Enjoy a Komodo Tour with Your Family This Vacation

Komodo Tour with Your Family

A vacation planned with your family is truly exciting and amazing, especially if you have a planned a tour to some of the best destinations in the world. A vacation to the beautiful island is truly exciting, especially for the kids. In the list of exotic locations of the world, there are some locations which give you the feel of adventures tours.

Among all of them, Komodo is one of the beautiful islands, which attracts lots of for tourists around the globe. This island is the first choice as well as the center of attraction for the tourists visiting Indonesia. It is a place which offers the beautiful panorama of nature that you will not find in any parts of the world.

Explore the Exotic Island this Vacation

Komodo island is the pride of Indonesia due to its undistinguished beauty. A tour of the world heritage with your family is going to make your vacation special. A tour to the beautiful place offers you a lot of things like a visit to the national park going on a cruise, visiting another place of historical importance, etc.

It is an island which gives you a lot of options to enjoy your tours and relax at the beach with sand and the sun. Komodo tours offer a lot of package like visiting Pink Beach, Manta Ray Spot, Mawan Island, Gili Laba, Kanawa Island, Padar Island, etc. These places offer unlimited entertainment to tourists to make their vacations memorable. These places have become the most visited destination of Komodo.

Komodo Island Tour Packages

There are a large number of options in the tour packages. It is a terrific all-around tour package which gives all-around adventure to the tourists once you get into the Komodo area of Indonesia. The tourists can spare a couple of days for sightseeing. There are around 40 types of unique boats to travel inside the Komodo National park. With a large number of boats, the tourists can select their boats. This is the best place to visit for people who love adventure.

During Komodo tour, the Komodo National park is composed of more than 20 small and larger islands. As the park is situated in Indonesia Wallacea, it is famous for its marine life. Large parts of the ocean surround all islands. This is a non-fishing zone as well as it attracts a specific type of travelers who are looking for namesake dragons which don’t exist on the planet anymore. The biggest attraction on the Komodo is the beautiful attraction of Flores. There is a small island called Rinca, where there are Komodo dragons which is the best alternative for the crowded Komodo islands. The tourists can find lots of tour operators within and outside the Flores offering tour packages for Komodo and Rinca.

Komodo Islands

Komodo Islands

After Bali, it is one of the lovely islands. Located in South East Asia, it is one of the places where you can see Komodo dragon. This is one of the creatures, which is the center of attraction for the tourists while you are planning an exotic holiday. It is the land with pure magnificence, and in addition to this, the attraction of the sea makes it the most beautiful place on the planet. According to divers, Komodo island is one of the best places on earth. This is a perfect place for the people who love to have an adventure. The uniqueness of the beaches and numerous options for trekking with beautiful panorama of nature is difficult to find on the planet.

Komodo islands are one of the islands which can be used as one of the most lovely and distinctive islands in the beginning if you are planning to visit Indonesia.

Rinca Islands

During the Komodo tours, the Rinca islands are one of the principal destinations of the Komodo island tour packages. The tourists can trek through the forest and enjoy various types of creatures with a large number of species.

Pink Beach

A vacation is incomplete without a visit to an exotic beach. The presence of the coral & reefs adds a lot to the beauty of the beach. This is known as pink beach due to the presence of the gorgeous spot with white sands of a pink tint and crystal clear water. Apart from this, the water of the lagoons is best for swimming. There are some national places in the Komodo National Park, which you the flexibility to have different types of activities like sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.

It is a lovely place with white sand of a pink tint and an amazing combination of clear water. The addition of lagoons and reefs makes it fantastic for swimming as well as perfect for snorkeling. This is one of the best places for photo lovers. The photographers get lots of lovely places to click photos and make your tour loveable.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

According to scientists, the Komodo Dragon is one of the largest and oldest living reptiles on the planet. It can only be seen in the national park of the Komodo. The length of the average dragons is three meters in length with an average weight of 90 Kg. They hunt deer and wild pigs with the help of their strong tail to bring prey on the ground. The dragons can run up to 18 kilometers per hour while they are hunting. The Dragons have an excellent sense of smell once they locate their prey from a distance of several meters. The prey that is not killed immediately will die due to the blood poisoning because of the dragon’s septic saliva. Once you plan to travel to the beautiful islands of the Kodomo, it is one of the best destinations for tourists around the world. The Kodomo tour brings a lot of adventure for the tourists around the globe, apart from the wildlife sanctuary the tourists can also enjoy water sports. Get ready to explore the best place on the planet with the best climate and geographical conditions.