Common Air Travel Problems and How to Avoid Them

Common Air Travel Problems

Air travel is exciting to some while makes others sick. If you are a first time air traveler, there are some tips that you need to follow. If you have experienced air travel before, you know what to do. However, irrespective of whether you are familiar with air travel or not, you should know the problems that come with air travel.

In this article, we’ll talk about such problems and give you advice on how to avoid them. Some of those problems are;

Flight cancellation

This is a very common problem. A flight could be cancelled for bad weather condition or even for technical problems. Airlines normally don’t refund you. In case of technical failure, they will book you for another flight on a later date. In case of bad weather condition however, you could be stranded at nowhere. To avoid this problem, you should book early morning flights as flight crew will get the whole day to fix problems. You should also check statistics of the airlines.

The seat is not fit

You may observe that you don’t fit in the seat as you’re too tall or too obese. It has happened with many people and some of them were even asked to leave the plane. In a situation like this, you should humbly ask the flight attendant to arrange an alternative seat for you. Also, at the time of booking seat, you should check the seat’s dimensions.

Damaged luggage

Although not so frequent, the problem may bug you. You could however, avoid the problem by taking care of your luggage and putting them in a safe place. The domestic airlines let passengers recover up to $3300 for damaged luggage. For the international airlines, the liability cap is less, $1500 per passenger. So before boarding the flight, do a valuation of how much the luggage and other stuffs are worth.

From non-stop to regular flight

Non-stop flights are those which do not land on intermediate stops. Airlines may cancel your non-stop flight ticket and book you for a regular flight. As non-stop flight tickets are expensive, this would mean loss of money. To avoid this problem, you should check beforehand if any other non-stop flight would be dispatched by the same airlines to the same location. If so, ask the flight attendant to book you for that flight.

By following the above tips, you could lower chances of being harassed in your first air travel. So follow them and enjoy your trip.