art Museum and delicious deep fried pizza are some of the best places to visit here.


The shipping hub of UK, Liverpool has another side to it too! The Beatles! Is it required to elaborate more! No, for sure!


The history of England lies in the heart of Birmingham. It began as an Anglo-Saxon village and is one of the highly developed places of UK post Second World War Birmingham’s aesthetic appeal makes it one of the most sought after weekend break destination.


Visit one of the calm, silent yet rugged geographical entities of the world. Cornwall contradicts itself. The rugged peninsular topography contrasts its isolated and serene aura. Golden sand beaches are the special attractions of this place.


Being here, will seem as if you have stepped into the bygone era! Cobblestone streets to the famous Edinburgh castle, everything will seem as if you have accidentally stepped into another parallel world, which some thousands years behind your own. Edinburgh houses nearly 4500 historic buildings and monuments.

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