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10 Things You Need to Know About Cheaper Bali Destinations

Exploring Bali can be a fascinating adventure that rejuvenates everyone internally. The place has something for everybody. Enjoyed by all age groups, Bali is a destination that is popular for its euphoric and beautiful destinations. Resting in the Indonesian island, Bali is known for magnificent mountains and exquisite beaches and coral reefs. Although there are more than 17000 islands in the Indonesian territory, Bali is one of the most famous islands of Indonesia. It is also popular for its mesmerizing sceneries of rice terraces.

Stepping in for a vacation in Bali carries the essence of the ancient culture known for its warm hospitality. Portraying the ethos of a joyous mind and casting the lively spirit for all the visitors, Bali welcomes everyone warmly. The destination has treasured the art of a serene lifestyle that it unboxes for all the visitors.

Can Bali be visited with budget-friendly plans?

Of course, yes. Bali has numerous destinations that do not require a high budget. Bali is enjoyed among every section of the society as it offers the best goal at the cheapest cost. Not only signifying the fascinating beaches, but Bali also has many destinations that allow everyone to enjoy life according to their taste. One can explore the cheapest Bali destination in today’s time and enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

What do you need to know about the cheaper Bali destinations?

One can go through an unforgettable journey to Bali in the most economical approach. It is thus essential to have a rough idea over the cheapest Bali destinations. Interestingly, the trip to Bali is not about how much you spend but how much you enjoy the

1. Bali Safari and Marine Park

●Bali Safari and Marine Park

While traveling with your family or your kids, the Bali Safari and Marine park can be the place to visit. The destination does not give the feel like a long trip safari but can contextually deliver the best experience in simplicity. One can also enjoy the Marine Park if on a short trip to Bali.

2. Besakih full-day tour

Besakih full-day tour

The Besakih full-day tour is of 10 hours. The destination is enjoyed popularly among the people who are curious about the culture of Bali. Besakih is known for its ancient temples that carry the traditional essence of the historic cultural aspects. One can also witness the folk culture of the place with the most vibrant vibes. It is also possible to watch the beautiful Barong dance. There are other historical places to visit, like the palaces and the villages. Exploring Besakih can be one of the best trips for anyone to visit in Bali. Going for the cheaper Bali destinations, Besakih is known as the mother temple of Bali.

3. Ubud full-day tour

Ubud Full Day Tour

Bali never fails to attract the tourists with its enigmatic destinations that sketch its culture. Ubud is one such place in Bali known for its peaceful places. Being one of the cheaper destinations today, Ubud offers some fascinating destinations like the Monkey Forest and the Ubud Market. These two places are a must if one is planning to visit Bali on a short trip.

Discovering the life of animals with nature, one can experience the natural form of life in the Monkey Forest. Monkeys are known to be traditional creatures that Bali has always respected. So, it becomes a moral obligation for visitors to respect them. The place offers mesmerizing beauty in nature’s lap of serenity and tranquillity.

4. Tanah Lot half day tour

Tanah Lot Half day tour

The Tanah Lot half-day tour is designed for 6 hours. It can be one of the best destinations to visit if one is in Bali on a short trip. One can experience the divinity of the place with the essence of the great mother nature. The Tanah Lot tour gives a unique experience of the sunset that one can add to his beautiful Bali memories. Although the place has terrible weather at times, yet the evenings can be enjoyed in particular days accordingly. This place offers the best view of the sunset with an alluring aura of positivity.

5. Bali Telagah Waja River Rafting

Bali Telagah Waja River Rafting

Bali is not only known as a place of serene and tranquil atmosphere but also welcomes the sporty spirit of the people. Among others, various destinations can be explored as one of the cheaper Bali destinations. Among others, water sports are one thing that the land of Bali offers its visitors with the best experience. The Bali Telagah Waja River Rafting provides an option for fun water sports. It is like an alternative to the usual water sports on the beaches. It is advised for an effective plan if one is interested in water sports.

6. Bali Dolphin tour

Bali Dolphin Tour

Dolphins are known as the most fun-loving creatures. The Bali Dolphin tour is often by the tour agents. The tour agents can be trusted for their expertise in the different tours and its effectiveness in a short trip. If someone is looking for a cheaper Bali destination in today’s time, then the Dolphin tour is a must-have experience. Various dolphin watching sites profoundly attract tourists in Bali.

Also, Lovina Beach offers an excellent experience for Dolphin sightseeing. The Git Git Waterfall is also visited by the people usually after the Lovina Beach trip.

7. Kintamani tour

Kintamani Tour

The Kintamani tour is designed for the visitors for 10hours. The destination presents the splendid panoramic view of the volcano Batur and lake Batur. One can also experience the beauty of the traditional culture and the folk dance of the place with simplicity. The site also offers the divine enigma of the ancient temples and the different rice terraces.

8. Uluwatu half day tour

Uluwatu half day tour

The Uluwatu half-day tour is typically designed for 6 hours. The place is located near the sea, making it a perfect destination for oceanic view. It is one of the cheaper destinations in Bali that renders its visitors amazed by its tranquil environment. The aquatic beauty that one can experience in this place has now become a unique feature for Bali visitors.

9. Bali Elephant ride Uluwatu tour

Bali Elephant Ride Uluwatu Tour

Uluwatu is one of the most famous destinations in Bali for its enchanting trips. One can enjoy the short trip on an elephant to have an unmatched experience of Bali vacation.

Many tour agents have different offers for the Uluwantu’s elephant ride tour. The elephant is the major attraction in this short trip. It is advised to the people to know about the various excursions offered in the package and also decide the best that suits them.

10. Bali Mount Batur trekking

Bali Mount Batur Trekking

It is the best destination for people who love trekking and adventure. The Mount Batur trekking in Bali offers the best experience for adventure lovers. If one is planning for a different way to enjoy the sunrise under the enormous mountain views, then Mount Batur can be the perfect destination.

In Conclusion

Bali offers the best scenic beauty with numerous destinations that can be visited while on short trips or relatively more extended vacations. One can explore the things that you must know about the cheaper Bali destination in the current context. With the mesmerizing culture and the serenity of the place, Bali welcomes everyone with an unparalleled treasurable experience.


Top Ten Popular Destinations for Luxury Beach Holidays for 2020

New Year has already begun and all are in a mood of enjoying the vacations, many people are breaking down the internet to get the idea regarding the top beach destinations in the world to have a luxury vacation.

No doubt, hill stations are exotic, but when it comes to beaches, the vivid imagination enjoying the sunset and exploring the beauty of crystal clear beaches can’t go off the mind.

No matter whether you have enjoyed luxury beach holidays, everyone loves to relax on a white sandy beach and soaking up the sun with their special ones. But selecting the right beach to enjoy your vacation fullest is a difficult task.

Luxury Beach Holidays

In this blog, we have put together the best 11 luxury beaches where you can enjoy your holidays.

Koh Samui

It is one of the most exotic islands in Thailand. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the beach is known for its bright white sand, crystal clear water and many secluded beaches in the proximity. One can immerse in the luxury of sunbathing and sipping cocktails enjoying the serene beauty of nature. Also, visit the enchanting Buddhist temple in the locality and drench out your stress by taking a spa. Further, the budget is also nominal and will not dig a hole in your pockets.


Barbados, an eastern Caribbean island, is renowned for its exotic beaches, unique culture, botanical gardens, and caves. It is popular globally as a classy beach holiday destination. Stroll along the sandy beach sipping the tropical drinks and enjoy the view of waves rolling from the Atlantic Ocean. For the ones who love trekking can hike through the lush vegetation and reach the top of Farley Hills to enjoy the sunrise. The island is also ideal for travelling with family as there are many large villas to rent or A –list hotel to stay.

Riviera Maya: 

The beautiful island located in the Caribbean coastline in Mexico is known for its long beaches, fishing villages, and ancient Mayan ruins. Apart from the exotic beaches, it is also known for its wellness retreats. 


Adorned with beautiful villas and amazing beaches, Antigua is known for its friendly and charming people. The island is blessed with many sandy beaches and coral reefs. One could enjoy snorkeling and relish the beauty of the aquatic marine life. 


The nation of Fiji is made of about 300 islands and is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The beauty of the unspoiled palm-fringed beaches, breathtaking coral reefs, and secluded bays will make your trip worthwhile. The tranquillity of the serene nature will pay off for your long haul flight. Further, after the beach fun is over, one can take out time to explore the rainforest, waterfalls, and abundant wildlife.

The Maldives: 

Located in the Indian Ocean, the tropical paradise nation has about one thousand coral islands. The beautiful country is known for its fine sandy beaches, beautiful reefs, and hospitality. Plenty of water sport games such as snorkeling, diving, boat ride could be enjoyed here.

Sri Lanka: 

It is a large island located just south of India. It is known for its long stretches of coastline and rich habitat. Enjoy the panoramic view of the exotic coastline along with palm trees stretching almost miles. The beautiful sunsets along the azure blue water are breathtaking. Relish the exotic Sri Lankan cuisines and satiate your appetite. Try out the numerous traditional spas and ancient healing therapy and blow out your stress. 

The Azores: 

Located directly West of Portugal in the mid-Atlantic, the Azores offer a dramatic luxury beach destination. The volcanic island in the midst of the sea filled with lush green habitat makes your vacation worthwhile. Further, it is a milder temperate zone with an average temperature of around 20 degrees centigrade. Although the beach paradise has something for everyone, it is most popular amongst the culture seekers, surfers, and outdoor enthusiasts. 

White Beach: Boracay, Philippines:

Boracay” an exotic island in the Philippines, is an ideal beach destination and is known for some of its finest beaches. White beach is one of the most popular beaches in Boracay. The beach looks pristine with its bone-white sand and turquoise blue waters. The warm weather makes taking a bath or dipping your toes in the water simply irresistible. Chill in the water or relax in the shade, sipping a tropical drink. Popular activities would include parasailing, exploring the island on ATV, and island hopping.

Costa Rica: 

It is full of beautiful beaches, but Playa Chiquita, located on the Caribbean coast, tops the list. The soft sand on the beach makes strolling, and enjoying the beach walk easy. The clear water is best for swimming. The island is backed by rain forest, giving it a feel of gem and also space for intimacy. When you are done with the beach, you can also take out time to explore the rich biodiversity of the rainforest.Options are available for hiking, biking and zip-lining. Spiral monkeys are a major attraction in the rainforest and the rich flora and fauna will leave you mesmerized.


This exotic island is known for its breathtaking beaches. Here people come down to relax and take a break from their monotonous lifestyle. One can access Anguilla from a boat from the St. Maarten Island. Further, Shoal Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches, and the best thing about the beach is the bright white sand and crystal clear water. The weather is almost perfect without crowds and pollution. The unspoilt heavenly paradise will give you truly blissful moments. 


Plan a tour to your dream beach destination and get a moment to relax and enjoy the serene beauty of pristine beaches mentioned above. Further, every beach has its own specialty and will give you many blissful memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Enjoy a Komodo Tour with Your Family This Vacation

A vacation planned with your family is truly exciting and amazing, especially if you have a planned a tour to some of the best destinations in the world. A vacation to the beautiful island is truly exciting, especially for the kids. In the list of exotic locations of the world, there are some locations which give you the feel of adventures tours.

Komodo Tour with Your Family

Among all of them, Komodo is one of the beautiful islands, which attracts lots of for tourists around the globe. This island is the first choice as well as the center of attraction for the tourists visiting Indonesia. It is a place which offers the beautiful panorama of nature that you will not find in any parts of the world.

Explore the Exotic Island this Vacation

Komodo island is the pride of Indonesia due to its undistinguished beauty. A tour of the world heritage with your family is going to make your vacation special. A tour to the beautiful place offers you a lot of things like a visit to the national park going on a cruise, visiting another place of historical importance, etc.

It is an island which gives you a lot of options to enjoy your tours and relax at the beach with sand and the sun. Komodo tours offer a lot of package like visiting Pink Beach, Manta Ray Spot, Mawan Island, Gili Laba, Kanawa Island, Padar Island, etc. These places offer unlimited entertainment to tourists to make their vacations memorable. These places have become the most visited destination of Komodo.

Komodo Island Tour Packages

There are a large number of options in the tour packages. It is a terrific all-around tour package which gives all-around adventure to the tourists once you get into the Komodo area of Indonesia. The tourists can spare a couple of days for sightseeing. There are around 40 types of unique boats to travel inside the Komodo National park. With a large number of boats, the tourists can select their boats. This is the best place to visit for people who love adventure.

During Komodo tour, the Komodo National park is composed of more than 20 small and larger islands. As the park is situated in Indonesia Wallacea, it is famous for its marine life. Large parts of the ocean surround all islands. This is a non-fishing zone as well as it attracts a specific type of travelers who are looking for namesake dragons which don’t exist on the planet anymore.The biggest attraction on the Komodo is the beautiful attraction of Flores. There is a small island called Rinca, where there are Komodo dragons which is the best alternative for the crowded Komodo islands. The tourists can find lots of tour operators within and outside the Flores offering tour packages for Komodo and Rinca.

Komodo Islands

After Bali, it is one of the lovely islands. Located in South East Asia, it is one of the places where you can see Komodo dragon. This is one of the creatures, which is the center of attraction for the tourists while you are planning an exotic holiday. It is the land with pure magnificence, and in addition to this, the attraction of the sea makes it the most beautiful place on the planet. According to divers, Komodo island is one of the best places on earth. This is a perfect place for the people who love to have an adventure. The uniqueness of the beaches and numerous options for trekking with beautiful panorama of nature is difficult to find on the planet.

Komodo islands are one of the islands which can be used as one of the most lovely and distinctive islands in the beginning if you are planning to visit Indonesia.

Rinca Islands

During the Komodo tours, the Rinca islands are one of the principal destinations of the Komodo island tour packages. The tourists can trek through the forest and enjoy various types of creatures with a large number of species.

Pink Beach

A vacation is incomplete without a visit to an exotic beach. The presence of the coral & reefs adds a lot to the beauty of the beach. This is known as pink beach due to the presence of the gorgeous spot with white sands of a pink tint and crystal clear water. Apart from this, the water of the lagoons is best for swimming. There are some national places in the Komodo National Park, which you the flexibility to have different types of activities like sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.

It is a lovely place with white sand of a pink tint and an amazing combination of clear water. The addition of lagoons and reefs makes it fantastic for swimming as well as perfect for snorkeling. This is one of the best places for photo lovers. The photographers get lots of lovely places to click photos and make your tour loveable.

Komodo Dragon

According to scientists, the Komodo Dragon is one of the largest and oldest living reptiles on the planet. It can only be seen in the national park of the Komodo. The length of the average dragons is three meters in length with an average weight of 90 Kg. They hunt deer and wild pigs with the help of their strong tail to bring prey on the ground. The dragons can run up to 18 kilometers per hour while they are hunting. The Dragons have an excellent sense of smell once they locate their prey from a distance of several meters. The prey that is not killed immediately will die due to the blood poisoning because of the dragon’s septic saliva. Once you plan to travel to the beautiful islands of the Kodomo, it is one of the best destinations for tourists around the world. The Kodomo tour brings a lot of adventure for the tourists around the globe, apart from the wildlife sanctuary the tourists can also enjoy water sports. Get ready to explore the best place on the planet with the best climate and geographical conditions.  



4 Camping Sites to Add to Your Bucket List

There are a couple of extra fun activities you can engage in, and this depends on your choice. You can either go for social activities like shopping, goingout with friends, or if you prefer the solitary route, you can look for a place of tranquillity and make it your campsite. If you’re into camping and have visited a couple of spots before, you may want to explore other places.  There are plenty of breathtaking campsites you can go to, and some of these amazing spots are located across Australia.

Choose One or Add Them All To Your Bucket List.

A camper’s life is not complete without having a checklist of the campsites you would like to visit next. For a blissful night underneath the stars, here are the four camping sites to add to your bucket list.

Ormiston Gorge

Ormiston Gorge is a well-known location for people who enjoy taking long walks and gazing at the stars. Camping on this site will give you a chance to see a blanket of shooting stars and other constellations as you drift off to sleep in your tent.

Ormiston Gorge is also the place for people who like to swim, as there is a nearby lifelong waterhole located 500 metres away from the Visitor Centre. The water hole is perfect for splashing around, particularly in the warmer months. However, it is important to note that most water holes have very cold temperature and exposure, even during summer, which can lead to hypothermia, so campers must exercise caution when swimming. One must also be aware of rocks and submerged logs.

Ormiston Gorge is situated at Mount Zeil, Northern Territory. The camping site is accessible by way of a secured freeway and it is the hiking trail for areas nine and ten of the Larapinta Trail.

If you are wondering about the ideal time to visit, you don’t have to worry about adjusting your schedule, as the campsite is available all year round. The best time to visit, though, would be during the cooler seasons, from April to October.

Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park is situated at Jervis Bay Territory and this campsite is the definition of relaxation. It is one of Australia’s most incredible parks. Camping here would give you the unforgettable experience of splashing in the crystal clear waters and alluring white sand beaches.

The place also features the exceptional native life. Here, you would be able to explore the Aboriginal heritage of the Booderee, decorated with extensive botanical gardens. In addition, you can enjoy and see the whales put on a spectacular show at Jervis Bay.

The best time to visit  is when the weather is ideal between April to June and August to November.

Mt Field National Park

Mt Field National Park is an hour’s drive away from Hobart through New Norfolk.  It is the home of one of the tallest trees in the world. Prepare to be amazed as these giant trees await you.

The place is considered Tasmania’s first national park where you can find Russell Falls. Russell Falls is a perfect place to relax as well as take memorable photographs. It is Tasmania’s most appealing waterfall and it was even featured on Australia’s first stamp.

There are plenty of beautiful places to uncover in Tasmania’s national parks, not just the famous Russell Falls. There is also the Lady Barron Falls and Horseshoe Falls.

Another thing to consider before you hop on an adventure at the park is bringing reliable portable solar panels for camping just in case your power bank and phones ran out of battery. You can count on solar power to recharge your gadgets. It’s a worthy investment which you can use either at your house or in a camping site.

In terms of the camping facilities, they are accessible near the park entrance, alongside the visitor centre, cafés, and shops. There are also a couple of picnic facilities further down the end of the park. The place is open all year round.

Cape Le Grand National Park

Located at Lucky Bay Road, this campsite is another place for an extremely fun and memorable camping experience. It’s one of Western Australia’s astounding national parks. Just like Booderee National Park, this place also offers breathtaking white sands and blue waters, as well as big granite headlands.

In addition, it’s the home of grey kangaroos, wild flowers, and pygmy possums. Aside from camping, this place is also ideal for beach driving and boating. There are plenty of underwater activities as well, which are the perfect getaway from a stressful city life. The ideal time to visit would be late autumn or summer.

Prepare Your Camping Gears

Going on an adventure at one of these stunning campsites is surely invigorating and will recharge your weary body. It would give you unforgettable moments to treasure with your family and friends.

If you’ve already found the next campsite you would like to explore, be sure to prepare for the big day. For the best camping supplies, OutbaxCamping can supply your needs. Choose from a variety of inflatable mattresses, portable solar panels, sleeping bags, and more.

If you’re running out of time, you don’t have to worry as Outbax also offers a 24-hour dispatch guarantee as well as free shipping. Get your camping gears now and experience a blissful night underneath the stars.

Africa Morocco

Top 6 Must-Visit Destinations for a Day Trip From Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the most wonderful destinations to visit. The place has a lot to offer and can help you have the best time of your life in exploring the magnificent culture of the Moroccan land. It is indeed a captivating city that has innumerable opportunities for travellers. Whether it is Morocco’s countryside, beach resorts or mountain ranges and desert areas, from Marrakech, you can visit the extraordinarily well-connected cities, having the best of everything. Undoubtedly a day trip from Marrakech is an exceptionally adventurous and fun-filled idea for the travel junkies out there.
Morocco has always captured the fascination of travellers. A visit to this country can take you through varied experiences. Considering Marrakech is an extremely popular place, people generally look forward to it for a visit. However, there are several great sites and cities to see in Morocco, which can lend a surreal vibe to your journey on a day trip from Marrakech.

So, here’s find out a perfect day trip from Marrakech:

#1. Essaouira: Hip Town on the Cost

Essaouira Hip Town on the Cost
The amazingly bright and breezy Essaouira, nestled at Morocco’s Atlantic coast, is an enthralling and laid-back alternative to the frenzied vibes of Marrakesh. It’s a dream location for the painters for its vibrant blue-and-white “medina”, covered by sand-coloured ramparts and imposing stone gates. The place is a melting pot of diversified culture and that is what makes it enormously interesting for the travellers. A day trip from Marrakech to Essaouira can indeed fill you with immense joy and excitement. Essaouira, a charming port and resort town on the Atlantic Ocean can take you beyond the beaches and relax your senses like no other.

#2. IMLIL: A Beautiful Quaint Village

Imlil is located in the Toubkal National Park and for those who want to climb Mount Toukbal, the highest peak in North Africa, consider this as the main starting point without a doubt. In case, if you’re not up for a challenging trek, this small village of Imlil can offer you an alternative source of fun by delivering insight into Berber culture. No doubt, this is a place that should be the part of your Moroccan itinerary. And with a day trip from Marrakech, you can explore this gorgeous place in the best possible manner.

#3. Ouzoud Waterfalls: A Spectacular Sight

Ouzoud Waterfalls
Located high in the Atlas Mountains, The Ouzoud falls are one of the most popular destinations for day-trippers from Marrakech. A visit to this place will leave you in absolute awe. It is Morocco’s one of the best natural wonders which worth all your time. So, whilst you are on a day’s trip from Marrakech, do not miss out on the glory of Ouzoud waterfalls.

#4. Agafay Desert: A Stunning Alternative to the Sahara Desert

Agafay Desert
A lot of people come to Morocco with a dream of spending a night in Sahara Desert Camp. However, it’s not always a possibility. Requiring at least three days out of your itinerary, the idea of Sahara desert at times fail to materialise. Nevertheless, with Agafay desert, you can fulfil your desire of having a desert experience. While you won’t find the golden, rolling sand dunes here, considering it is a stone desert. You can still have an exciting secluded desert experience along with a stunning view of the High Atlas Mountains. Plus, you can easily plan it on a day trip from Marrakech.

#5. Aït Benhaddou and Ouarzazate

Aït Benhaddou and Ouarzazate
By crossing the Tizi n’ Tichka mountain pass, your drive from Marrakech to Ouarzazate will be simply spectacular. It is surely worth escaping Marrakech for the day – ending at Ait Benhaddou (famous for Gladiator and Game of Thrones) is the icing on the cake, especially if you can be there at sunset.

#6. OURIKA Vally

Ourika Valley is the most wonderful location for locals to go and cool off in the sweltering heat of summer. Home to Siti Fatma, a bustling village with riverside restaurants and amazing views, it has gained immense popularity over the last few years. Tourists keen for the respite from the height of summer in Morocco find this place an absolutely apt destination to visit. With just an hour distance from Marrakech, it can be covered in a day trip. Moreover, Setti Fatma (the seven waterfalls) is an easy hike from the centre of the village, thus you can enjoy an incredible hiking experience.

A day trip from Marrakech can truly deliver a fulfilling experience. Pack your bags and get to witness some of the stunning locations that are close enough to the city.

Europe Travel Tips

Tips for Travelling to Italy

Italy is a country rich in a tapestry of beautiful landscapes, art and cultural heritage. It has something to mesmerize even the most seasoned travellers. The country is a big draw for those who are in love with amazing natural beauty as well as art connoisseurs. Italian food is also popular across the globe. If you have any plan to visit Italy and explore the country at its fullest, here are few simple tips to follow:

General Tips

  • There are several tourist attractions, especially museums, that don’t allow photography.
  • Italians are not very conservative when it comes to dressing codes. However, avoid wearing beachwear, bikinis, skimpy outfits or short skirts while walking around in towns.
  • European and American DVDs use different formats which are less likely to work in Italy. However, that problem has been overcome to some extent by the increased use of Multi-Region DVDs.
  • Exchange or return of items, even defective goods, is not usual in Italian shops. So always check things before paying for them.
  • Some dress material stores don’t have trial rooms.
  • Topless sunbathing is a common sight on central as well as northern beaches. However, it is not allowed in more conservative southern regions of the country.
  • In a very few restaurants, there are arrangements for wheelchair access to bathrooms. Elevators and ramps are rarely found in old buildings. Buses rarely feature wheelchair compatibility.
  • Most of the hotels in Italy don’t have video games or pools. Virtually no program is telecast in English on radio or TV.

Tips for Health Care & Safety

  • Wine and olive oil are very common to Italian recipes. These ingredients are natural laxatives which may cause problems if you have a sensitive stomach.
  • Pick up most commonly used Italian words like AIUTO which means HELP. If you are in problem, yell out AIUTO to the passers-by for some help.
  • Use of bottled water is very good for your health as tapped water often contains a high percentage of chlorine.
  • A heinous crime like rape or murder is not very common in this European country. However, you must be aware of pick-pocketing in towns or big cities as these incidents are not rare.

Tips for Eating out

  • Italians usually don’t make any special request while eating out; instead, take their food according to the listing.
  • Ask for a check instead of waiting for it.
  • Usually a ‘Servizio’ charge is included in to-be-paid figure; still, a small tip is a part of courtesy while eating out.
  • Breakfast time is between 7 and 10.30 am whereas lunch and dinner time is from 12:30-2: 30 pm and 7:30-10pm respectively.
  • Alcohol is not forbidden in the country and you are allowed to buy it any day or any time.
  • There is no age bar for taking hard drinks.

There are several others of tips but these are only basic ones. Following them will save you from troubles and also make your Italy trip most wonderful.


10 Most Popular Places to See in the “Land of the Rising Sun” – Japan

Japan, also known as “Land of the Rising Sun,” is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. It has beautiful temples, buildings and architectural renaissances to see. The place is blessed with scenic landscapes, vibrant flora and fauna and exotic architectures to add more beauty to it. From spots to travel, food to adventure, there are several things to do in Japan.

With every trip, visitors can find an emerging Japanese history and culture with a glimpse of future technological developments in coming years. In addition to that, the lowest crime rates and favorable weather condition makes it an ideal travel destination for vacationers, holiday-goers and tourists from all around the world. Take an overview of Japan Tourist attractions list from below –

10. Hiroshima Peace Memorial


The Hiroshima Peace Memorial or the Atomic Bomb Dome is a symbol of peace in Japan. It is a tribute to the lives after the infamous atomic bomb attack by US forces on August 6, 1945. The place is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Sites for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Standing near the Aioi Bridge, this building is the only construction left after the atomic attack. It’s deliberately a harsh reminder of the importance of human life and honor of the victims to remember them forever. If someone thinks of Japan attractions must see things, then this place holds tenth in the position.

9. Jigokudani Monkey Park


Jigokudani Monkey Park is a popular tourist destination among few common things to do in Japan. This is a famous hot spring surrounded by cliffs and formidably cold forest all around where snow monkeys descend from higher cliffs to bath in winter months. The word Jigokudani in the name means “Hell’s Valley” due to its steamy and boiling water that bubbles out of small crevices in the frozen ground of Yokoyu river valley. It is situated in Yamanouchi, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture, and comes under the famous Joshinetsu Kogen National Park.

8. Kiyomizu-dera


The Kiyomizu-dera or Pure Water temple is one of Japan’s must-see attractions. It has an independent Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto with beautiful Ottawa waterfall in the wooded hills and derives its’ name from there. It was founded in 778 by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro as Japan’s best Buddhism learning and later the temple was added to UNESCO world heritage sites. Kiyomizu-dera has beautiful wooden architecture, 13 metres above the hillside providing visitors a nice view of maple forests and cherry trees all around. Visitors can witness the beautiful architecture, artwork, shrines and talisman in the temple.

7. Himeji Castle


The Himeji Castle, also known as Shirasagjio (the White Heron Castle) is an elegantly designed castle standing in the city of Himeji in Hyōgo Prefecture of Japan. It is regarded as the finest surviving example of prototypical Japanese Castle architecture with a network of 83 buildings. Every building featuring advanced defensive system from the feudal period for ultimate safety and security. It has a brilliant white exterior that looks like a bird taking flight, earning the castle the beautiful name “white egret castle”. The place witnesses maximum number of visitors during the short and blossoming season, golden week and summer holidays. The Himeji Castle ranks among top in Japan Tourist Attraction lists.

6. Great Buddha of Kamakura


The Great Buddha of Kamakura is one of Japan attractions must see things. It has an 11.4 metres high bronze statue of Amida Buddha on the land of Kotokuin Temple, situated in Kamakura City. It is the second tallest bronze statue in Japan after the famous Nara statue in Todaiji Temple. The monument dates back to 1252, and originally located inside a large temple hall with gold coverings. However, the temple was destroyed due to some natural cause such as typhoons, hurricanes and tidal waves in 14th to the 15th century. Since then the Buddha is kept in the open air. One of the most unique aspects of this temple is its hollow structure; visitors can literally go inside the sacred monument and witness the amazing work of ancient artisans.

5. Todaiji Temple


Todaiji, also known as the Great Eastern Temple, is one of Japan’s most famous wooden temples in Nara. It was constructed in year 752. There were several provincial Buddhist temples in Japan, among them Todaiji was remarked as the head one. The temple is 48m (157 foot)-high consisting of a large hall with the sacred Buddhist bronze statue inside the temple. This is the one of world largest wooden building and world’s oldest gilded bronze Buddha which is 16 m high and 500 ton in weight. The exterior is surrounded by beautiful gardens and wildlife making it an ideal place to explore and tank among top ten Japan tourist attractions list. Visitors can see deer roaming around freely, as they are considered as messengers of Shinto Gods.

4. Tokyo Tower


The Tokyo Tower is an example of modern architecture and advanced technology. It is the world’s tallest human-made, self-supported steel tower with 333-metre height in the center of Tokyo city. It is a replica of Eiffel tower and a symbol of Japan’s re-births as a major economic power in the world. It serves as a communication and observation tower in the city and attracts maximum tourists from all around the year. There is a four storey building called as “Foot Town” which houses museums, restaurants and shops. The tower’s central location offers a bird’s eye view of Tokyo and the surrounding areas. A tour to Tokyo Towers is one of the best things to do in Japan.

3. Tokyo Imperial Palace


The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the home to Japan’s Imperial Family. It is standing on the old Edo Castle, which is a large park area surrounded by moats and massive walls in the center of eth Tokyo. It has a main building, where the imperial family lives and stay, an archive museum and the administrative office. The castle was destroyed during the world war two and rebuilt the same style afterward. The new place incorporates beautifully handcrafted artifacts from different eras and big hall rooms for wedding reception and functions. The Tokyo Imperial Palace is an incredible testament to Japanese art and history. So, it’s a Japan attraction must see places on your bucket list.

2. Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji is world’s 7th highest peak of an island; it is the highest mountain peak in Honshu, Japan ranging across 3,776 meters (12,388 ft) and the second highest peak of a volcanic island in Asia continent. It is a chain of three holy mountains Mount Tate and Mount Haku which offers visitors a scenic and historical site. It was listed in World Heritage Sites on June 22, 2013, and famous attractions for mountain hikers and adventure seekers. According to studies, more than 20,000 people climb the Mount Fuji every year and almost 30 percent of them are only foreigners. For professionals, it takes only three hours to ascent and two to five hours to descent from the mountain.

Mount Fuji is a perfectly shaped volcanic mountain which was last erupted in 1707. Since the mountain is sacred and experience huge popularity among artists and common people throughout the world. It’s one of the top-ranked Japan tourist attractions list till date and will be forever.

1. Golden Pavilion


The temple of the golden pavilion or say Kinkaku-ji is a Zen temple in northern Kyoto. It ranks top in Japan attraction must see places, attracting thousands of visitors annually. It belongs to powerful statesmen Sainoji Kinstune in the 14th century and then converted to a Zen temple after his death. But, unfortunately, the pavilion was burnt down by a young monk in the year 1950, as he was utterly obsessed with it. The bulding was reconstructed after five years in exact shape and details. The top two storeys are covered with pure gold with different chambers, standing upright on a beautiful pond which highlights its reflection on the pond and the pond’s reflection on the building.


These are top 10 tourist’s places to visit in Japan. If you are planning for a trip to this country, do not forget to mention these ten best places in Japan Tourist attractions list. Doing prior planning can help with money and time-saving.


A holiday trip to Japan can be exciting if you have the right place, right bookings and proper budget in hand. No need to spend additional expenses on guide bookings and other things to do in Japan. Collect sufficient information from best travel sites to cut-down cost on travel expenses. Read updated blogs and articles to make an informed decision. Remember, It’s always better to be wise than to regret later!


Top 10 Trekking Destinations in the World

Trekking is a great way to experience some of the world’s finest landscapes and panoramas. A way of not just admiring the natural world but seeing, hearing, and feeling all it has to offer trekking embraces the joy of being in the great outdoors and amid the spectacular sights and cultures of some of the world’s most pristine environments. Below you’ll get insights on the top 10 trekking destinations the world has to offer, including detailed facts:

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

There is perhaps no greater trekking destination in the world than Everest Base Camp. Following in the footsteps of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, the first men to summit the world’s highest mountain, a path leads 92 kilometres from an airstrip at Lukla to the tents of the base camp. Starting through an area of cultivation dotted with villages, the low-lying vegetation gives way to slowly-rising mountain paths. The star of the show is Kala Patthar, which offers unbeatable views of the roof of the world.

  • Trek Difficulty: Medium
  • Trek Duration: 12 days
  • Remoteness: You will pass some towns and villages
  • Maximum Altitude: 5,545 m
  • Best Season: March to May and October to November
  • Start / End Locations: Lukla
  • Permit required: Trekkers Information Management System, Sagarmatha National Park entry permits
  • Physical fitness: Average

If you’re looking for a trek to Everest Base Camp, we suggest that you check some of the tours and trekking packages in Nepal that Bookmundi has on offer.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru

One of the world’s most famous treks, the Inca Trail leads to the magical mountain citadel of Machu Picchu, rediscovered in the jungle just a century ago. Combining the highlights of the ‘Sacred Valley’ with an unforgettable trek along an iconic trail, the Inca Trail’s four day, 44 km hike begins on the valley floor and rises along isolated high mountain passes, through cloud forest and jungle, to the Sun Gate for views over the city’s ruins as the sun rises on the final day of the trek.

  • Trek Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
  • Trek Duration: 4 days
  • Remoteness: There are few human habitations on route
  • Maximum Altitude: 4,200 m
  • Best Season: July to October
  • Start / End Locations: Sacred Valley’s Km 82 / Sun Gate
  • Permit required: Yes – limited to 500 trekkers per day
  • Physical fitness: Average

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Africa’s highest mountain and the world’s tallest free-standing peak, the elegant equatorial snow-clad summit of Kilimanjaro towers majestically over the East African plains from within Kilimanjaro National Park. Though there are several different options when it comes to routes, the most scenic is thought to be the 62 km Kilimanjaro Machame route. Also the route with the highest success rate, it passes through mountain forest and heather before reaching the South Icefield. It ends at the tallest of the mountain’s three peaks, Uhuru.

  • Trek Difficulty: Moderate
  • Trek Duration: 5 – 6 days
  • Remoteness: In safari country, there are a number of nearby lodges
  • Maximum Altitude: 5,895 m
  • Best Season: June to October
  • Start / End Locations: Machame Gate / Mweka Gate, both near Moshi and Arusha
  • Permit required: Entry permit into Kilimanjaro National Park
  • Physical fitness: Moderate

Torres del Paine ‘O’ Circuit Trek, Chile

The breathtaking panoramas of Chilean Patagonia can be viewed on the ‘O’ circuit trek which runs around the mountain range of Torres del Paine. The circular route takes in the Pampas of the range’s east side, together with its emerald-green forests, hundreds of rivers, and of course, the mile high pinnacles that give the range its name. Dramatic, raw and ripe for adventure, this is Latin America at its most astounding.

  • Trek Difficulty: Difficult
  • Trek Duration: 10 days
  • Remoteness: Extreme – you’ll need a tent and manage your own food
  • Maximum Altitude: 1,200 m
  • Best Season: December to March
  • Start / End Locations: Refugio las Torres
  • Permit required: Yes, available at the entrance to National Park so long as you have camping reservations in place
  • Physical fitness: High

Tour du Mont Blanc, Europe

A hiking trail of epic proportions, circling the rugged crests of the mighty Mont Blanc massif (though not the highest mountain in the Alps itself), the Tour du Mont Blanc covers roughly 170 km and includes gains of 10,000 m (higher than the summit of Everest) in ascents and descents. It includes sections in France, Italy, and Switzerland, connecting villages famed for their alpine beauty such as Courmayeur and Chamonix by ancient mule trails through high passes.

  • Trek Difficulty: Moderate
  • Trek Duration: 7 days
  • Remoteness: Never more than a few hours walk from a village or hamlet
  • Maximum Altitude: 2,532 m
  • Best Season: June to September
  • Start / End Locations: Les Houches
  • Permit required: None
  • Physical fitness: Moderate

Camino de Santiago, Spain

Also known as the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage trail, this ancient 800 km trek leads to the tomb of Saint James in Santiago where his remains have been enshrined since his martyrdom in 44 AD. Starting in France, the route crosses the Pyrenees into northern Spain. Continuing across the Meseta (Spain’s central plateau), the trail embraces a multitude of landscapes, from deserted hills to the green scenes around Galicia.

  • Trek Difficulty: Moderate
  • Trek Duration: Around 30 days
  • Remoteness: The camino welcomes 300,000 trekkers each year
  • Maximum Altitude: 1,515 m
  • Best Season: May to August
  • Start / End Locations: St Jean Pied de Port (France) / Santiago
  • Permit required: None
  • Physical fitness: Moderate

The Snowman Trek, Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan remains an authentic Himalayan experience where you’ll encounter few other hikers. Also a real physical challenge, the Snowman Trek is a serious undertaking widely regarded as one of the hardest in the world. That said, it is surely also one of the most spectacular, heading towards Tibet along the spine of the Himalayan mountains to the wild and uninhabited regions of Laya and Lunana.

  • Trek Difficulty: Difficult
  • Trek Duration: 30 days
  • Remoteness: Extreme – with 25 days camping
  • Maximum Altitude: 5,300 m
  • Best Season: May to September
  • Start / End Locations: Paro / Sephu
  • Permit required: None
  • Physical fitness: High level of fitness and stamina required

Fann Mountains, Tajikistan

Situated in the west of the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan in central Asia, the Fann Mountains are probably not high on your trekking bucket list destinations, but they should be. The highlight of the region is perhaps the trek along the narrow roads that edge the seven lakes. Home to beautiful vistas and incredible levels of local hospitality, they are the perfect destination in which to combine a hike with total cultural immersion.

  • Trek Difficulty: Easy
  • Trek Duration: 3 days
  • Remoteness: Medium
  • Maximum Altitude: 2,400 m
  • Best Season: May to October
  • Start / End Locations: Rachnapollon / Padrut
  • Permit required: None
  • Physical fitness: Average

Southern Alps, New Zealand

Their very name says what you can expect from the Southern Alps – sublime snow-crested peaks, glaciers, turquoise lakes, and golden alpine hills. The practice ground for Edmund Hillary’s attempt on Everest, trekkers follow trails right across New Zealand’s Southern Island; taking in beautiful panoramic views of Aoraki/Mount Cook, the country’s highest peak, and the famed Tasman Glacier as they do so.

  • Trek Difficulty: High
  • Trek Duration: 10 days
  • Remoteness: Nights need to be spent in mountain huts
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,002 m
  • Best Season: November to March
  • Start / End Locations: Christchurch / Queenstown
  • Permit required: None
  • Physical fitness: Above average

Knuckles Range, Sri Lanka

Named after their likeness to a clenched fist, the Knuckles Range in central Sri Lanka offers the country’s finest trekking opportunities. Home to rural villages and endemic wildlife that include the monkey and rare deer, the rugged terrain of Corbett’s Gap Viewpoint track cuts through pristine forest and verdant plateaus. Winding your way across grassland, you’ll then enter a cloud forest to reach Leopard Rock and its stunning panoramic vistas over the endless canopy of trees.

  • Trek Difficulty: Easy
  • Trek Duration: 1 day
  • Remoteness: None
  • Maximum Altitude: 1,127 m
  • Best Season: March to April, June to August
  • Start / End Locations: Kandy
  • Permit required: None
  • Physical fitness: Moderate

Trekking is a fantastic way to explore the world whether you have one day or one month to spare. For our list of the top 10 trekking destinations in the world, we’ve scoured the globe to find the very best destinations for those who have their heart set on a magical journey by foot whatever your experience or fitness level.

Destinations How To Plan A Trip

What to Do in Iceland in June – Iceland Holidays

What to Do in Iceland in June

June is the best time to visit Iceland for many excellent reasons. The weather is just fantastic, you can enjoy bright daylight 24/7, and it’s the month of their Independence Day. June is the best time you can visit many places in Iceland as well as take part in various activities along with the locals.

June is the official summer month of Iceland. It’s not very warm in the summer as compared to the others places, but for the Icelanders, it is one of the most cherished things to have – no rain, long days, no wind and they can be out and about as much as they want. If you are planning a visit to Iceland, consider the months of June, July, and August as the best ones.

Iceland in June will offer you a mix of everything from warm, bright days to chilly breeze in case you are visiting the countryside. So pack your t-shirts and shorts and some warm clothes and get ready to enjoy the best of Iceland.

Here are some of the things you can do while you are in Iceland in June:

Enjoy the Midnight Sun

Enjoy the Midnight Sun

During the summer one of the most amazing things happens in Iceland – Midnight sun. You can enjoy 24/7 bright day during the month of June in Iceland. Due to northern altitude the sun never really sets in Iceland in the summer. This means you can enjoy the sun even in the night. The sun touches merely the surface of the water in the Horizon and comes up again. This is one of the most beautiful things you will see in Iceland.

Watch the Whales

Watch the Whales

Although whales can be spotted all year round in Iceland, summer is the best time to see them in their natural habitat. If you have signed up for Iceland vacation packages, then it must include a visit to look at the whales’ species like the Minke, Humpback, Blue whale and more. The summertime offers the maximum chance to spot one of these beautiful creatures.

Natural Hot Springs

Natural Hot Springs

Natural hot springs are some of the best parts of the Iceland vacation packages. They are a vision to die for. You will find these beautiful natural hot springs scattered around the country. The Blue Lagoon is the most famous hot spring in Iceland. Hot springs are some of the top favorites of the visitors.

Hiking in Iceland

Hiking in Iceland

Hiking in Iceland is very rewarding. The summers are the best time for hiking. People take Iceland breaks, especially the frequent travelers to visit around the country. You will find many hiking routes that not only provides adventurous hiking, but the breathtaking views will also amaze you.

Watch the Sea Puffins

Watch the Sea Puffins

As if the breathtaking and stunning natural views weren’t enough, you have the chance to see Sea Puffins, a species of Seabirds that come in Aprill and stay till August. Birdwatchers will fall in love with these beautiful creatures. For the Iceland holidays 2018, visit the country in June and let your eyes feast on these beautiful bird creatures. It’s very soothing.

The Highlanders

Landmannalaugar in the south and Kerlingarfjöll

Another great addition to the list of where to go in Iceland is the Highlands. During the summer months, some of the Highlands are open for the visitors. The rugged interiors and colorful mountains are something you don’t want to miss. Some of the best Highlands to visit are Landmannalaugar in the south and Kerlingarfjöll in the central highlands, the geothermal crater lake Víti in Askja Caldera in the northeast. There are many more of them. Sign up for travel packages that include all the magnificent highlands if you are just crazy about visiting the place.

Take a ride on the Ponies

Take a ride on the Ponies

Iceland will never stop surprising you. Apart from all the natural beauties and natural sceneries, it has some of the beautiful looking Iceland ponies for you. Furry and cute, these Icelandic horses are perfect for a ride around the place. Horseback riding in the natural terrains of Iceland is the fun activity you don’t want to miss. They are included in most of the Iceland holiday deals, so make sure you don’t miss out on a beautiful ride.

Go Snowmobiling

Go Snowmobiling

Glaciers are very common in Iceland. Some of the massive glaciers are protected in the National Parks. The best thing about Iceland is that you can go snowmobiling any time of the year even in June as the glaciers are always there. Snowmobiling tours are available from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

It’s Picnic anytime, anywhere

Reykjavik is a small city and you can explore some of the best parts by walk or by riding the bike around the city. And, if you get tired, you can find a spot anywhere and have a picnic in the middle of nowhere. Just pack some snacks and drinks, and you are ready to enjoy Iceland while sitting and munching foods. You will find plenty of vacationers like you in the city, so don’t worry no one is going to judge you. Not just that, Reykjavik breaks packages will take you to the different parts of the city and witness a whole new world here.

Where to go in Iceland is something you may ask when you are planning a vacation in this beautiful country. These are some of the things you can do while you are there, especially in June. June is the summer time and considered as the best time to enjoy some of the best things about Iceland. Iceland Holidays has the perfect vacation packages for you. Let us help you design your holiday to Iceland.



7 Must Places to Visit in a Private Morocco Tour

Morocco is a North-African country, which transcends you a lifestyle and culture that can rarely be experienced in any other nation. There are a lot of reasons to visit and explore Morocco, once in a lifetime. Rich culture, lovely people, spellbinding landscapes, exotic food, bustling nightlife, and unlimited shopping avenues are the main attractions of Morocco.

It is recommended to visit Morocco anytime between March to May. The climate is all good in this period, and you can explore the beauty of Morocco without any weather interruptions. When you are planning for private tours in Morocco, it is very important to understand Morocco’s geography first. If you are planning your first trip, then doing good research can greatly help you in exploring Morocco.

Below here, we have discussed some amazing places to visit in Morocco. Don’t be confused; Know exactly where you are heading and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Morocco.



Marrakech is a bustling city located in the foothills of Atlas Mountains. This place is highly popular for its mix culture and red old architecture. When you are in the city, don’t hesitate to visit the Koutoubia Mosque. Go for a fancy dinner to Hotel La Masion Arabe and then enjoy street shopping in the bazaars of Djemma El-Fna.


atlas film studio

Ouarzazate gives a perfect feel of the classic desert, which are shown in Hollywood movies. Many Hollywood movies have been filmed in this city, and thus there is a popular Cinema Museum here. You can visit the Atlas Film Studios, where movies like Kingdom of Heaven and Cleopatra were shot.


Casablanca TramwayCasablanca is an ideal representation of modernity in Moroccan style. For a better view of the city, you can go to Casablanca Twin Centre. You can also visit the King’s palace to admire the Islamic architectural masterpiece. Don’t forget to enjoy a ride in Casablanca Tramway.


Rabat is a must place to visit during private tours in Morocco. It is the capital city of Morocco and is very popular for its tranquil beaches. Apart from beaches, there are beautiful museums and palaces in Rabat. Kasbah of the Udayas is one of the popular attractions in Rabat. You can also take a tour of Hassan tower and Chellah.

Sahara Desert

How can you miss the Sahara Desert, when you are on a Private Morocco tour? The Sahara Desert gives you scenic views of sunset over the dunes and a dark sky full of bright stars. Some popular attractions to explore in the Sahara Desert are Merzouga and Draa Valley. For adventure excitements, try the camel caravans in the desert.


Chefchaouen is popularly known as the blue city of Morocco. The houses here are painted with blue and white, which gives a colorful touch to the entire city. You can enjoy wild swimming and hiking in the surrounding countryside and can also soak in the Ras El Maa waterfalls.



Are you a Game of Thrones fan? You must be happy to know that, the 3rd season of Game of Thrones was shot in Essaouira. This small city is far away from the big city’s lifestyle and heat. Here, you can find many hangout places along the beaches, which are fascinating. Walk along the medina to witness to gorgeous views of Atlantic Ocean.

These are the seven best places to visit in Morocco, when you are on a private tour. Talk to your travel agent today and customize your itineraries for private tours in Morocco. Make sure, you have got enough number of days to explore the beauty and attractions of Morocco.

Hire a professional travel agent and plan your private Morocco tour in the best possible way.