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13 Best Things you must do on the Island of St. Maarten

The Caribbean is the most beautiful island, famous for its enthralling beaches, casinos, shopping, eating, and drooling rum.

Like most Caribbean destinations, St. Maarten on the Dutch side is one of the world’s most stunning tourist spots. It has a rich history with luxurious resorts, shopping malls, dazzling casinos, and endearing beach bars. Every year, millions of visitors like newlyweds, beach lovers, and vacationers come to enjoy these most appealing places.

Apart from visiting these beautiful spots, there are myriads of things one can do to make your vacation more memorable.

Here are some of the best things to do on the island of St. Maarten


  1. Maho beach in St. Maarten:

Maho Beach

Maho beach is one of the most famous beaches located near Juliana Airport.

Aircraft spotting is a popular activity as the board displays the incoming and outgoing times when the planes come and go. Watching flights passing just overhead is such a fantastic activity that rushes your adrenaline.

  1. Shop for Souvenirs:


Shop for Souvenirs

Front Street in Philipsburg is a great spot for jewelry stores, watches, gems, electronics, and liquors. Here you will also get the stocks for men and women fashion outlets at affordable prices. Moreover, sellers are selling all the souvenirs, with guarantees and a valid certification.

  1. Take a Hike:

Take a Hike

     Hike on the island of St. Maarten is the most stunning activity. Mountains like Trisport in Simpson bay are the ideal for hiking. One can enjoy hiking trails on St. Maarten with beautiful views from the peaks.

  1. Scuba Diving:

Scuba Diving

Over 55 different dive sites, including cave dives, reef dives, and wreck dives are there surely mesmerize visitors. Therefore, St. Maarten is also known as the paradise of diving. Apart from that, snorkeling also popular activity that one can also enjoy there.

  1. Gastronomic delights:

Gastronomic delights

Food in St.Marteen, such as Lolos, roadside barbecue pits, seafood, and ribs, really makes you drool. Several restaurants in Philipsburg offer lavish and delicious desserts along with local wines that give perfect culinary experience. From local grill and fresh seafood to European delicacies, St. Maarten always satiates your taste bud and tummy.

  1. Nightlife in St.Maarten:

Nightlife in St.Maarten

Even the sun goes down; the fun never stops in St.Maarten. The dark goes well with enthralling, bars, and the casino adds class to your nightlife. Because of the peaceful climate, one can easily spend a few hours sipping local drinks on the beach at night.

  1. Museum in St.Maarten:

Museum in St.Maarten

St.Marteen has a rich in history, Philipsburg conserves many aesthetic valuables from dating old artifacts to Arawak times in their museum. You can see the colorful history of this small island. From pre-Columbian history to the havoc of Hurricane Luis, this devastated the island in 1995.

  1. Breathtaking Landscapes:

Breathtaking Landscapes

The sunset and natural beauty of St. Maarten are breathtaking. During your vacation, you must visit Lazy palms line the beaches, twisty sea grapes, and volcanic landscape. The island is brimming with an incredible variety of bird species, mangrove forests and rocky islet makes the place more enthralling.

  1. Loterie Farm:

Loterie Farm

The Loterie Farm is perfect for those who love to do adventure activities. Moreover, the place is a nature reserve and suitable for solo travelers, couples, and families with kids. It offers myriads activities to their tourist to explore the island’s biodiversity along with zip line adventure. Also, there are hiking trails, several stylish lounges, and a large swimming pool that is quite amazing for nature lovers.

  1. Hit the Casinos:

Hit the Casinos

There are 14 casinos in St. Maarten, and you must visit. All of them offer slots and table games, where one can refresh their mood. Few casinos provide bingo, live entertainment, and tournaments for your enjoyment.

  1. Do Water sports:


Water Sports

St. Maarten is the perfect destination for those who love underwater sports. Most of the vacation rental condos provide windsurf rental, water bikes, and Jet Ski in the Simpson Bay and Great Bay. Here you will find many scuba dive centers who arrange snorkeling and scuba diving day or night dives in the marine park. It is the most fun activity that will get your adrenaline pumping. Try it at least once in your lifetime to make it a memorable tour.

  1. Play Golf:


If you are the avid golfer or deem to try it at least once in your lifetime, 18-hole Mullet Bay Golf club is perfect for playing golf. It is considered one of the most challenging courses in the Caribbean. Surrounded by majestic hillsides and beautiful scenic lagoon, it is ideal for playing an early morning tee-off.

  1. Visit the beaches:

St.Maarten Beaches

St. Maarten is the only island that has five unique and beautiful beaches out of those 37 beaches.

Grand-Case Beach:

Grand-Case Beach

Located in the center of the most attractive fishing village, it is the ideal place for swimming, relaxing, and scuba diving. Along with that, the beachside is also brimming with gastronomic restaurants and street food.

Little Bay:

Little Bay

It is an ideal beach that offers enthralling wildlife experience and perfect for relaxing and nature expedition.

Orient Bay:

Orient Bay

Orient Bay is the most popular beach, among others, and provides a wide range of hotels, shops, Food Street, and beachside restaurants.

Mullet Bay:

Mullet Bay

Mullet bay is an attractive beach where tourists love to spend most of the time on the beachside. It has fine sands and splendid views, which is perfect for wandering alone or with your partner.

Anse Marcel Beach:

Anse Marcel Beach

Explore the relaxing area of Anse Marcel, which is a well-developed beach where you can feel the eternal silence of the sea. Moreover, most of the tourists love to stroll around the marina and its shops.

In conclusion 

 Thought the place is petite, but it is quite famous for its festive nightlife, inexpensive Souvenirs, unique beaches, and casino. In St. Maarten can do myriads activities to make your vacation more exciting. From snorkeling, hiking to scuba diving, one can also have a copious amount of food on the beach side.

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Tips for Travelling with an Infant

Tips for Travelling with an Infant

Travelling with an infant is not easy as the little champ needs an overwhelming amount of stuff during a trip elsewhere. Your baby itself is an extra luggage that you need to carry on your back or lap throughout your journey. Here is an important checklist to make things easier when you are travelling with your baby and to keep you sane surely.

Pack toys and books: Kids love toys. If they are given toys, they will keep quiet for at least, a couple of hours. Such distraction is almost a must for them when you are going through security checking or standing in a long queue. However, you might wonder at the idea of packing books. Kids’ books are always loaded with a lot of pictures. And you know always how fond they are of colorful images. Chance is really high that they will tear into the books but they always need something to toy with and books are great to keep them busy for some time.

Carry blankets: Carry a couple of blankets while traveling with your infant. You can use them on floor where you child will be sitting and playing. Blankets also find good use to protect your baby from cold weather and diaper leaks.

Purchase a Car Seat: Buy a baby car seat if you don’t have any plan to rent the same. These seats are especially designed to ensure a safe journey for the kids when they are travelling in a plane or car. Travel accessories are also available with baby car seats.

Get a Stroller: Try to get a small stroller, particularly one that collapses as that could be easily checked at the gates or pushed into overhead bins on flight.

Don’t leave sunscreen lotion at home: If you are travelling a place that has a river or sea or your hotel features a swimming pool, pack in a swimsuit for your baby. Kids too need sunscreen lotion. It will be a good idea to carry sunglasses and hats as well.

Carry extra clothes: You should always carry extra clothes even during a very short journey if diaper leaks or your infant spits up. Make sure to pack booties or socks (extra pair will be better).

Make space for extra bottles: You should have a good back up of bottles, Sippy cups and nipples. If one gets lost or dirty and there is no chance to wash it, you will still have options at your disposal.

Carry a few disposable plastic bags: You need plastic bags to carry waste diapers, dirty blankets or clothes so that unclean items don’t get mixed with clean stuff in your luggage.

Don’t forget tissues: Infants have runny nose more than often. Use tissues to avoid getting your shirts soiled with sticky stuff!

Family Travel

Tips for Travelling with Toddlers by Car

Travelling with a toddler will be a bigger problem than what you have ever thought even in your wildest imagination. They seldom keep quiet and often start whining for petty problems. And very often you need to take them in your lap, which means carrying an extra baggage that requires maximum attention.

Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

Here is a list of some effective tips on what you should pack in during a trip with your toddler and believe me that have helped me a lot and will also make things a lot easier for other parents.

  • Toys are toddlers’ favorite. Pack in a few of them that they play with at home. That distraction is really important to keep them busy during your trip.
  • Pack in books. Surprised? Toddlers also love books which have a lot of colorful pictures. Give the books to your little champs, they will never complain about anything even if the car is stuck in a jam for a long time.
  • If you are visiting a place where mercury has dropped down significantly, don’t forget to pack in blankets. Throw two blankets into your bag. Make sure you are carrying a security blanket as you will need it to spread on the floor or protect your baby from chill.
  • Are you still using a breast pump? If yes, get one of travelling type when you are travelling by car.
  • When you are visiting a beach city or town, remember to carry sunscreen and a bathing suit for not only yourself but also your toddler. Also bring sunglasses and a small hat as well.
  • Get a car seat from a shop or on rent. They are specially designed for the toddlers. They make travelling a lot safer for the kids. Travel accessories are also available for your toddler’s car seat.
  • Remember to pack in a few extra outfits as there is a chance that your toddler may have a diaper leak or spit up during your journey.
  • I used to carry at least one diaper per hour of journey whenever I took my traveler on my trip. That will meet your requirements even if you are caught in traffic jam.
  • Extra bottles, Sippy cups and Nipples are among the most important things to pack in your bag. This is because, you need to have backup if one gets dirty and it is difficult for you to access restroom for washing bottles, sippy cups and nipples.

Actually, there are a lot of things to pack in order to ensure safety and good health for your toddler and also to keep it in cheerful mood during its journey.

Family Travel

An Insight into Family Travel Ideas and Locations

There’s nothing more fun than going on a vacation with the whole family. Enjoyment would be pretty much endless. Plenty of travel locations around the world offer comfy arrangement to families. In this article, we’ll talk about some of those locations.

Family Travel Ideas

We’ll also deliver tips to families who are planning to go on a trip. Follow our tips to stay safe and enjoy to the fullest.

Research properly

After selecting a particular location do as much research as you could to gather information about the place. Use the internet to get information. There are many online forums where you could open an account and interact with other members. Sites like, contain information on various tourist locations. You could also check ratings by customers about a place.

Pack wisely

When you are getting packed, pack only the essentials. If you fill your bag with unnecessary stuff, you will have to carry extra weight. Besides, it might create problem at the airport. At the time of packing, don’t forget to include medicines and first aid kit. If you are going into the remote areas, bring electrical outlet covers.

Safety first

Safety should be your first concern. So drive slowly and place your kids in the rear-facing convertible seat with harness straps. At the airport, keep an eye at your kids and instruct them to behave suavely. When you check into your hotel, look for potential dangers such as furniture with sharp edges and electrical outfits and loose cables. If you are visiting a sea beach, keep an eye on your kids all the time when diving, swimming or snorkeling.

The tips above will help travelers stay in a good shape while enjoying the fun of travel. As for the most sought after travel locations, here are some of our picks;

  • Paradise Island, Bahamas

At the Paradise Island, there are many interesting tourist destinations. One of them is the Atlantis Resort. The resort is very much kid-friendly. It showcases artificial remnants of lost civilizations. It also has more than 10000 guest rooms, 38 restaurants and many exhibit lagoons. Miles of beach and pool area are sure to delight your family.

  • Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii

Hilton Waikoloa Village is ideal for island excursion. There are endless fun-filled activities that you with your family could partake in. There are night camps for kids where they could feed koi and swans with their own hands and explore the tropical garden. With your kids, you could also indulge in dolphin training program and enjoy your vacation.

  • Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

The site gives you a glimpse of history. The place is actually a living history museum and private foundation. The town originally had a farm in the eighteenth century. Kids can roam around the site and get some knowledge on history. They can also perform household chores which yesteryear’s kids happened to perform.

The locations mentioned above are perfect for family travel. If you abide by the safety tips, you’ll be safe and return home with a rejuvenating state of mind.

Family Travel

Some Useful Tips to Make Your Family Travel Trip Safe and Enjoyable

There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending a vacation with your family. Psychologists explained why family vacation trips helps one to rejuvenate; when a person goes to a new place with his family members, he becomes extra attentive to them. Each member of a family is reintroduced to the other.

Some Useful Tips to Make Your Family Travel Trip Safe

When embarking on a family trip, there are few tips that everyone needs to follow. This will invariably help the family to enjoy the trip. The tips are below;

Don’t pack heavy

When you are packing, include only the essentials. If you make your bag heavy, you will have difficulty carrying the load. Besides, you’ll have to remember each of every item, otherwise they could be lost. The essential stuffs should include tooth-paste, garments, gadgets, etc. If you have kids, take strollers and cribs.

Car seats

You should bring car seats with you. Those seats are not counted as extra baggages by airlines. Other than that, you won’t be charged for them either. A durable car seat cover will help you manage load of more than 50 lbs. That way, you could avoid the overweight fees and place extra clothes.

Face security guards

Do not take security related checks light heartedly. The security personnels are damn serious. To their eyes, you might be member of a dreaded terrorist gang. So don’t keep inflammable stuff with you, double check all your luggages and face security guards at the airport and don’t avoid any question asked by them. Be upright.

Take care of health

Check health condition of the country you are to visit. Do necessary immunization and tests before you go. Also, if you have health and accidental insurance in your country, check if they apply to the country you are visiting. Keep medicines with you and if you get sick in the foreign country, contact your embassy.

Road safety tips

Follow the safety tips National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The recommendations are below;

  • Infants who weigh less than 20 lbs should be placed in rear-facing convertible seats. There should be harness straps below their shoulder level.
  • Toddlers who weigh 20-40 lbs should be put on forward-facing convertible seats with harness straps above their shoulders.
  • Children who weigh more than 40 lbs should sit on forward-facing and belt positioning seats. Lap belt should be placed around their lap and upper thigh area and shoulder belt must be strapped across their chest and shoulder.
  • Also avoid rash driving and be within proper speed limit.

Following the tips above will help you and your family to stay safe and enjoy your vacation. Remember, it’s better be safe than sorry. So plan accordingly.

Family Travel

Tips for Travelling with a Baby on a Plane

Now you have decided to go on a flight with your baby. You need to be extra careful because your little champion loves to be cared. First check safety rules and regulations of the particular airline you have decided to board. These rules are actually guidelines about ‘dos’ and ‘do nots’ while travelling with your baby on flight.

Most of the domestic airlines have the following regulations:

If a child is two years old or less than 40 pounds in weight, the baby must be carried in an infant carrier or in the lap of a paying passenger. Infant carrier can be a car seat or any other convertible restraint. The carrier should be located in a non-exit row’s window seat. The restraint system for the carrier must have approval level from the authority and be fastened with the provided seatbelt in the airplane seat.

When you are travelling with your baby in a flight, you have either of two choices. The first one is to carry your baby in your lap. The airlines allow such passengers to use a carrier or sling for your baby when the plane is taking off or landing. If you opt for this option, you have to buy only one airline seat ticket. However, there are some safety issues to consider should you choose it as you need to control these with your arms. This option is not allowed in every airline.


The second option is to go with an airport-authority approved car seat. Such car seat features a sticker that can be usually found underside of the seat. If your baby car seat is approved, you will be allowed to carry it in the flight and place the same just next to your own seat. If you go with this option, you need to buy a separate seat for your baby though discounted offer on a baby seat may be available. You can also ask for a free seat if the flight is not crowded.

The carrier must be placed on a window seat and must not be on that way of other passengers so that they feel free while getting into and out of their seats. The maximum width of the baby seat must be within sixteen inches, which is equal to that of most airline seats.

Once you travel with your baby in a plane, you will immediately realize that it takes no short of superhuman effort to carry luggage along with baby car seat and your baby! To make things comfortable for you, wear a carrier in front to secure your baby inside and strap the baby car seat with your back. That will keep your baby secured and you will have your hands free too.


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Vacation on Budget – 5 Tips to Enjoy Without Stressing Over Money

Vacations are not meant for every family, it is simply a luxury that many can’t afford. If you have the responsibility of raising your family on a strict budget, then making room for a well earned holiday does not seem an option. But all said and done, your next family vacation can be fun for every member of your family without any stress, if you plan meticulously.

Vacation on Budget

Economical vacation – Very much a possibility

Planning a trip for the whole family in this economy is not simple. It is a massive commitment, and therefore needs a lot of effort. This is the sole reason why many families had to put off the idea of their vacation plans altogether. But there is nothing that can’t be solved with some rational thinking and shrewd planning, even if, it means having a vacation on a budget. Perhaps that dream vacation is after all possible. With realistic goals and perfect execution of the plan, a well-deserved vacation is totally possible even on a restricted budget.

How to plan and then execute it with brilliance?

  • Choose your destination wisely: If you haven’t picked a destination yet, then start looking for low-cost destinations that are preferably near your town. Often we neglect good vacation spots nearer in the quest of exotic islands faraway. Get creative and opt for a place where you know you will enjoy despite the low distance factor.
  • Forget expensive hotels; try more budget-friendly options: Browse the Internet for renting apartments, holiday cottages or villas instead of booking pricey hotels. Not only they provide the most effective deals and cheaper rates, they also come with complete amenities. Most of them come stocked with kitchens where you get the opportunity of cooking on your own and avoid dining at expensive hotels. You also get to explore the place, the people, and the attractions of the place with ease. Read the reviews, compare and contrast before renting your option.
  • Plan ahead for transportation: Calculate the price of traveling to your destination as soon as you choose one. Choose a mode of transportation that will cost less for your entire family. For instance, airfare will be more when compared to a car ride. You can also go for bus or train facility if it is available in that place. Anything that can help bring down the budget to a minimum is acceptable.
  • Save for the trip well ahead: When you start planning for the trip from months ahead, you think of saving some money to substantiate the cost of the vacation. You can make this saving more fun by taking a can or a jar and use it to save the lose change that we have on a daily basis. Encourage your kids to make their jar and save something on their own. You would be pretty surprised at the amount that you and your family save from this idea. Your kids will be happy too for making their contribution. This is a win-win situation for all!