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10 Things You Need to Know About Cheaper Bali Destinations

Exploring Bali can be a fascinating adventure that rejuvenates everyone internally. The place has something for everybody. Enjoyed by all age groups, Bali is a destination that is popular for its euphoric and beautiful destinations. Resting in the Indonesian island, Bali is known for magnificent mountains and exquisite beaches and coral reefs. Although there are more than 17000 islands in the Indonesian territory, Bali is one of the most famous islands of Indonesia. It is also popular for its mesmerizing sceneries of rice terraces.

Stepping in for a vacation in Bali carries the essence of the ancient culture known for its warm hospitality. Portraying the ethos of a joyous mind and casting the lively spirit for all the visitors, Bali welcomes everyone warmly. The destination has treasured the art of a serene lifestyle that it unboxes for all the visitors.

Can Bali be visited with budget-friendly plans?

Of course, yes. Bali has numerous destinations that do not require a high budget. Bali is enjoyed among every section of the society as it offers the best goal at the cheapest cost. Not only signifying the fascinating beaches, but Bali also has many destinations that allow everyone to enjoy life according to their taste. One can explore the cheapest Bali destination in today’s time and enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

What do you need to know about the cheaper Bali destinations?

One can go through an unforgettable journey to Bali in the most economical approach. It is thus essential to have a rough idea over the cheapest Bali destinations. Interestingly, the trip to Bali is not about how much you spend but how much you enjoy the

1. Bali Safari and Marine Park

●Bali Safari and Marine Park

While traveling with your family or your kids, the Bali Safari and Marine park can be the place to visit. The destination does not give the feel like a long trip safari but can contextually deliver the best experience in simplicity. One can also enjoy the Marine Park if on a short trip to Bali.

2. Besakih full-day tour

Besakih full-day tour

The Besakih full-day tour is of 10 hours. The destination is enjoyed popularly among the people who are curious about the culture of Bali. Besakih is known for its ancient temples that carry the traditional essence of the historic cultural aspects. One can also witness the folk culture of the place with the most vibrant vibes. It is also possible to watch the beautiful Barong dance. There are other historical places to visit, like the palaces and the villages. Exploring Besakih can be one of the best trips for anyone to visit in Bali. Going for the cheaper Bali destinations, Besakih is known as the mother temple of Bali.

3. Ubud full-day tour

Ubud Full Day Tour

Bali never fails to attract the tourists with its enigmatic destinations that sketch its culture. Ubud is one such place in Bali known for its peaceful places. Being one of the cheaper destinations today, Ubud offers some fascinating destinations like the Monkey Forest and the Ubud Market. These two places are a must if one is planning to visit Bali on a short trip.

Discovering the life of animals with nature, one can experience the natural form of life in the Monkey Forest. Monkeys are known to be traditional creatures that Bali has always respected. So, it becomes a moral obligation for visitors to respect them. The place offers mesmerizing beauty in nature’s lap of serenity and tranquillity.

4. Tanah Lot half day tour

Tanah Lot Half day tour

The Tanah Lot half-day tour is designed for 6 hours. It can be one of the best destinations to visit if one is in Bali on a short trip. One can experience the divinity of the place with the essence of the great mother nature. The Tanah Lot tour gives a unique experience of the sunset that one can add to his beautiful Bali memories. Although the place has terrible weather at times, yet the evenings can be enjoyed in particular days accordingly. This place offers the best view of the sunset with an alluring aura of positivity.

5. Bali Telagah Waja River Rafting

Bali Telagah Waja River Rafting

Bali is not only known as a place of serene and tranquil atmosphere but also welcomes the sporty spirit of the people. Among others, various destinations can be explored as one of the cheaper Bali destinations. Among others, water sports are one thing that the land of Bali offers its visitors with the best experience. The Bali Telagah Waja River Rafting provides an option for fun water sports. It is like an alternative to the usual water sports on the beaches. It is advised for an effective plan if one is interested in water sports.

6. Bali Dolphin tour

Bali Dolphin Tour

Dolphins are known as the most fun-loving creatures. The Bali Dolphin tour is often by the tour agents. The tour agents can be trusted for their expertise in the different tours and its effectiveness in a short trip. If someone is looking for a cheaper Bali destination in today’s time, then the Dolphin tour is a must-have experience. Various dolphin watching sites profoundly attract tourists in Bali.

Also, Lovina Beach offers an excellent experience for Dolphin sightseeing. The Git Git Waterfall is also visited by the people usually after the Lovina Beach trip.

7. Kintamani tour

Kintamani Tour

The Kintamani tour is designed for the visitors for 10hours. The destination presents the splendid panoramic view of the volcano Batur and lake Batur. One can also experience the beauty of the traditional culture and the folk dance of the place with simplicity. The site also offers the divine enigma of the ancient temples and the different rice terraces.

8. Uluwatu half day tour

Uluwatu half day tour

The Uluwatu half-day tour is typically designed for 6 hours. The place is located near the sea, making it a perfect destination for oceanic view. It is one of the cheaper destinations in Bali that renders its visitors amazed by its tranquil environment. The aquatic beauty that one can experience in this place has now become a unique feature for Bali visitors.

9. Bali Elephant ride Uluwatu tour

Bali Elephant Ride Uluwatu Tour

Uluwatu is one of the most famous destinations in Bali for its enchanting trips. One can enjoy the short trip on an elephant to have an unmatched experience of Bali vacation.

Many tour agents have different offers for the Uluwantu’s elephant ride tour. The elephant is the major attraction in this short trip. It is advised to the people to know about the various excursions offered in the package and also decide the best that suits them.

10. Bali Mount Batur trekking

Bali Mount Batur Trekking

It is the best destination for people who love trekking and adventure. The Mount Batur trekking in Bali offers the best experience for adventure lovers. If one is planning for a different way to enjoy the sunrise under the enormous mountain views, then Mount Batur can be the perfect destination.

In Conclusion

Bali offers the best scenic beauty with numerous destinations that can be visited while on short trips or relatively more extended vacations. One can explore the things that you must know about the cheaper Bali destination in the current context. With the mesmerizing culture and the serenity of the place, Bali welcomes everyone with an unparalleled treasurable experience.


10 Most Popular Places to See in the “Land of the Rising Sun” – Japan

Japan, also known as “Land of the Rising Sun,” is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. It has beautiful temples, buildings and architectural renaissances to see. The place is blessed with scenic landscapes, vibrant flora and fauna and exotic architectures to add more beauty to it. From spots to travel, food to adventure, there are several things to do in Japan.

With every trip, visitors can find an emerging Japanese history and culture with a glimpse of future technological developments in coming years. In addition to that, the lowest crime rates and favorable weather condition makes it an ideal travel destination for vacationers, holiday-goers and tourists from all around the world. Take an overview of Japan Tourist attractions list from below –

10. Hiroshima Peace Memorial


The Hiroshima Peace Memorial or the Atomic Bomb Dome is a symbol of peace in Japan. It is a tribute to the lives after the infamous atomic bomb attack by US forces on August 6, 1945. The place is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Sites for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Standing near the Aioi Bridge, this building is the only construction left after the atomic attack. It’s deliberately a harsh reminder of the importance of human life and honor of the victims to remember them forever. If someone thinks of Japan attractions must see things, then this place holds tenth in the position.

9. Jigokudani Monkey Park


Jigokudani Monkey Park is a popular tourist destination among few common things to do in Japan. This is a famous hot spring surrounded by cliffs and formidably cold forest all around where snow monkeys descend from higher cliffs to bath in winter months. The word Jigokudani in the name means “Hell’s Valley” due to its steamy and boiling water that bubbles out of small crevices in the frozen ground of Yokoyu river valley. It is situated in Yamanouchi, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture, and comes under the famous Joshinetsu Kogen National Park.

8. Kiyomizu-dera


The Kiyomizu-dera or Pure Water temple is one of Japan’s must-see attractions. It has an independent Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto with beautiful Ottawa waterfall in the wooded hills and derives its’ name from there. It was founded in 778 by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro as Japan’s best Buddhism learning and later the temple was added to UNESCO world heritage sites. Kiyomizu-dera has beautiful wooden architecture, 13 metres above the hillside providing visitors a nice view of maple forests and cherry trees all around. Visitors can witness the beautiful architecture, artwork, shrines and talisman in the temple.

7. Himeji Castle


The Himeji Castle, also known as Shirasagjio (the White Heron Castle) is an elegantly designed castle standing in the city of Himeji in Hyōgo Prefecture of Japan. It is regarded as the finest surviving example of prototypical Japanese Castle architecture with a network of 83 buildings. Every building featuring advanced defensive system from the feudal period for ultimate safety and security. It has a brilliant white exterior that looks like a bird taking flight, earning the castle the beautiful name “white egret castle”. The place witnesses maximum number of visitors during the short and blossoming season, golden week and summer holidays. The Himeji Castle ranks among top in Japan Tourist Attraction lists.

6. Great Buddha of Kamakura


The Great Buddha of Kamakura is one of Japan attractions must see things. It has an 11.4 metres high bronze statue of Amida Buddha on the land of Kotokuin Temple, situated in Kamakura City. It is the second tallest bronze statue in Japan after the famous Nara statue in Todaiji Temple. The monument dates back to 1252, and originally located inside a large temple hall with gold coverings. However, the temple was destroyed due to some natural cause such as typhoons, hurricanes and tidal waves in 14th to the 15th century. Since then the Buddha is kept in the open air. One of the most unique aspects of this temple is its hollow structure; visitors can literally go inside the sacred monument and witness the amazing work of ancient artisans.

5. Todaiji Temple


Todaiji, also known as the Great Eastern Temple, is one of Japan’s most famous wooden temples in Nara. It was constructed in year 752. There were several provincial Buddhist temples in Japan, among them Todaiji was remarked as the head one. The temple is 48m (157 foot)-high consisting of a large hall with the sacred Buddhist bronze statue inside the temple. This is the one of world largest wooden building and world’s oldest gilded bronze Buddha which is 16 m high and 500 ton in weight. The exterior is surrounded by beautiful gardens and wildlife making it an ideal place to explore and tank among top ten Japan tourist attractions list. Visitors can see deer roaming around freely, as they are considered as messengers of Shinto Gods.

4. Tokyo Tower


The Tokyo Tower is an example of modern architecture and advanced technology. It is the world’s tallest human-made, self-supported steel tower with 333-metre height in the center of Tokyo city. It is a replica of Eiffel tower and a symbol of Japan’s re-births as a major economic power in the world. It serves as a communication and observation tower in the city and attracts maximum tourists from all around the year. There is a four storey building called as “Foot Town” which houses museums, restaurants and shops. The tower’s central location offers a bird’s eye view of Tokyo and the surrounding areas. A tour to Tokyo Towers is one of the best things to do in Japan.

3. Tokyo Imperial Palace


The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the home to Japan’s Imperial Family. It is standing on the old Edo Castle, which is a large park area surrounded by moats and massive walls in the center of eth Tokyo. It has a main building, where the imperial family lives and stay, an archive museum and the administrative office. The castle was destroyed during the world war two and rebuilt the same style afterward. The new place incorporates beautifully handcrafted artifacts from different eras and big hall rooms for wedding reception and functions. The Tokyo Imperial Palace is an incredible testament to Japanese art and history. So, it’s a Japan attraction must see places on your bucket list.

2. Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji is world’s 7th highest peak of an island; it is the highest mountain peak in Honshu, Japan ranging across 3,776 meters (12,388 ft) and the second highest peak of a volcanic island in Asia continent. It is a chain of three holy mountains Mount Tate and Mount Haku which offers visitors a scenic and historical site. It was listed in World Heritage Sites on June 22, 2013, and famous attractions for mountain hikers and adventure seekers. According to studies, more than 20,000 people climb the Mount Fuji every year and almost 30 percent of them are only foreigners. For professionals, it takes only three hours to ascent and two to five hours to descent from the mountain.

Mount Fuji is a perfectly shaped volcanic mountain which was last erupted in 1707. Since the mountain is sacred and experience huge popularity among artists and common people throughout the world. It’s one of the top-ranked Japan tourist attractions list till date and will be forever.

1. Golden Pavilion


The temple of the golden pavilion or say Kinkaku-ji is a Zen temple in northern Kyoto. It ranks top in Japan attraction must see places, attracting thousands of visitors annually. It belongs to powerful statesmen Sainoji Kinstune in the 14th century and then converted to a Zen temple after his death. But, unfortunately, the pavilion was burnt down by a young monk in the year 1950, as he was utterly obsessed with it. The bulding was reconstructed after five years in exact shape and details. The top two storeys are covered with pure gold with different chambers, standing upright on a beautiful pond which highlights its reflection on the pond and the pond’s reflection on the building.


These are top 10 tourist’s places to visit in Japan. If you are planning for a trip to this country, do not forget to mention these ten best places in Japan Tourist attractions list. Doing prior planning can help with money and time-saving.


A holiday trip to Japan can be exciting if you have the right place, right bookings and proper budget in hand. No need to spend additional expenses on guide bookings and other things to do in Japan. Collect sufficient information from best travel sites to cut-down cost on travel expenses. Read updated blogs and articles to make an informed decision. Remember, It’s always better to be wise than to regret later!



The costs related to travel, among others, increase marginally each year. Everyone likes to travel, but the skyrocketing hotel room costs, and the passenger fares make it difficult for one to travel within a given budget. Fortunately, there are certain tips that you can follow to make your holiday tourism cheaper, and more affordable.

Economical Holiday in India

Here Are The 10 Tips to Spend an Economical Holiday in India


Some parts of northern India are quite hot, during the summers. Summer in India extend from April-May to June-July. Lesser tourists visit the country during this time period. Consequently, hotels and other accommodation places offer huge discounts to tourists during the season in India. For instance, the luxury hotels in Jaipur can offer you can discount of up to 50% during the summer season. You can visit the country during this time, and witness lesser crowds as well.


Transferring all the hassle of holiday planning, to a tourist services company is easy, and luring. The holiday packages offer you all that you need, and you just need to place a phone call for the purpose. But the agencies charge a fee, for their services, and you end up paying a lot more than required. By giving only a few hours of your time, you can easily save on the costs. Book your train, airway, and hotel tickets yourselves, through the internet, calls, and messages. Not only will you know more about the places you visit and the routes to reach them, this way, the well-earned holidays will be more memorable as well.


Shopkeepers at the tourist destinations you visit might charge you more, especially if you have a white color, or seem to be not from India. When buying at the vacation spots, bargain, hard. You will find that the shopkeepers will give way to your demands, sooner than you anticipate.


The hotel food is a lot costlier, as the meal bills have the service, and other charges added to them. You can eat outside the hotel, at other places. Not only will your choices increase, you will also explore the diversity of Indian cuisine, in a pocket-friendly way.


Home Stay is a new and emerging business in India. Home owners attach their residential property to some travel agency, and the tourists get the rooms at low costs. Explore the home stay options that you have, when planning a holiday vacation. The rooms have all the basic amenities, and a lot more. You will get the television, air conditioner, Wi-Fi, and other perks and amenities.


Eating fruits is a healthier option, anytime. These are also cheap, at all places you visit. You can prefer fruits, including bananas, oranges, and apples, among others, over the spicy food, and save a lot on food-related expenses. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, the fruits will also keep you healthy and fit for travel during the vacation, and even after it.


An overnight journey to your chosen holiday destination, will make you reach at the hotel in the morning, at the check-in time. The strategy will help you save on room cost, as you will pay more by reaching a hotel at night, and pay for its whole day’s cost, while only staying at it for 12 hours.


Homemade food costs less, and is also more hygienic and trustworthy. Travel with food, when you start your journey to the tourist destination, so that you save money while travelling.


You can get discounts at the travel websites, when you plan your holiday using them, and book tickets through them. The discounts get even bigger, when you book your flight tickets and hotel rooms, through the same website travel agency. Search the internet to know more about the deals and offers, and you will surely find a number of them.


You can save money by staying alert as well. Eat only hygienic food, and follow other precautions, so that you are not trapped into some fraud. Attention will also keep the thieves at bay, and your belongings will not get stolen during travel.

Enjoy, and explore India economically through these money saving tips. Indian hospitality and attractions are pleasing, and memorable.

Rohit dips into the ocean of Indian ecological and cultural diversity, to bring out the gems that are not yet fully reviewed. Writing for Trans India Travels, his writings also include advising and tips, to make your journeys safer and economical.


Guwahati for Revellers: Best Bars and Pubs to Hit

Guwahati is the biggest city in Assam, and offers flawless landscape, lovely gardens, warm individuals and mind blowing climate. It’s one of India’s top vacation destinations, and furthermore, is home to numerous music events. Music and sports assume a key part in Guwahati and what’s superior to have beverages after a round of football or after a show. So whenever in Guwahati, make sure you shake a leg or raise a toast at its best night spots.


Tired of checking for flights from Delhi to Guwahati? Well, here’s some solace for you. The following is a list of the best bars and night spots that you can consider hitting while in Guwahati. Dance your worries away! 

  1. Blues

If you ask about the best nightspot in Guwahati from any local, there is a high possibility that the name Blues will pop up first everywhere! One of Guwahati’s ideal and most established bars, Blues stands witness to the ascent of the nightlife scene in the city from the mid 2000s. A milestone of sorts, this spot has a notoriety of being a touch costlier with Rs 1000 for each individual; yet these lone ads to the faction status of Blues. 

  1. Cafe Hendrix

Named after the unbelievable Jimi Hendrix, Café Hendrix is a unique live soul bar and bistro. Framed by a gathering of people who share an enthusiasm for music, Café Hendrix plans to uncover the gifts of artists from the North East utilizing the web. It’s a spot where guests can go to appreciate unrecorded music gigs which happen regularly; whether you are searching for some unique music or fronts of your most loved craftsmen, there is something from everybody here. They have a quite all around loaded bar and the food is sufficiently conventional, no gourmet dishes. Cafe Hendrix is a brilliant spot in Guwahati to have beverages and experience incredible exhibitions.

  1. Kamikaze

An upbeat union between a bar and a disco, Kamikaze is one amazing party spot, floating in the Uzan bazar zone of Guwahati. It is based on a medium sized ship that stays afloat over the waters of Brahmaputra. But don’t stress over your security in the wake of celebrating late into the night. The ship is moored to the banks and is secured by ready bar security staff. This component remains the USP of this spot and is the real draw for guests who hit this disco all the time.

  1. Silver Streak

Silver Streak is credited as a noteworthy player in changing the nightlife of the city. Arranged inside Guwahati’s trusted and acclaimed Hotel Brahmaputra Ashoka, Silver Streak is an incredible spot to shake a leg to astounding music or have a beverage with companions. It has a natural wooden inside with delicate lighting and an incredible music framework. It likewise has an outside seating zone confronting the Brahmaputra River for the individuals who incline toward a calmer environment.

  1. The Lounge Bar

Housed in the elegant Dynasty Hotel, Lounge Bar is a flourishing contemporary bar that is set apart by unfathomable music and an amazing crowd. An upscale location for local people, particularly the youthful office goers and students, Lounge Bar has a notoriety for serving impressive beverages, lip smacking food and an unmatched climate to drink and loosen up. On account of its elegant location in a mainstream high – end inn, voyagers don’t have to lose rest over how to reach there.

Now that you have the names of the best nightspots in Guwahati on your fingertips, surely your sojourn in the city wouldn’t be a boring affair. Anyhow, Guwahati makes sure that anyone visiting it for the first time, does not go back disappointed.