Travelling with Pets

7 Best Reasons To Take Your Pet Dog To Travel Abroad With You.

There are many dilemmas that people who are about to travel abroad experience. If you yourself are a traveler, you know what I’m saying. There are many factors to consider and circumstances to prepare for. One of the hardest to conclude a decision to is whether to bring your furry pet dog or to just leave it at home. You know as a pet owner that this is a big decision to make because there are both pros and cons of choosing either.

Well, if you really want to take your dog with you but are having troubles between “yes” or “no”, here are 6 good reasons to bring the buddy with you. Spend a read!


Aside from the certainty that you will miss your darling dog’s cuddles and cuteness, the reason why you do not want to leave it at home far from you is that there’s no one else to take care of it or you’re not just comfortable but troubled letting someone else take care of it for a long time. You’re the pet’s human parent, and just like a mother to her children left at home, being able to look after your pet yourself and having someone else do it for you are two very different things.

If you have your pet by your side while you travel, you will be unworried about its food, its health, its feelings, and everything! You can immediately respond and not be bothered by afar as well if your pet has urgent needs. In that way, you can have a peaceful travel abroad, without the need to get stressed become your fur baby is left at home.


Traveling is fun but not all-day all-fun and energy. Why? because it’s not that easy to go around and interact in a foreign place and because it’s also physically tiring [though fulfilling] to make the most out of your travel by spending every second of the day outside discovering the beautiful spots around.

While you travel, you might experience stresses along the road, but your pet can cheer you up and remind you that there’s no time for bad vibes on a rare kind of travel experience. Its fluffiness and cheerfulness can infect your bad mood and turn it into a good one! Also, at the end of a tiring day of strolling, you will have your pet playing with you in the hotel, relieving your whole day worth of tiredness and patting off stresses on your shoulders.

On the other hand, it’s an advantage for your pet as well because it will have someone to play and be naughty with, and that someone is you, it’s beloved, loving owner! If it’s left to a pet sitter, you will not be sure if it’ll be treated nicely and with its needed affection and fun; if it’s with you, you are sure that you can both be with each other to appease troubles and exhaustion.


It might not be totally easy, but it’s such a delight to have your pet dog as your companion or one of your companions traveling abroad. With that ball of enthusiasm and superbness, your fun travel abroad will turn out extra fun! There might be some foreign activities you can do even better with your pet.

You can also think of creative ways to spend even more fun travel with your pet. Try those stuff you can’t do in your local country. You might want to dress up extravagantly with a matchy-matchy attire with your fur baby without being judged by people around! It’s a mommy and fur baby kind of thing! Awww, it’s too cute even while just imagining it!

You never know, but you might also grab certain perks for travelers with their beloved pets. You won’t only enjoy the freebies yourself, but your pet can also get a taste of foreign goodies and treats!

With your pet, you can maintain a jolly and pleasant travel and stay because it’s definitely a delightful companion! Sometimes, you might also feel like it’s better to travel with them than with humans because you can save time, money and stress too. Oops.


Pets, especially doggos, are human magnets! Wherever they are, even just in photos, they attract a lot of attention. They are considered as man’s best friend, and humans are probably dog’s faithful lovers. Dogs are attention-catchers mainly because they’re adorable and precious!

If you travel abroad, do not be surprised if your dog becomes an instant star because people all over the world just can’t enough of these furry cuties! Pets do connect humans wherever around the globe, whatever language and culture they have. Pets are bridges for new acquaintances and friendships to occur between humans.

This is helpful for you in a way that it wouldn’t require much effort for you to find new friends because they’ll come to you — to your dog actually! — and you can get that lucky chance to talk and communicate with foreign people or even meet your fellow countrymen living in that foreign country or traveling just like you. From there, you’ll get many other unexpected benefits like being able to ask someone about things you’re wondering about the place or to ask for help when you’re lost.

Your pet dog is an instant friend maker or if it’s for the best, a matchmaker! This, however, does not mean that you’ll intentionally push your pet dog to seek attention from strangers just because you are shy and hesitant to approach people. That would be very funny (but alright, if it’s your only option and if you’re just lost, then it might be less funnier.)


Your pet is so twee, but what people do not know is that it can be fierce and it’s clever especially when they sense bad people and situations around. Traveling abroad is surely splendid, but there are risks as well, mainly because you are a “foreigner” to your destination. Risks include being taken advantage of and deceived because of your obvious unfamiliarity.

Your dog is a pal that loves and protects you, and it knows when you need help or are in danger or harm is approaching. It can be your dear personal security guard when you travel abroad. Its senses might be keener and its guard on a more alert mode because the place and the people are alien to it. If there are suspicious people roaming around the floor your hotel room is, your dog might be able to sense it.

Some travelers experience getting put on hold at the airport or at the hotel lobby because of their bags that sounded the alarm of security check, and it’s because of bad modi operandi, which are very commonly done by deceivers to take advantage of others or to falsely accuse someone else of their own benefit.

If there are dangerous objects put by goons in your bags, your pet might also sense, and you’ll avoid accusations of bringing illegal objects and you can ask help regarding such situations. You’ll be safer, along with your stuff too because your pet is there with you, sensing what you cannot sense and seeing what you cannot see.


You travel because you want to unwind and to discover new places. While pets are used to their homes and usual environments, there may be benefits, too, of letting them see and be in new places. If you bring them abroad for an amazing travel, they will encounter a whole new world, different from what and where they are used to.

It’s great if your pet enjoys the new surroundings so much to the point of not wanting to leave, just as how you also are captivated by the foreign place, because you’re convinced that you can also bring it to the next destination on your list. It could be a wise and practical way to treat your pet while you treat yourself.

Your pet might need some new sights so they will not be lonely or alienated when you bring them out of your houses comfort. Some pets which are not often or never brought to new and unfamiliar places by their owners become scaredy or unfriendly and wild. Why not upgrade that walk to your favorite park and bring your pet as you travel abroad? It’d be a cool way to introduce it to new spheres and faces so that your pet can be human-friendly and also safe and trained wherever you bring it.


Your pet is already part of your family and you also are to it. You look forward to its hugs and kisses as soon as you arrive home from work, and it also looks forward to seeing you and playing with you. You miss your fur baby when you’re out, and it misses you too! Being apart is surely a sad song for both of you.

Traveling together would be so much fun! If you travel abroad with your dog, homesickness is discounted. Your pet wouldn’t get sad and unlively. Even when you’re out of your own house, you with your pet dog and your pet dog with you, however foreign the place is, it still feels like home.


There are good reasons to take your pet dog with you which include benefits both for you and your furry baby! Just remember that if you will really take them to travel with you abroad, make sure that you’ve made ready all their needs involving those for their own health, security, and safety. There are cons of bringing them too, but they will not bother you as long as you’ve prepared well for you and your pet dog’s travel abroad.

Make sure you get everything well planned, packed and put together! After everything’s set, you can already enjoy a fun, hassle-free and beautifully memorable!

Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales offering a worthwhile stay and a close experience of the historical richness of Australia. Nicole writes about travel, accommodation and everything else related to it. For her, the beauty of this world is astounding and worth-sharing, and traveling is one of the best ways to appreciate it. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

Travelling with Pets

Find The Perfect Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

A pet-friendly vacation is one of the best things waiting to happen. Vacations with loved ones are amazing, but a vacation with your oh-so-loving pet adds another layer of complicated searches. However, trust us when we say it is worth it all. Pet-friendly vacation rentals are not rare, but involve a lot of scanning and calling up. It’s all worth it, though. Most rentals have a clear policy regarding pets on their listing, be it online or offline. Irrespective of which location you are looking for a pet-friendly vacation rental, we have some tips that will certainly come in handy.

Pet Friendly Vacation Rental


The Pet-Friendly Filter

There are several websites with a pet-friendly filter on it. This will help you look for rentals to suit your requirement. First of all, make sure you are on the right website as it will save a lot of your precious time. You don’t need to waddle through images of properties which don’t allow pets. Filter out pet-friendly vacation rentals and choose one from the options you find.

However, the task is not over yet. Some properties term themselves pet-friendly but have certain criteria too. You can find they have criteria for pets to stay outdoors or restriction on the size and breed. Once you have shortlisted a few rentals, it’s better to place a call or send an email to the owner to know more about the rental. Let the owner/manager know about your pet and why they are an excellent guest.

Pet-Friendly Destinations

Though it sounds odd, there are some destinations which are more pet-friendly than others. For instance, Finger Lakes is one of the most pet-friendly destinations you will come across. The open spaces and green patch makes Finger Lakes area an ideal place for a pet-friendly vacation rental. Look out for pet-friendly Finger Lakes vacation rentals to search for a potential space.

While looking for a pet-friendly destination, make sure you are looking for a destination which has several activities in and around. At the end, you are going on a vacation. Though you are out with your pets, you need activities to relax and rejuvenate. That’s, in fact, the whole idea of a vacation. A well-planned vacation will help you recharge perfectly while taking your loving pet along.

Scroll Through Reviews

The online world is full of reviews and they turn out to be a great friend when you are looking for a vacation. Now that you have filtered out the destination and looking for pet-friendly rentals, be sure to get honest first-hand feedbacks. Most websites have a space for reviews or testimonials. Make sure you go through the reviews thoroughly. Reviews will help you make an informed decision about a rental space.

Online reviews, albeit, can sometimes be misleading. Checking the reviews on a trusted website is a good way to start. TripAdvisor is one of the best websites to find a genuine review. Their review posting policy makes it tough to fake reviews. Not just one, but read about a particular place on several different websites. Pay close attention to the ones which talk about the pet policies and owner behavior.

Be Genuine About Your Pets

When booking a pet-friendly vacation rental, make sure you give out genuine and honest information about your pets. For instance, don’t say you will get a pug when you would get a great dane. This will only hamper your vacation experience. Some rentals charge some extra money for accommodating your pets. These are often in the form of deposits and hiding necessary information about your pet can have an impact on your deposit as well.

When you are at it, make sure you get everything clear before making the deposit. Ask about the owner’s policies clearly. Understand which areas are accessible for your pet and which areas are they restricted. With a clear policy in mind, make sure you abide by the demands of the property owner. Before making the deposit, ensure you have got every necessary detail on paper. It will make your vacation smooth.

Try Off-Season

It often happens that you have set your mind on a particularly beautiful vacation rental, but their pet policy doesn’t accommodate your pet. That shouldn’t deter you from trying out again in the off-season. Since the sales are low and there aren’t many people in the accommodation, the owner might tweak the pet policy. There have been several instances of people reaping benefits of an off-season.

Not just the pet policy, you can also try vacation rentals which had a steep price earlier. In these cases, often a direct negotiation helps a lot. You can try to reach out to the owner/manager directly rather than a mediating website or agent to ask for a little modification in their policy. Try getting in touch with several property owners to get an upper hand.

Get Your Pet Supplies Along

When you are taking your pet along, make sure you carry all the necessary items for your pet along. Some common things that you should definitely pack are bed, food & treats, leash, collar with tags, toys, towels & shampoo. In case there are some medications your pet needs, make sure to pack them first. Check out with the owner as to what is available at the rental to plan it even better.

Some rentals have the bedding needs for your pets. However, there might be some limitations to breeds and sizes. Make sure you get in touch with the owner before assuming anything regarding the rental stay. The idea of a vacation rental with your pet is to relax and enjoy the time with your canine companion. Make sure you have it all sorted out to the comfort of your pet.

Clear The Pet Deposit

Most rentals demand a pet deposit before the day of the visit. At times, these deposits amount to a substantial cost. Inquire about the deposit and understand it clearly before making any final deposit. Apart from making the deposit, try to know what you need to do to ensure a complete return of the deposit.

One of the best bets you can play is getting a short-term insurance to cover the damages your pet does to the property. Though it looks like an extreme step and there is a chance of not getting back the insurance premium if there’s no damage, it is an ideal step to deal with stubborn owners. Moreover, such insurance policies tend to be affordable and provide the owner a peace of mind.

These are some tips you should keep in mind when you are looking for a pet-friendly vacation rental. Browse through pet-friendly destinations to fix one suitable for you and your pet. Once you are done with the perfect location, pack your bags and get your adorable friend ready for a loving adventure. A vacation with your pet will improve the bond between you two all while creating lasting memories and recharging the vibes. Go for the best vibes and come back rejuvenated with the freshness of the vacation. Look out for places like the Finger Lakes which serve as a brilliant destination to take your pets. Now that you know what to do, what are you waiting for! Get going!

Travelling with Pets

Tips for Traveling With a Dog – What You Should Do?

For those with pets, going on vacation implies that you will need to settle on the most ideal approach to tend to your pets while you are on the trip. Most pet owners can’t stand to lave their pet while they are gone. But, taking your pets with you can be risky. With proper care and attention, your trip can be turned into a good memorable both for you and your pet.


Here is a rundown of extraordinary tips for traveling with a dog, follow these and make your trip comfortable:


Before you focus on a long trip with your dog you have to get a decent understanding of what you are in for. Take your dog for a 2-hour drive to check whether they develop motion sickness or they become restless. This will help you take precautionary measures, if necessary. It will likewise acquaint them to the conditions and permit them to get settled with it. You can take this a bit further by compensating them each time they get in the car to make a positive relationship with it.


Despite the fact that the thought of locking up your pet sounds horrendous, when you are driving it’s a matter of your dog’s wellbeing. Pets uninhibitedly wandering around a vehicle while you are driving can be occupying and risky to say the least. Studies have demonstrated that crating pets can likewise decrease their nervousness amid long separation ventures.


Taking care of your dog in new surroundings can be exceptionally terrifying for you and your pet. If there should arise an occurrence of a crisis its paramount to have a durable neckline & tag with your contact information. When you are on a trip your common contact details may not make a difference, so make sure to give your latest contact details to avoid any details.


When you are in the midst of a journey the last thing you want is to stress over refilling your pet’s feeding bottle, searching for their favored food – or more regrettable, presenting new food to them that they contrarily respond to. To keep away from this, pack enough of their favorite food for your whole stay. Don’t depend on buying it at your vacation destination. Pack a few toys and their favorite blanket from home to sooth them amid your trip.


Visit the veterinarian for a full examination before your trip. In the event that your pet is inclined to movement, tension and restlessness, your vet will have the capacity to recommend something suitable. Exploit your visit and pose any questions that cloud your mind.


There is regularly a misconception that hotels and motels will allow your pets, however this is not generally the situation. It’s critical to check with them ahead of making any bookings. Be sure about the size and necessities of your pet to guarantee a positive experience for your adored pet and yourself. In the event that you have bigger pets you may need to choose accordingly.

Travelling with Pets

Tips for Travelling with Your Dog

If you own a dog and don’t like to leave it at home while travelling away somewhere, don’t pull a long face as some airlines allow the travellers to take their pets with them. However, permission is granted only if your dog is carried in an approved carrier and easily fits under your seat. If your dog is a larger one, it will be placed in special compartment that is usually tucked into the underbelly of your airplane. Enquire with the cargo department of your airplanes to get information. It is important to gather details especially if you want to go on a foreign trip where medical certification will be a must. Reservation is a must especially if you are going to catch a nonstop flight early morning.

Get a crate, which is approved by your airline, well in advance of flight departure. Dome countries and airlines need an up-to-date health certificate that will be signed by your vet not more than 10 days ahead of your visit. Contact your airline to know the in-detail requirements about the pet travelling in the country you will be heading to. Get the crate ready for your pet. Train your dog in advance so that it can feel comfortable in the crate during the journey. Use newspaper in a thick layer to line the bottom of the crate so that it can completely soak up moisture against cold temperature. You must try your best to make your dog feel comfortable during the trip.

Stick a piece of paper around the carrier and write your name, address, contact number, call name of your dog, arrival and departure time, flight number, destination etc on it. Never feed your dog for twelve hours ahead of your flight. Check with your airline in regards to liability limitations. Seek veterinary advice if you are thinking about tranquilization. You must ensure that your dog is accurately identified and include details about your destination. As a dog owner who wants his pet to take with him on flight, you must not forget the following points:

  • Your dog needs at least two hours to digest a meal.
  • Put a leash around the neck of your dog before take it to the exit door. A lot of dogs tend to jump out of the car as soon as the door opens. Your pet must be trained to follow WAIT command so that it never bolts out the door.
  • Crates are the safe carrier for travelling by flight and keep your pet in a relaxed mood. For better safety, use a seat or crate harness.
  • In case your dog has a problem of flight sickness, ask your vet about medication.