British Travel Company to Offer World Tour by Train for 53 Dollars

World Tour by Train

Round the clock travel; a term never heard before but not vacuous. Thanks to the British company Great Rail Journey, now travelers can enjoy non-stop, almost two months long journey by train around the world. So if you want to travel the world, here’s your chance.

Scientifically, it takes nearly eight weeks to circumnavigate the world if one travels by train. Great Rail Journey is the first company to offer this one of a kind travel experience.

The ticket for the journey is quite expensive. The ticket comes with with a price tag of $36500. The arrangements would be state of the art. If you are afraid of cheap seats and obnoxious people blabbering around you all the time…well, it’s not going to be like that.

The arrangement would be first class. As a matter of fact, golden age of travel by rail will not be an understatement. The passengers would be taken across three different continents and deliver the travelers a unique experience.

While on the route, travelers could enjoy a great variety of culture and scenic beauty. They could also experience some elite trains such as Venice Simplon Orient-Express, the British Orient Express Pullman and Mongolia’s Tsar’s Gold Private Train.

A representative of Great Rail Journey called Julian Appleyard said, โ€œWe’ve got some pretty long journeys in our portfolio, but we’ve never done the full circumnavigation…โ€ The passengers would have to fly to New York first and then cross the whole of North America in 20 days.

Passengers could gather at Washington DC, Chicago and Denver to board trains for sample rides. Those sample rail rides take them through Royal Gorge route and Durango & Silverton Line of Colorado. There are many other interesting tours packages.

Those packages include trip to exotic locations such as Grand Canyon and a ride to San Francisco on boat. From there, passengers could visit Shanghai by airplane. From then on, passengers would stick to the train journey as they would be taken to Xian in China, from Xian to Beijing, Mongolia and Russia. From Moscow they would head back to London and visit Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Innsbruck and Venice in the middle.

Many are interested in this tour. One person said, โ€œThis is quite clearly the longest and most expensive trip we’ve ever done so it’s going to appeal to the wealthy and, at 53 days, people with time on their hands.โ€

Albeit expensive, the journey would undoubtedly be quite amazing. Now let’s see if other travel agencies also start offering similar tour packages.