Travel Safety Tips

Tips for Travelling with a Baby

Many parents don’t entertain the idea of travelling with their babies. The kids always need special care and attention. They also need to be fed frequently. Now that leaves mothers tired and exhausted, especially during a trip. However, if you need to board a flight, it is never possible to leave your baby at home. It could be quite exhausting to travel with a baby but there are a few things to follow in order to make your trip more comfortable.

Safety is a priority

It is the safety of your baby that should be the priority. You may be thinking how to ensure safety for your baby. Here are a few tips for you.

  • Get detachable window shades fixed on your car to protect your baby’s eyes and tender skin from sunlight.
  • Check if the baby seat is correctly fixed and properly secured in your car. A baby seat is always installed on the back seat of a car.
  • Keep the first aid box in your car. The box must include nose drops, teething gel, paracetamol etc. Also carry the medicines prescribed by the child specialist while going on a tour with your baby.

How to feed your baby in a flight?

The best is to feed your baby ahead of your departure to catch the flight. You can also feed your baby at airport or after the plane takes off or lands. If you breast-feed your baby, it is the easiest thing to do during travel by air. However, if your baby is used to formula feeding, it would be convenient to buy travel-sized and ready-to-use packets.

Make sure to carry boiled water in a sterilized bottle or thermos flask. Now preparing formula feed is very easy whenever your baby needs it. Remember to sterilize bottle before its use. You can also buy bottle sterilizers and pre-sterilized bottle liners. These are easily available at airport or other stores. These ready-to-use formula feeds are highly recommended and also hassle-free to use.

You may be relieved to learn that airlines don’t have any restrictions on carrying milk or baby food as your cabin baggage. You are allowed to carry adequate amount of baby food for your baby. However, you must check if the airlines have any restriction ahead of your journey.

It will be better if schedule of your flight matches sleep time of your baby. Your baby will sleep most of time during your travelling by air.