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Top 6 Must-Visit Destinations for a Day Trip From Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the most wonderful destinations to visit. The place has a lot to offer and can help you have the best time of your life in exploring the magnificent culture of the Moroccan land. It is indeed a captivating city that has innumerable opportunities for travellers. Whether it is Morocco’s countryside, beach resorts or mountain ranges and desert areas, from Marrakech, you can visit the extraordinarily well-connected cities, having the best of everything. Undoubtedly a day trip from Marrakech is an exceptionally adventurous and fun-filled idea for the travel junkies out there.
Morocco has always captured the fascination of travellers. A visit to this country can take you through varied experiences. Considering Marrakech is an extremely popular place, people generally look forward to it for a visit. However, there are several great sites and cities to see in Morocco, which can lend a surreal vibe to your journey on a day trip from Marrakech.

So, here’s find out a perfect day trip from Marrakech:

#1. Essaouira: Hip Town on the Cost

Essaouira Hip Town on the Cost
The amazingly bright and breezy Essaouira, nestled at Morocco’s Atlantic coast, is an enthralling and laid-back alternative to the frenzied vibes of Marrakesh. It’s a dream location for the painters for its vibrant blue-and-white “medina”, covered by sand-coloured ramparts and imposing stone gates. The place is a melting pot of diversified culture and that is what makes it enormously interesting for the travellers. A day trip from Marrakech to Essaouira can indeed fill you with immense joy and excitement. Essaouira, a charming port and resort town on the Atlantic Ocean can take you beyond the beaches and relax your senses like no other.

#2. IMLIL: A Beautiful Quaint Village

Imlil is located in the Toubkal National Park and for those who want to climb Mount Toukbal, the highest peak in North Africa, consider this as the main starting point without a doubt. In case, if you’re not up for a challenging trek, this small village of Imlil can offer you an alternative source of fun by delivering insight into Berber culture. No doubt, this is a place that should be the part of your Moroccan itinerary. And with a day trip from Marrakech, you can explore this gorgeous place in the best possible manner.

#3. Ouzoud Waterfalls: A Spectacular Sight

Ouzoud Waterfalls
Located high in the Atlas Mountains, The Ouzoud falls are one of the most popular destinations for day-trippers from Marrakech. A visit to this place will leave you in absolute awe. It is Morocco’s one of the best natural wonders which worth all your time. So, whilst you are on a day’s trip from Marrakech, do not miss out on the glory of Ouzoud waterfalls.

#4. Agafay Desert: A Stunning Alternative to the Sahara Desert

Agafay Desert
A lot of people come to Morocco with a dream of spending a night in Sahara Desert Camp. However, it’s not always a possibility. Requiring at least three days out of your itinerary, the idea of Sahara desert at times fail to materialise. Nevertheless, with Agafay desert, you can fulfil your desire of having a desert experience. While you won’t find the golden, rolling sand dunes here, considering it is a stone desert. You can still have an exciting secluded desert experience along with a stunning view of the High Atlas Mountains. Plus, you can easily plan it on a day trip from Marrakech.

#5. Aït Benhaddou and Ouarzazate

Aït Benhaddou and Ouarzazate
By crossing the Tizi n’ Tichka mountain pass, your drive from Marrakech to Ouarzazate will be simply spectacular. It is surely worth escaping Marrakech for the day – ending at Ait Benhaddou (famous for Gladiator and Game of Thrones) is the icing on the cake, especially if you can be there at sunset.

#6. OURIKA Vally

Ourika Valley is the most wonderful location for locals to go and cool off in the sweltering heat of summer. Home to Siti Fatma, a bustling village with riverside restaurants and amazing views, it has gained immense popularity over the last few years. Tourists keen for the respite from the height of summer in Morocco find this place an absolutely apt destination to visit. With just an hour distance from Marrakech, it can be covered in a day trip. Moreover, Setti Fatma (the seven waterfalls) is an easy hike from the centre of the village, thus you can enjoy an incredible hiking experience.

A day trip from Marrakech can truly deliver a fulfilling experience. Pack your bags and get to witness some of the stunning locations that are close enough to the city.


7 Must Places to Visit in a Private Morocco Tour

Morocco is a North-African country, which transcends you a lifestyle and culture that can rarely be experienced in any other nation. There are a lot of reasons to visit and explore Morocco, once in a lifetime. Rich culture, lovely people, spellbinding landscapes, exotic food, bustling nightlife, and unlimited shopping avenues are the main attractions of Morocco.

It is recommended to visit Morocco anytime between March to May. The climate is all good in this period, and you can explore the beauty of Morocco without any weather interruptions. When you are planning for private tours in Morocco, it is very important to understand Morocco’s geography first. If you are planning your first trip, then doing good research can greatly help you in exploring Morocco.

Below here, we have discussed some amazing places to visit in Morocco. Don’t be confused; Know exactly where you are heading and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Morocco.



Marrakech is a bustling city located in the foothills of Atlas Mountains. This place is highly popular for its mix culture and red old architecture. When you are in the city, don’t hesitate to visit the Koutoubia Mosque. Go for a fancy dinner to Hotel La Masion Arabe and then enjoy street shopping in the bazaars of Djemma El-Fna.


atlas film studio

Ouarzazate gives a perfect feel of the classic desert, which are shown in Hollywood movies. Many Hollywood movies have been filmed in this city, and thus there is a popular Cinema Museum here. You can visit the Atlas Film Studios, where movies like Kingdom of Heaven and Cleopatra were shot.


Casablanca TramwayCasablanca is an ideal representation of modernity in Moroccan style. For a better view of the city, you can go to Casablanca Twin Centre. You can also visit the King’s palace to admire the Islamic architectural masterpiece. Don’t forget to enjoy a ride in Casablanca Tramway.


Rabat is a must place to visit during private tours in Morocco. It is the capital city of Morocco and is very popular for its tranquil beaches. Apart from beaches, there are beautiful museums and palaces in Rabat. Kasbah of the Udayas is one of the popular attractions in Rabat. You can also take a tour of Hassan tower and Chellah.

Sahara Desert

How can you miss the Sahara Desert, when you are on a Private Morocco tour? The Sahara Desert gives you scenic views of sunset over the dunes and a dark sky full of bright stars. Some popular attractions to explore in the Sahara Desert are Merzouga and Draa Valley. For adventure excitements, try the camel caravans in the desert.


Chefchaouen is popularly known as the blue city of Morocco. The houses here are painted with blue and white, which gives a colorful touch to the entire city. You can enjoy wild swimming and hiking in the surrounding countryside and can also soak in the Ras El Maa waterfalls.



Are you a Game of Thrones fan? You must be happy to know that, the 3rd season of Game of Thrones was shot in Essaouira. This small city is far away from the big city’s lifestyle and heat. Here, you can find many hangout places along the beaches, which are fascinating. Walk along the medina to witness to gorgeous views of Atlantic Ocean.

These are the seven best places to visit in Morocco, when you are on a private tour. Talk to your travel agent today and customize your itineraries for private tours in Morocco. Make sure, you have got enough number of days to explore the beauty and attractions of Morocco.

Hire a professional travel agent and plan your private Morocco tour in the best possible way.

Adventure Travel Morocco

7 Travel Tips to Know Before You Arrive in Morocco

For an adventure junkie, it is a beautiful dream to explore the fascinating sights of Morocco. The snow-covered Atlas Mountains, the white sandy beaches of Sapphire Ocean, the rising Sahara Desert, are some highly recommended destinations for travellers. Apart from these beautiful destinations, Morocco is also known for its peaceful and moderate atmosphere all throughout the country.

Being a traveller, Morocco is a strange place for you. The culture and diversity of Morocco are different and unique. The entire country is rich in architecture and art. To enjoy the best travel holidays in Morocco, you can go through the below-mentioned points before you arrive.

• Cafes are the best place to socialise – The Northern port city of Tangier has got the popular cafes in the town. Mainly, the two must visit cafes include Cafe Hafa and Cafe Baba. Moroccan men gather here to drink mint tea and to discuss their affairs. In case, you are seeking happening events in Morocco, just walk down to these cafes.

• Pay a visit to the traditional mosques – In Morocco, around 99% of the population is Muslim. There are a number of mosques all throughout the country, and muezzin’s melodic call to Islamic prayer is very common to hear in Morocco. Being a non-Muslim, you can visit the popular Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

• Experience multilingual dialects in Morocco – Arab is the official language of Morocco, but due to different cultures, you may also witness French, Spanish, Berber, and other local dialects. Darija is a very common Moroccan language, spoken on the street.

• Don’t miss a chance to enjoy Hammam sessions – Though there are many posh hotel hammams in Morocco, a visit to public bathhouse is something exceptional. It is not at all weird to be bathed by a complete stranger; rather it is going to be the most memorable experience of your Morocco tour.

• Be attentive while moving in the narrow streets – The small alley markets in Morocco are the home to mule-drivers, hustlers, and hagglers. If you hear ‘Balak’ on the streets, then immediately step aside and avoid the market. Balak basically refers to the heavily laden handcart.


• First class train travel is affordable in Morocco – When you are planning to travel between cities, the easiest way is to travel in trains. Train Company ONCF ensures affordable and quick travelling in Morocco. Pay a bit extra and book tickets in first class.

• Moroccan food involves a lot of cumin – Cumin is one of the important spices in Moroccan cooking. You will find it on every Moroccan table along with chilli and salt. In case, you don’t like cumin, then go for other cuisines.


Best Time for Morocco Travel

Geographically, Morocco is divided into four different regions – Sandy coastlines of the Atlantic sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlas & Riff Mountains, Berber towns & Oases, and the Sahara desert. Because of this varied geography, the best time to travel Morocco also varies with the regions. For Saharan region, you need to avoid travelling in summer, as the temperature is very high. The coastal cities like Rabat & Essaouira are just perfect for summer. Visits to the Atlas Mountains are also avoided in winters because of severe cold. It’s like, the travel holidays in Morocco depends on the region, to which you are travelling. Otherwise, spring is considered as the best time for Morocco travel holidays.

Before planning travel holidays in Morocco, you need to understand the culture of Morocco. It is recommended to discuss the Morocco holiday schedules with a professional travel agent. Make sure, your holiday expenses for Morocco travel, remains within the budget.


Morocco Travel Itinerary – 7 Tips to Make It Memorable

A trip to Morocco offers an incredible opportunity to experience the amazing Nomadic Berber life with a family. The culture of the place tells us about the ethics and civilization that is followed by its inhabitants and helps widen the people’s perspective with their cultural and behavioural patterns. Whether it is their beliefs, tradition or festival, the culture of Morocco comprises a detailed history which would be great to unravel throughout the tour.

The exquisite art and culture of Morocco beautifully portrays the social structure of the place and offers a greater view regarding its ethics, religion, civilization, specification and as well as diversification. The cultural language of Morocco has a distinguished tone and is quite endearingly different than the other languages.

Morocco culture offers an incredible impression about Berber tents, camel trek along with the women of the Berber society. The Berber women are indeed quite civilised and customized. Whether it is the Morocco climate, women, food or education, they all speak volumes about the extraordinary Moroccan culture which is certainly worth experiencing.

The amalgamation of French language and the Islamic religion in Morocco makes it quite a unique destination.  For travellers who want to learn about the Berber life in Morocco, they should try to know the differences and dynamics of the culture to cope up with it with ease.

Check out the ways to experience the best of  Morocco:

#1- Unlock the doors of local interaction

You can make your life easy amidst the locals in Berber village simply by using a few words of the local language and moreover by basically understanding and respecting the differences between you and the locals.  Your visit to the Berber village would give you an opportunity to share and receive the best of one another which will make your whole experience a lifetime memory.

#2 – The bi-annual migration

The migration of the Berbers is an 11 day trekking trip of Morocco through the Atlas Mountains.  Your exploration of Morocco and Berber culture can see a great moment with the bi-annual migration that the Berber families set out with their goats and sheep from the lower Dades Valley to the High Altas Mountains.The nomadic Berbers have been making this trip all their lives and have an enriched idea about the best routes so as to be relied upon in all conditions.  The beauty of this tour lies in the fact that it does not follow a rigid itinerary. The journey begins in the Dades Valley and ascends to the splendid High Atlas, which is known as the highest mountain range in North America.This will make you to trek through rugged terrain and cross steep passes in the backdrop of stunning panoramic views along with the passing of Berber villages that are tucked away in picturesque valleys. The whole feel of camping each night in rustic Berber tents would simply add to your beautiful experience.

#3 – The Sahara Desert

This is considered as one of the many reasons as to why the tourists get attracted to Morocco. Desert camping undoubtedly offers a delightful experience which becomes even more special with the heartfelt welcome from the Berbers. On your way to the desert camp, you can ride a camel and enjoy the desert sun.The amazing nightlife in the desert is truly enchanting. You would love to just sit around the campfire and indulge in the revelry of singing and dancing with the desert people. Indeed this would just be the added charm which will get you closer to the Berber life.

#4 – The Souks of Marrakech

The real highlight of Marrakech lies in the Souks or markets of the medina. These are the largest in Morocco and are extremely popular throughout the world. For visitors, it can be one bewildering experience to shop in these exotic shops. Whether it is the shoes, clothes or crafts, you can find it all out there. The Souks are the part of the Moroccan culture and the perk is you can shop at one go and bargain. Bargaining is a way of life and it is accepted by the shopkeepers there. Hence when you visit the famous Souks, bargain sans any hesitation and enjoy the excitement to the fullest.

#5 – The view of Ait Benhaddou

This place is enlisted as a UNESCO heritage site. Located at the edge of the Atlas Mountains, it is basically a traditional mud brick city. The place is famous for being the location of many popular movies and so far it has appeared in more than 10 films, which includes the likes of Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia. This fascinating site is truly alluring and is one of many attractions in Morocco. A visit to this place would simply make your travelling itinerary even more exciting.

#6 – Morocco’s best nature

hiking destinations in Morocco

A trip to Morocco will show you its different facets, which as well includes its beautiful nature. The view of sunshine in its high mountain range, the hot winds off of the Sahara desert, steeps, mountains or for that matter the green areas of agriculture and vegetation, these are all the best reflection of Morocco’s natural beauty.  In fact it would be truly an amazing feel to see the sand dunes and oases which make up the landscape of Morocco. Overall there are many incredible places in Morocco which have their own naturally captivating beauty.  So, when you plan a trip to Morocco, you can surely expect to witness the Morocco’s nature in its own unique way. It is the diversity of Morocco’s landscapes, waterfalls, beaches and desert which makes it one of the most beautiful countries to travel.

#7 – The stunning Moroccan towns

Of course it is practically not possible to explore each and every city of Morocco. However, there are a few places which you can include in your bucket list to enjoy the true charm and beauty of Morocco. One of the best places to visit is Chefchaouen .The city cascades down the mountainside and reveals more diversifying buildings, cafes and colourful plants. This remains an ideal place where you can view the unspoiled Morocco with all its glory. Essaouira is another important place which can be called Morocco’s hidden gem.  Besides its natural beauty, it is notable for its souks, buildings and colourful boats. Places like Fes, Ifrane and Mekens are some of the finest places of Morocco which can offer you the best Moroccon travel diaries.

Whether you are a novice or a professional hiker, you surely can enjoy trekking in Morocco. The place indeed is the best hiking destinations in Morocco and amuses the adventure junkies like no other. Here, they surely can get the feel of Morocco hiking trails and gather a different kind of experience.

Morocco is home to high mountain ranges, deserts, green oases and many more. In fact the Berber culture leaves a deep impact on the visitors and enriches the experience of travellers even more. Pack your bags and get set to explore this part of world. It certainly worth your time and money!


Day Trip from Marrakech – 5 Places to Visit

Morocco is one of the best holiday destinations. Thousands of people visit the country every year to enjoy trekking and excursions in this beautiful but challenging terrain. There are so many exotic places to visit in Morocco and one of them in Marrakech. A day trip from Marrakech will take you to some of the most amazing places which will make your excursion memorable.

Here are some of the best things you will see when you plan a day trip from Marrakech.

Jemaa el-Fna

Jemaa el-Fna

Jemaa el-Fna is one of the main attractions of Marrakech. You could call it the heart of the city. The beautiful city is buzzed with various attractions like the local henna tattoo artistes, snake charmers, and local markets and so much more. The place simply comes alive in the night and you can have a taste of the local food and enjoy shopping in there as well. The place will simply take your breath away.

Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle is also known as the Medina of Marrakech. It was created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. It took him 40 years in creating this stunning garden. It is a feast for the eyes with its lanes, magical trees and more than 300 species of plants. At any point of time you want to take a break from the hassle and bustle of the city and relax this is the place you can come to. The artistic atmosphere will simply take your breath away and you will have a splendid time in here.

The Royal Palace of Marrakech

The Royal Palace of Marrakech

Another great attraction of Marrakech is the Royal Palace of Marrakech. Here you will get a glimpse of the rich history of the place dating back to the 12th century. When you are on a day trip from Marrakech you can visit this splendid palace and take in the high walls, manicured trees, and grand doors and other attractions of the place and remember it for life.

El Badi Palace

El Badi Palace

Here is another palace to visit. Although it is in the ruins, this palace from the 16th century was the center of power and luxury and grandeur at some point of time in the history. Whatever remains of the place is still worth a visit, you can still enjoy the sightseeing of the well kept rooms, courtyard, pools and so much more. You can also visit the historical museum on-site, the underground tunnels located beneath the palace and also take a stunning view of the Atlas mountains from there.

Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia Mosque

Visit the famous Koutoubia Mosque, the largest mosque in the Marrakech. It is a place where you can seek spirituality. The mosque is also known for its architecture with its beautifully created arches and rigid proportions. The precision and artistic grandeur of the place will surely make your day.

An excursion in Marrakech, Morocco is one thing you should not miss. Here you will get to see and witness some of the best things it has to offers. A day excursions is enough to soak in the allure of the city.


6 Reasons That Will Compel You to Fall in Love with Marrakech

The red city – Marrakech, located in the center of the kingdom becomes the first stop on a Moroccan journey. It’s an ancient yet bustling city that offers innumerable exploration opportunities such as Morocco’s souks, beach resorts, countrysides, deserts, museums, cafes, shops and mountain ranges. Being very well connected, it works as the base to plan some marvellous tours from Marrakech city to different parts of Morocco.

tours from Marrakech city

What will make you fall in love with the captivating Marrakech city?

The Local Moroccan Food – The magical Morocco offers an amazing range of local food for a perfect gastronomic treat. The food is a typical mix of Arabic, Mediterranean and Berber cuisines with a Sub Saharan and European influence. The staples are wheat, olive oil and grape, eaten along with fruits, vegetables and meats. Most of the food hubs serve traditional Moroccan cuisines, which can be an incredible option for the vegan/vegetarian friendly people. Some of the popular dishes are harira, sardines, rfissa, tagine, lamb or beef with prunes, bastilla, couscous and more.

Fantastic Hammam & Massage Therapy – It has been a traditional part of the country and it’s an amazing highlight of Morocco trips. It will help you experience Moroccan hospitality, where a person will be taken into a hammam (hot steam bath), soaped, scrubbed, showered, hair cleaned and eventually the whole body is masked to nourish your skin and den after some time cleaned. A perfect addition to your tour, it will relax your soul as well as revitalize your spirit!

The Marrakech Souks – The insanely busy streets of in the medina of Marrakech or square of Jemaa el-Fnaa are always ready to exclaim you with flamboyance and variety in collection, but make sure you cling to your partner or group or else, you will soon find yourself lost in the busy souks! In these narrow streets, you can find high-quality herbs, spices, oils, colourful ceramic, leather products, carpets, clothes, huge variety of food and to be literal everything else that one can imagine!

Tours from Marrakech city – If you wish to take tours around Morocco, make the city of Marrakech your base as it is located centrally and has an amazing transportation connection. Being at Marrakech, one can easily discover the wonders of the Kingdom of Morocco – old Berber Kasbahs, the beautiful mountains, cascading rivers, desert oases covered with palms, mud-brick nomad villages, the Sahara with sandy dunes, gorges and canyons, Dades Valley, Todra Valley, Fes city, Ourika Valley, Ouzoud Cascades, and more.

Stay in Riads – The country is quite famous for its Riads, which are large traditionally built houses with fountains or pools in the middle. Most Riads have now been turned into beautiful hotels and resorts that accommodate tourists from all over the world. This opportunity not only allows a stay in the heart of the medina but also helps you experience Marrakech in a more traditional way. A stay in riads will surely mesmerize you!

Sunbath –If getting a tan is your ultimate desire while enjoying your Moroccan vacation, then you can enjoy sunbathing. It can be done in winters while the temperature remains around 18-20°C during the days or in hot summers, when the temperature is as high as 50°C. Not only this, sunbath in the desert is also possible, you just need to select the best base camp, a nice rooftop restaurant or a beautiful hotel garden.

Marrakech is a wonderful city that can be a perfect destination for people in love with adventure. Get ready to execute tours from Marrakech city for enchanting and everlasting memories. Here, you can get entangled in beach sport activities, golden sands playtime, trekking on the mountainous range or just strolling around the roads of Marrakech. Plan perfectly to accomplish your personal favourite’s Moroccan daydreams!



5 Ways to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and Save Every Penny That You Can

If you have always dreamed of Africa, but you felt as if your budget wouldn’t allow for this exotic locale, then think again! The real beauty of traveling to Africa (besides the heart-stopping landscapes, the friendly people and the breathtakingly beautiful animals, of course) is that you can tailor your visit to be as luxurious or as budget-friendly as you’d like.

mt kilimanjaro trekking tours

When in Africa, it would be remiss to leave this humbling continent without seeing nature up close on a safari. Lake Victoria should also be explored in all of its grandeur, with visits to other natural attractions like Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Bongoyo Island.

However, many visitors arrive in Africa (Tanzania, to be exact) to do one thing and one thing only. They want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. This feat will entail several things, and in no particular order.

  • You must be extremely fit. Don’t waste a ton of money to even attempt taming this mountain if you are in no physical shape to do so.
  • You must also invest the time. Kilimanjaro can’t be climbed on an idle afternoon, but typically takes five to six days.
  • And speaking of investment, you will need the budget. This will include transportation, climbing gear and fees, and don’t expect to cross this off of your bucket list without a decent bankroll to fund this adventure.

But surely there must be a few ways to cut back on the overall cost, right? Let’s take a look at a number of things that might leave you with a bit left over for that safari, after all.

Camping and Climbing Equipment

You will need very specific equipment when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and many tour operators will include this in their pricing. However, some will also offer the rental of equipment as an add-on, meaning that you may actually be able to purchase most if not all of the items cheaper than renting them. When it comes to tents, sleeping bags for Kilimanjaro and other necessities, you may be much better off finding these quality items used online. With this in mind, you can also either choose to dispose of them after your climb or to take them back home for your next big adventure.


While you can’t avoid the price on the flight to Africa, be sure to fly right into Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. From there, take public transportation into Moshi. Since this is a ten-hour bus ride, consider opting for the overnight bus, because this will also save you a night’s accommodation price. There is no need to include expensive airport transportation into your budget, after all.

Negotiate Your Tour Options

When you arrive in Moshi, definitely think about a local guide. Not only will you be helping to boost the local economy, but you will also put some of your hard-earned money back into your pocket. Also really consider any additions that may be offered along with the climb, and decide which are really imperative to your adventure. However, do keep in mind that this is a strenuous, dangerous feat, so never cut costs to go with a less-experienced crew or a larger group.

Know Your Routes

There are many different routes that can be taken up Kilimanjaro, so be sure to do your research before making an uninformed decision. Keep in mind that there are only a few routes that any climber who is not a professional should attempt. The Marangu route is the shortest, as well as the cheapest. The Machame route is next on the list, in both length and price, followed by Umbwe.

Documenting Your Climb

Some companies may also charge for photos, or you may find yourself thinking about purchasing a good camera at the last minute in an expensive shop. Be sure to investigate these options long before you board your flight to Africa. Read reviews on best hiking cameras, best binoculars for African trip and the like, and then make informed decisions on your purchases. Remember that chances are good that you will never have this experience again, so be sure to make plenty of memories.

Africa Travel Tips

Tips for Travelling to South Africa

There are so many to see, explore and enjoy in South Africa that it is never possible for the vacationers to run out of things during their trip. African Safari – there are only a few who have not heard about this famous movie. Take a toast to life with a glass of iced Chardonnay, spot on a lion on safari and mix up with the locals – the world will look and feel simply fascinating with its beautiful diversity in terms of terrain, culture and natural panorama.


Route 62 in South Africa is the world’s longest wine route and runs through the famous area of Klein Karoo, Tulbagh, Wellington and Roberstom. Tour agencies arrange regular trips to these vineyards in South Africa. If you are not offered this opportunity, take a rental car to visit the vineyards. You can also enrol your name in a wine tasting course or class that also includes catering and accommodation. Some wineries even make arrangement for evening entertainment.


Safari adventure is, no doubt, the biggest attraction of the South Africa tour. And to enjoy the most fascinating wildlife from a close quarter, you have to be at the game reserves. Here you will chance upon different species including rhinos, buffaloes, elephants and even lions. They roam freely in these reserved areas – some of which are private while the rest are for the public. Simple camping nearby the reserved areas and five-star facilities are also available for the backpackers to be all eyes on these beautiful wild creatures. You can also take part in some outdoor activities like quad biking, fishing and even guided walks.

A visit to the national parks in South Africa will give you a golden chance to enjoy a wild rendezvous with the animals in their own natural habitats. It will also introduce you to some of the most fascinating sceneries in the world.


The best day to visit South Africa is 27th April celebrated as the Independence Day of the country. On the same day in 1994, the first democratic election of South Africa was held. It is the joyous celebration for the South African natives and several events are organized to commemorate the historic day. Cultural parades are showcased by local bands and other performers.

24th September is marked as Heritage Day to underline the inherent diversity in tradition, beliefs and culture in South Africa. There are parades and several people celebrate the occasion by hosting barbecues in their outdoor space.


Usually, South African cuisines are made of non-veg items like springbok, ostrich, antelope etc. Dried meats like Droewors sausage and Biltong are also famous and quite common in restaurant menus.

Potjiekos is a must-try dish for every South Africa bound visitor. This cuisine is prepared outdoor and in a cast iron pot. Meat, vegetables and occasionally potatoes or rice go into the making of this heavenly delicious cuisine. The most commonly used ingredients to add some flavour include sherry or bear, a Dutch-Malay blend.

Another most popular dish is Bunny Chow or Kota. It is a thick curry served on a bread loaf. Sosaties is another princely delight and equivalent to Kebabs whereas Vetkoek is dough balls that are deep fried.