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Tips for Travelling with Infants on Airplanes

Travelling with infants on airplanes is a big challenge, especially if you are boarding international flights. Most of the parents don’t mind spending extra money to buy a seat for their babies just next to them so that the little champs remain safe and secured during take-off and landing.

Travelling with Kids on Airplanes

A child’s ticket is 65-75 percent of an adult’s fare but an infant’s ticket set you back by only 10 percent of what your ticket costs. The big problem is all airplanes don’t allow their boarders to use car seats for the infants and whether you will be granted permission or not depends on the rules and regulations of the country you are heading to.

Travelling with an infant adds to your difficulties and so to make things a lot easier, most parents buy a stroller to carry their baby. However, it is a good workable idea until you are boarding the next flight. A stroller is considered as a luggage by most of the airlines. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay any extra charge.

Most of the airlines require their passengers travelling with infants to gate check the stroller if it does not fit into the overhead bins or under your seat. Reality is only a few strollers can fit into these small spaces and so gatechecking is the only option open to you. Some airlines have strict guidelines regarding the size of the stroller.

Most of the airlines will require you to carry a small umbrella like stroller and in some airlines, jogging strollers are a strict ‘NO NO’. Some airlines are not, however, have any such strict rule regarding size and shape of the stroller. If you are carrying a jogging or any other large-sized stroller, always make sure to directly call the customer care division well in advance ahead of your travel.

It is quite usual for the infants to keep quire for hours. Most probably, they will start whining especially after seeing unknown people all around and at an unfamiliar place. Carry some comic books that are loaded with colorful pictures. The infants love colors and will be busy with the books for a couple of hours. However, there is a great chance that they will tear into the books. Please, don’t mind!

Carry a pack of diapers as you may need more than one especially if it is a long-hour journey. Pack in a few extra clothes in a separate easy-to-carry bag as you may need changing their dress more than once before arriving at the destination.

Air Travel

Tips for Travelling with Infants on Plane

It needs not to be an unpleasant experience for those travelling with infants on planes. Here is a host of some important tips to make it a pleasant journey by flight.

Schedule flight time to coincide with baby naptime

If possible, you should schedule your flight time to coincide with your infant’s naptime. Usually at a particular time of day and night, your child is used to fall asleep. They will follow the same routine and fall asleep at a high altitude. And the time they will sleep will save you from getting busy with entertaining them while awake.

Travelling with Kids on Airplanes

Carry car seat on plane

Most of the parents decide to save money and so buy seats themselves only. If you follow the same, you will have to carry your child on your lap. If you don’t like the idea, buy a car seat for your infant as that will free up your arms and lap and he/she too will be happy in a separate seat. Though it will give you some comfort, you may feel frustrated at carrying the seat around the airport. However, in-flight payoff is worth that trouble.

Manage your flight journey

An effective and easy way to manage your flight journey with infants is to break drown the trip into 20 minutes phase. If you think your flight journey that way, it will be more manageable.

Here are some more tips to make your flight journey happier:

Crayola Color Wonder Markers: It is an inventive item that will allow you to write on a special type of paper. It is popular with even the adults and will hopefully entertain your busy baby. Don’t worry, it’s harmless and without toxic marker smell.

Magna Doodle: It has a travel edition and is loved by modern babies.

Stickers and/or Tapes: Tape of plain old Scotch will give your little one a lot of fun. Roll it up to create a sticky circle. Let your baby stick the circle on its nose, between his/her fingers or even on your nose. Old fashioned but a great fun idea with only a 2 inch piece of tape!

Portable CD Player: A CD for infants? It may surprise you but in reality, CD players do a great job. Apart from adults, infants love music and movies. They love the pace and rhythm. It will be a great piece of entertainment for them. However, you must keep the volume low; otherwise it may disturb other passengers in your flight.

Air Travel

Tips for Travelling with Kids on Airplane

Traveling with your kids on a tour by airplane can be difficult to say the least. The items required to ensure comfort and safety of your kids must be the prime consideration before you leave for the airport. And if you don’t bring a baby stroller, it could add to your dilemma while travelling with your kid by flight.

A baby stroller could be of great help in your case, especially if it involves a great deal of transporting and walking your kid. So you must check if you could take stroller with you on your way to destination.

Travelling with Kids on Airplanes

Here are a few simple tips when you are travelling with your toddler by flight.

The most important is to make an informed choice while you are travelling with your kid. Check with your airline whether they approve a baby stroller. Make sure to read through their policy in regards to carrying a stroller. This will figure it out if carrying a stroller will turn out to be a hassle for you during the trip.

Labeling stroller is important ahead of your trip. Choose side bars or handle bar with help of a paper label or permanent marker. Jot down your name, contact details, flight information, your kid’s name etc on the label.

Gets an alternative plan for the time being when you will have to leave the stroller in the trunk or outside. If your kid weighs within 20-30 lbs, a good option is to sling your baby or backpack it. If your kid can toddle, you may consider the idea of harnessing it among crowds and at strange places. If you don’t like the idea, carry your kid in lap. Ahead of your trip, you should start training them not to talk or go with unknown persons. Give them something to wear, which contains contact information in details.

If your stroller is counted with your luggage at check-in point, you will have to pay extra for that. However, all airlines don’t count baby stroller as an extra luggage,

At the checking point, a tag will be attached to your stroller whereas you will be given a corresponding receipt that you need to keep safe to get your stroller back.

Ask the attendant at the airport gate regarding where to collect your stroller on landing. According to the rules of most airlines, strollers are returned at the gate but it could be dispatched along with your other luggage.

Air Travel

Trusted Ways to Save More on Flight Tickets

Flying abroad was earlier a rich affair. Until the end of 20’s, tickets were hugely expensive, making air travel a facility for the rich only. People having abundant money can only afford those pricey tickets for business or pleasure tours. Things have changed, thankfully, and now any one can fly to the most exciting cities in the world for a token price.

cheap flight tickets

Cheap air travel is now readily available and it is possible to buy cheap flights by using flight comparison sites. Several Low Cost Carrier provider in the aviation industry have price comparison and discount features to provide big benefits to buyers. This acted as a catalyst in popularizing the price-based competition and pushing airlines to offer services at cheapest possible rates. Whether you are a frequent flyer or someone who is shopping for a ticket to that rare and much awaited vacation, these services can certainly a money savior while traveling back and forth to the destination. Let’s have a look at some beneficial discount tricks:

Off-season discounts: Airline ticket prices are much like other goods, that obeys the law of supply and demand. The supply for a particular commodity increases with the increase in demand, and vice-versa is also true. Similar terms and conditions are also applicable to aviation industry, the ticket prices get lower in off-season and highs when the demand arises. Suppose the seat for a particular destination isn’t selling, the airline will be forced to slash the prices. Naturally, during the peak holiday seasons the ticket prices are high, whereas in off-season when the temperature and climate are unfavorable for tourists to travel and roam around, the price lowers to unbelievable rates.

For example, tickets to beach locations are cheaper during rainy seasons. This might seem unfavorable, but if the type of holiday is not affected by seasons, this is a convenient method of saving money. When you go up against the odds you definitely enjoy cheaper airfare and end-up getting to the destination at lowest expenses. Collect details about your holiday destination and know the peak and off-peak seasons to save money while traveling to the destination.

Mid-week flights: Mondays, Tuesdays are always considered to be the busiest travel days in a week. That is why the prices for these weekdays are as high as the ones booked on weekends. So, always plan your travel on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. During these days the prices are significantly lower and predominately cheaper than tickets booked throughout the week. You can save a lot of bucks and apparently, free to spend on your other travel expenses like hotel booking, fooding or traveling.

Early bookings and last minute tickets: Airlines always provide value offers for early bookings. There are advantages of cheaper tickets and discounts for flyers who book six months earlier. If you are planning to travel during peak holiday season, early bookings are advantageous in many ways. On the other hand, tickets sold in off-peak seasons are considerably lower than earlier bookings. The airlines sell empty seats at lower prices to make up total flight expenses. There are loads of flights offers that are dropping down to low average rates within 6 weeks before the scheduled departure. Therefore, last minute bookings are great deals to save money in low seasons.

Economy class reservation: Flying in economy class means sitting in main cabin, not first class or business class. Seats are smaller and packed closely, and limited services offered to the passengers. Economy class reservation won’t be comfortable as other classes, but at least less payable for short distance traveling. If you are looking for cheap air flights for minimum distances, experts recommended to book tickets in this class. To make an economy flight more pleasant, you can try to book bulkhead or emergency row seats or an aisle seats to be most comfortable. An hour or two in the economy section of the plane shouldn’t be that difficult.

Most viable options to book cheap flight tickets online

To book flight tickets for domestic or international travel, there are several viable options. The development of mobile technology and Internet facility has even made it easier. There are several online travel agencies offering a number of available flights for a particular departure and destination. These web portals do compare, filter and list-out the best deals favorable for customers in all corners. Online travel agencies regularly offer cheap rates or credits to book tickets online.

Nothing could be easier and enjoyable, than getting away for a holiday. Saving more in addition could be like icing on the cake. You can buy more souvenirs, go for shopping and enjoy a holiday that was never experienced ever before. Plan accordingly and book your tickets from online dealers.

Booking cheap flight tickets and low cost airline tickets has never been so easier. Travelers can find fare deals, on airline tickets with . If you are constantly looking out for saving money on your travel, search and compare on this link to choose the best flight in the cheapest flight.

Air Travel

Air Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

Are you a first time air traveler?

If so, you need to follow some tips. Many prefer air travel over travel through bus or train because they can visit places that are located kilometers away through air travel. This form of travel however, is expensive.

Expenses apart, first time air travelers need safety advice as well as information such as where to buy ticket, what to do after reaching airport, whom to produce identification documents, what are the basic guidelines of airlines, etc.

Air Travel Tips for First Time Travelers
Air Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

For their convenience, we deliver them some tips in this article. Give a look at them below;

Select an airline

Different airlines have different things to offer. Some airlines offer cheap flights while others eye on convenience of the passengers. You need to understand your need first and based on that, select any particular airline. Do a speed-check to get idea of fares, availability and facilities. Read online reviews from consumers to get better idea on an airline.

Follow all guidelines

If you want the trip to be trouble-free, follow every guideline. Make sure your luggage meets airlines criterion and don’t carry any extra baggage. Normally, airlines allow customers to bring one carry-on and one personal item. So don’t bring any extra item. Also, if you are carrying liquid with you, make sure the quantity is not more than 100 ml.

Stay healthy

First time air travelers should be careful of airplane sickness. It is also called motion sickness by some. The traveler might have nausea and vomiting tendency. To avoid sickness, eat a light meal before going on a flight and take proper medicine. Also, stay seated once the airplane takes off as unnecessary movement may not be good.

Learn the gesture

There’s no hard and fast gesture when you are traveling in air. But as a first time traveler, you might feel bored and impulsive. Subsequently, you might behave in bizarre ways and that could irk your fellow travelers. So behave gently and don’t disturb anyone. Some people like privacy. Don’t disturb them by trying to strike a conversation.

 Air travel is fun. If you wanna visit international tourist destinations, air travel is the only option. But impromptu could spoil the fun. So follow the tips above and enjoy the trip.

Air Travel

Common Air Travel Problems and How to Avoid Them

Air travel is exciting to some while makes others sick. If you are a first time air traveler, there are some tips that you need to follow. If you have experienced air travel before, you know what to do. However, irrespective of whether you are familiar with air travel or not, you should know the problems that come with air travel.

Common Air Travel Problems

In this article, we’ll talk about such problems and give you advice on how to avoid them. Some of those problems are;

Flight cancellation

This is a very common problem. A flight could be cancelled for bad weather condition or even for technical problems. Airlines normally don’t refund you. In case of technical failure, they will book you for another flight on a later date. In case of bad weather condition however, you could be stranded at nowhere. To avoid this problem, you should book early morning flights as flight crew will get the whole day to fix problems. You should also check statistics of the airlines.

The seat is not fit

You may observe that you don’t fit in the seat as you’re too tall or too obese. It has happened with many people and some of them were even asked to leave the plane. In a situation like this, you should humbly ask the flight attendant to arrange an alternative seat for you. Also, at the time of booking seat, you should check the seat’s dimensions.

Damaged luggage

Although not so frequent, the problem may bug you. You could however, avoid the problem by taking care of your luggage and putting them in a safe place. The domestic airlines let passengers recover up to $3300 for damaged luggage. For the international airlines, the liability cap is less, $1500 per passenger. So before boarding the flight, do a valuation of how much the luggage and other stuffs are worth.

From non-stop to regular flight

Non-stop flights are those which do not land on intermediate stops. Airlines may cancel your non-stop flight ticket and book you for a regular flight. As non-stop flight tickets are expensive, this would mean loss of money. To avoid this problem, you should check beforehand if any other non-stop flight would be despatched by the same airlines to the same location. If so, ask the flight attendant to book you for that flight.

By following the above tips, you could lower chances of being harassed in your first air travel. So follow them and enjoy your trip.