Experience Amazing Elk Hunts in the Wilderness of Colorado: 6 Tips

Wilderness of Colorado

An amazing line quoted by Theodore Roosevelt, “When hunting him…he must be followed on foot, and the man who follows him must be sound in limb and wind.” Every hunting aficionado understands that in the country of elks, the word ‘climbing’ is preferred over ‘hiking’ to seize the moment.

The wilderness of Colorado is well-known when it comes to elks, bears, deer and other hunt targets. Colorado elk hunts and deer hunts made this place one of the most visited tourist attractions. Since hunting is becoming a sensation among the tourists, special care is made to keep the population of the elks balanced.

For an astounding experience while hunting elks, a hunter must be fit, practical, and sensible. So, gear up with the following tips and make the elk season less demanding and more successful with realistic plans and goals.

Shape Up:

Once the plan is made, go ahead with some jogging and exercising to be fit enough to make a move among the mountains. This also helps adapt quickly to the climate change and stay away from acute mountain sickness. Try to be in good shape to manage the tough path without getting demoralized and debilitated.


In Colorado, elk hunts are mostly done on foot or horse, so a well-tested pair of boots is a must on the gear list. Being comfortable in the boots will avoid getting those painful hot spots that eventually turn into oozing wounds. Your boots will also save you from getting distracted during the hunt as it is known that a hunter needs to climb miles before achieving the hunting trophy.

Cover Your Scent:

It simple yet tricky and people need to understand its importance. Elks have a brilliant sense of smell, and hence they can smell danger from a long distance. Humans no doubt have a distinct smell. Therefore, before an elk hunt trip, visit a retail hunting store and buy soaps for hunting cloths.

Perfect Location:

Planning on the location matters hugely, while selecting the hunting land. Switching to designated, highly productive and non-crowded environments are considered the best place for hunting down deer and elks. In Colorado there are many such ranches and hunting ground, where hunters can have an amazing time. Those places also offer lodges and furnished cabins for an easy and relaxed stay.

Think What To Do With The Trophy:

Before planning a Colorado elk hunt trip, think what you are going to do with the successful hunt! Elk are huge and needs a careful planning before the arrow is shot or the trigger is pulled.

Learn the Elk Call:

Before hitting the hunting ground, elk hunters need to learn to call an elk. On learning the art of calling an elk, a hunter can achieve better or else will be on a fool’s errand while hunting elk. If for any reason, the hunter wasn’t able to learn this skill, then consider an outfitter or an experienced partner that has succeeded in learning the elk call. This is quite an important tip to follow while getting ready for Colorado elk hunts.

All the points summed up in this context will surely help an elk hunter have an amazing time in the wilderness of Colorado. So, get ready with your partners and the outfitter of the best ranches and hunting land to have an overwhelming experience.