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Six Things to Consider Before Going in a Tanzanian Safari

Tanzania is an African country best known for its untouched wild heritage. Although there are about twenty countries where you can go for Safari, Tanzania tops the bucket list for most Safari lovers. Tanzania treasures two of the best places for amazing wildlife viewing-Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.

Ngorongoro Crater is an exquisite place popular as a world’s largest intact Caldera covering 100 square miles. One can spot around 25,000 species of animals within the region as the crater wall stands as a natural barrier preventing animals from leaving the spot.

Tanzanian Safari

The Serengeti is the most popular wildlife park in the world. Its endless plains of Serengeti spans around 12,000 square kilometers, and it is renowned for its annual migration of around two-million wildebeest.

Exploring Tanzania’s rich wildlife habitat is a must-do thing once in a lifetime. So if you are planning a safari tour in Tanzania, you do not have to ponder much. The reason being there are many agencies providing tailor-made safari packages in Tanzania.

Key aspects of Tanzanian Safari ride:

  • It is not what you see in a well-edited Television Footage: No doubt, we all have enjoyed well-scripted television footage shown in many wildlife shows. But it is not the same when it comes to a real safari. Although you can spot many species in a Tanzanian safari but do not compare it with a high budget television footage that takes months of editing. Witnessing a potential chase or hunt could be one of the unforgettable thrilling memories. But it is all a matter of luck.
  • Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride: Going for a Safari ride could be a tiring experience as most of the roads within the park are unpaved. The roads comprise dirt, rocks, and uneven plains. Hence, we prepared to get jerks and bounces inside your vehicle. Apart from the jerks, the roads are full of dust. So, do not expect to remain spotless while on a Safari ride. Following behind other vehicles or facing the coming cars will give you an experience of passing amidst a cloud of dust. Hence it is advised to carry face masks, bandana, or a neck gaiter as it will be challenging for people with respiratory issues. Further, carry a neck pillow as it will reduce the pain due to jerks and also allows you to take a quick nap if you are too tired.
  • Stay inside the Safari vehicle: Going for a safari ride is not dangerous until you stay within your car. Most of the animals in the park are accustomed to the presence of humans in vehicles for decades. Further, every day, they experience vehicles passing through the plains. Hence now, the animals also have developed a habit of ignoring the human presence. But still, there are chances to find a cheetah jumping on the top of the land cruises to get a better view but do not panic. The animal will not harm you until the time you are inside the vehicle. But if you go out of your vehicle, you may become potential prey. Hence, in case you want to go outside your car, take the assistance of your guides.
  • Safari Guides are experts in finding animals: The guides who take you on the ride are professionals and are experts in finding animals. With their years of experience and deep knowledge of Tanzania’s wild habitat, they can help you spot elusive animals. The guides also communicate with other fellow guides through radio, and by doing so, they gather useful information regarding various sightings happening in real-time in the park.
  • Tell the guide about your sightseeing plans in advance: Although the guides have knowledge regarding the destinations where you can spot wild species. Yet it is your responsibility to let the guide know which wild animal you want to spot and for how long. Else the guide will unnecessary be taking you to the destination, and in short, it will be a wastage of time. Similarly, if you do not care about any particular species, then tell the guide any enjoy whatever the guide has in store for you.
  • Bring big lens: Most of the time, simple smartphones or cameras are not enough to capture the vivid natural beauty of landscape and wild animals. Hence it is advised to carry along with you a DSLR camera with at least 200mm lens. The reason being many of the wild animals do not come in close proximity, and it is dangerous too to go very near to them. Hence, the high power lenses will allow you to capture stunning photographs.


Going for a safari ride in Tanzania will give you a bag full of memories to cherish for a lifetime. And further, you will have many stunning images of the wild Tanzanian heritage. The experience of observing the unforeseen wild species and being in the lapse of nature will give you a break from your monotonous life schedule.

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7 Travel Tips to Know Before You Arrive in Morocco

For an adventure junkie, it is a beautiful dream to explore the fascinating sights of Morocco. The snow-covered Atlas Mountains, the white sandy beaches of Sapphire Ocean, the rising Sahara Desert, are some highly recommended destinations for travellers. Apart from these beautiful destinations, Morocco is also known for its peaceful and moderate atmosphere all throughout the country.

Being a traveller, Morocco is a strange place for you. The culture and diversity of Morocco are different and unique. The entire country is rich in architecture and art. To enjoy the best travel holidays in Morocco, you can go through the below-mentioned points before you arrive.

• Cafes are the best place to socialise – The Northern port city of Tangier has got the popular cafes in the town. Mainly, the two must visit cafes include Cafe Hafa and Cafe Baba. Moroccan men gather here to drink mint tea and to discuss their affairs. In case, you are seeking happening events in Morocco, just walk down to these cafes.

• Pay a visit to the traditional mosques – In Morocco, around 99% of the population is Muslim. There are a number of mosques all throughout the country, and muezzin’s melodic call to Islamic prayer is very common to hear in Morocco. Being a non-Muslim, you can visit the popular Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

• Experience multilingual dialects in Morocco – Arab is the official language of Morocco, but due to different cultures, you may also witness French, Spanish, Berber, and other local dialects. Darija is a very common Moroccan language, spoken on the street.

• Don’t miss a chance to enjoy Hammam sessions – Though there are many posh hotel hammams in Morocco, a visit to public bathhouse is something exceptional. It is not at all weird to be bathed by a complete stranger; rather it is going to be the most memorable experience of your Morocco tour.

• Be attentive while moving in the narrow streets – The small alley markets in Morocco are the home to mule-drivers, hustlers, and hagglers. If you hear ‘Balak’ on the streets, then immediately step aside and avoid the market. Balak basically refers to the heavily laden handcart.


• First class train travel is affordable in Morocco – When you are planning to travel between cities, the easiest way is to travel in trains. Train Company ONCF ensures affordable and quick travelling in Morocco. Pay a bit extra and book tickets in first class.

• Moroccan food involves a lot of cumin – Cumin is one of the important spices in Moroccan cooking. You will find it on every Moroccan table along with chilli and salt. In case, you don’t like cumin, then go for other cuisines.


Best Time for Morocco Travel

Geographically, Morocco is divided into four different regions – Sandy coastlines of the Atlantic sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlas & Riff Mountains, Berber towns & Oases, and the Sahara desert. Because of this varied geography, the best time to travel Morocco also varies with the regions. For Saharan region, you need to avoid travelling in summer, as the temperature is very high. The coastal cities like Rabat & Essaouira are just perfect for summer. Visits to the Atlas Mountains are also avoided in winters because of severe cold. It’s like, the travel holidays in Morocco depends on the region, to which you are travelling. Otherwise, spring is considered as the best time for Morocco travel holidays.

Before planning travel holidays in Morocco, you need to understand the culture of Morocco. It is recommended to discuss the Morocco holiday schedules with a professional travel agent. Make sure, your holiday expenses for Morocco travel, remains within the budget.

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6 Wonderful Hiking Destination in Morocco No One Should Miss

Morocco is known for its hauntingly beautiful terrains and the attraction it has for the hikers. People come from around the world to enjoy the beautiful terrains and explore the extraordinary beauty through leisurely hiking. Hiking is such a wonderful hobby and when you are vacationing in Morocco, hiking is one of the best things you can do. Morocco has some of the world’s best hiking destination that no one should miss when these are in the country.

6 Wonderful Hiking Destination in Morocco No One Should Miss

Hiking in Morocco is also one of the best ways to explore the place and know as much as you want about the place, its culture, people, food, drink and of course the terrain. Out of all the trekking and hiking destinations, there are some which are very popular and must be on your list.

Here are the 6 most wonderful hiking destinations in Morocco where you can go hiking.

1. Toubkal Mountain in Western High Atlas

The first in the list of wonderful hiking mountains is the famous Toubkal Mountain in southern west Morocco, one of the highest peaks in North Africa. Hikers from all around the world come to hike these mountains which provide a mixture of challenge and excitement. Apart from the wonderful terrain for hiking, the Toubkal Mountain is also known for its Atlas Mountain Berber tribes who live in the small villages.

2. The M’goun Mountain in Central High Atlas

The M’goun Mountain is home to some wonderful Berber tribes and is less taxing for hiking as compared to the Toubkal Mountain. When hiking in this mountain you will get to enjoy the scenery and valleys where these tribes live. If you visit the place in late spring you can enjoy the bloom of wild flowers and snow-melt rivers at the foot of the valley.

3. Sahara Hikes

A part of Sahara desert lies in the southern Morocco and is one of the most beautiful places for trekking. It is well known for the palm groves of the Draa Valley and the eternal dunes. You can ride on camels and take in the beauty of the desert. Hiking in the Sahara desert is on the most intriguing hiking experience in Morocco.

4. Saghro Mountain

The Saghro Mountain is a true vision in winter and the hiking is much easier then. The wintery landscape provides a little less challenge to the hikers but the magnificent view is all you can hope for as compensation. The cave paintings are the best attraction of the mountains, which no one should miss at all.

5. Tafraoute Mountains

The next in the list is the Tafraoute Mountains. It is an anti-atlas mountain and has very harsh conditions with little water and Rocky Mountains. This mountain is best for serious hikers looking for some challenge. It is also great for walking tours, rock climbing and biking tours because of its rocky terrain. Its untouched and natural landscape is a must try trekking destination.

6. Marrakech to Sahara desert

This may sound repetitive, but a challenging and adventurous tour from the Marrakech to Sahara desert is a must for the serious hikers. You can sign up for a tour package, which will take you through the splendid landscapes of Atlas Mountain.

Hiking is Morocco is one of the best thing anyone who loves travelling and hiking can do. Visit some of the fantastic places in the terrains of the country and enjoy the best of hikes, trekking and scenery.  

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Trekking the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Morocco, one of magnificent country to the Atlas mountain range of North Africa offers wide range of challenging hikes and pleasant strolls. The 500km of rugged mountain terrain exposes to something inherently majestic, satisfying and refreshing for trek enthusiast and adventure lovers. Moreover, the diverse geographical landscape enthralls its beauty with much grandeur and expedition. Whether you want to trip the peaks or camel trek the rolling sand dunes of Sahara Desert, Morocco’s wilderness will kick your adrenal with more adventure and fun.

Trekking in Morocco

Geographical know-how about Morocco

The Atlas mountain provide Morocco with long rocky spines. With peaks rising to above 4000 metres, it boasts a series of several trekking routes. The foothills of these mountains are home to Berber people, an ethnic group who lives in the mountain of Morocco from many centuries. The landscape changes form mountainous to dry from south to east with great Sahara Desert. This desert offers an unparalleled diversity that is enduringly fascinating. If you want to experience the serenity and sublimity of golden sand dunes, then Sahara Desert is worth of traveling.  The Atlas range itself acts as a barricade between the lower Sahara Desert region and the northern rolling Middle Atlas and RIF mountains, which means it catches both the dryness and greenery to the regions. In addition to that, Morocco has long Atlantic coastline, which conjures vision to endless paths of golden sand ripening under a tropical sun and sweet colored sky.

In sum total, Morocco is a place of contrasts, colors and stunning topography.

Cultural Influences in Morocco

Located fewer than 10 miles from the coast of Spain, Morocco blends the unique identity of Berber, European and North African culture. The people consists of small ethnic groups descended from the groups of Arabic and Islamic culture. As a result, more than 99 percent of Moroccans are Muslims and remaining one percent are either Jewish or Christian. This country takes classic Arabic and Tamazight as an official language. Classic Arabic are limited to few people, however, Moroccan Arabic are preferred over other linguistic dialect.

Morocco – Unique Destination for Trekking

Back to the point! When you are on a trip to Morocco, there are several things to explore. Its’ impressive natural diversity offers visitors from relaxed beaches to mountain escapes and everything. The Atlas Mountains has blessed this country with some of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful mountains. Trekking attracts major tourist from worldwide every year. Beginners can enjoy gentle forays in the Atlas Mountains whereas experienced hikers can try snow-ravaged tops in winters. Here, we have listed some of most thrilling mountains to trek in Morocco –

  • High Atlas Mountains: The high Atlas Mountains are paradise for trekkers. Running diagonally across the Morocco, from Atlantic coast of Algadir to Northern Algeria, these mountains expands to several high and low land summits. Most of them are under 4000 to 3000m high, making a spectacular setting for traversing the local habitants. Visitors can closely view their living, ethnic lifetsyle, food and culture while walking down the trails.
  • Toubkal: Jebel Toubkal, also known as the highest peak of North Africa, heights to 4167m into the central High Atlas range, dishing most captivating views of various land profiles in Morocco. This quasi-mythical mountain rewards trekkers with challenging altitude for trekking and trawling in there. During summer months, the moderate temperature creates a favorable atmosphere to trek in two to three days, whereas winters are bit challenging. The trails are heaped with snow, restricting visitors to trail in winters.
  • Jebel Saghro: Jebel Saghro Mountains lies in the Anti-Atlas range of Morocco. When the temperature dips down in High Atlas Mountains, the climatic condition in Saghro Mountains gives a wintery escape for the trekkers. The temperature remains milder, offering a passable passage without any difficulty as Toubkal’s snow trails.
  • M’Goun massif: M’Goun massif traverse through the Central High Atlas range, viewing scenic beauty of nearby valleys and rivers. This peak is 4071 m high, which means visitors can comfortable stay and relaxed on the top and enjoy the scenery for long hours. One can get an exotic view of wild flowers and dramatic snow rivers flowing through the valleys, where local Berbers live.
  • Sirwa Massif: Unlike the High Atlas Mountains, the anti-atlas mountains such as Sirwa Massif are less heralded mountains in the south of Morocco. However, some peaks are tempting for beginners and experienced trekkers too. Trek enthusiasts can climb mountain Sirwa, a 3304-meter-high volcanic mountain in two days, and then trace the lower Berber valleys and their steeply terraced fields on the round-trip from Taliouine.

Trekking the unexplored mountains of Morocco offers you an opportunity to discover the timeless mountain villages and traditional Berber culture. Best time of year is from April to June and September to November, as there were no scorching summer heats and chilling winter temperatures. Experts recommend to consult guides for proper guidance and support.

Trekking in Morocco could be a fun with Berber Walk Tours. Trekking tours in Morocco is a great adventure trips for those who want to explore the High Atlas mountain in North Africa without worries. From its landscapes to balmy beaches, we avail mountain trekking, camel trekking, coastal trekking and biking tours to most inviting destinations of Morocco.

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Some Tips to Make your Adventure Travel Memorable

Adventure Travel

Going on a trip is an excellent way to rejuvenate. We go on a trip when get bored with the daily chores of life. We return home at the end of the trip with a refreshing state of mind. Adventure on the other hand tests one’s nerves.

The mix of adventure and travel offers undiluted fun. Someone said it correct. Adventure travel is adventure without danger and travel without a boredom. When a travelers goes on adventure travel he enjoys the excitement of adventure and the fun of traveling.

Adventure travel can be divided into two types; solo travel and family travel. People who prefer traveling alone chose solo travel while people who are married and with kids, opt for family travel. Both are fun but in different ways.

The main crux of solo travel is waking up every morning and planning a new adventure. Sometimes these adventures are heralded by local people and some other times by the traveler is on his own. The whole day, the traveler spends doing cliffhanging, paragliding, snorkeling or even more wild activities. That’s a perfect contrast with mundane life.

On the other hand, if the visitor has a family, he could go on a more family friendly trip and yet enjoy the sense of adventure. There’s another way of travel which is traveling in a group. Some people prefer this considering hazards that may come with adventure travel.

Some ways to enjoy adventure travel are going to Belize and enjoy scuba diving, going on a safari in Kenya, Hang gliding in LA and going to the beaches of Maldives. Let’s start with Belize. The place has Mayan ruins, Ambergis Caye beach and Hol Chan Marine Reserve. By visiting Belize, the traveler can see the open face of nature decorated with angelfish, grunts, snappers and coral reefs.

A Kenyan Safari may cost as much as $2500 but the experience will be worth it. The traveler will catch the glimpse of elephants, lions, rhinos, hippos and elephants. The Masai people, known as fierce warrior could guide the tour. For any visitor, be it solo or family, this will be hell of an adventure.

Flying in the skies of Los Angeles has a unique fun. Flying over the beaches and the mountain ranges on a hang glider is an amazing experience. However, travelers should leave their children out of it.

The aforesaid travel ideas could make your day if you really want to take fun of your adventure trip. But before traveling, do a thorough search on the legislation of the places you are going to travel. That way, you could keep troubles at bay and enjoy adventure travel to the fullest.

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5 Amazing Locations for Adventure Travel

Scientists believe man has an innate tendency to partake in adventures. The risks associated deter us from doing so. Adventure travel allows excitement seekers to participate in adventurous activities with no risk involved.

People who go for adventure travel either go alone or with a group of like minded individuals. They look for places that are suitable for adventure travel. In this article, we’ll introduce them to some places where they could visit for your next adventure trip.

Adventure Travel

Let’s begin our list with

Kemeri National Park, Latvia

Albeit unnoticed by mainstream media, Latvia is an excellent location for adventure travel. The East European country has a coastline that stretches over 350 miles. The Kemeri National Park, located in the baltic region is actually dense forest. Inside the park, you’ll find bird watch towers. There are big trees everywhere amid which you’ll have to discover the walkway. You will surely enjoy the atmosphere inside the park.

Petra, Jordan

Petra is not just any city in Jordan. The city was built approximately 600 years before the birth of Christ. The whole city was gouged out of a mountain couloir. Petra is located at the southern desert in Jordan. The city was developed by a sect of Arabs called Nabateans. Petra is the perfect spot for adventure travel. You will have shiver witnessing centuries old structures, mountain steeps transformed into houses and staircases.

Easter Island, Chile

A veil of mystery covers Easter Island, Chile’s most sought after tourist destination. There are strange statues in Easter Island called Moai. Moais are humanoid figures built by Chilean Polynesian rocks. Who built those statues? It’s still a mystery; some say the statues were built by indigenous Rapa Nui people. Others believe the statues were built by the aliens. Visiting Easter Island will give you undiluted excitement.

Avoriaz, France

Avoriaz is actually an interconnected resort, located in Portes du Soleil region of France. The place has plenty of greenery. It is also in French Alps. So you could roam across the mountain steep of Alps. Besides, there are bike tracks all over Avoriaz and if you are biker, you could enjoy the thrill of biking in the Alps. There are more than 20 ski lifts in the region and serve as an easy way to indulge in adventures.

The fun that adventure travel offers is beyond comparison. By visiting the locations mentioned above, you could enjoy such fun. So don’t waste time and start tying your shoelaces.