Explore and Learn 15 Global Meditation Techniques in Pokhara Nepal

Meditation Techniques in Pokhara Nepal

Meditation is the best technique to exercise your mind and body. With regular practice of meditation, it gives you deep rest and helps you awaken your conscious mind. Meditation helps to control your mind and thoughts about the past and future. Deep and regular practice of meditation helps you to establish control over your mind and takes you to the meditative state.

Meditation has dozens of benefits that contribute a lot to rejuvenate and channelize your energy in a positive direction. Like yoga, meditation has various techniques that help you to relax and explore the spiritual side within yourself. There are various yoga schools specialized in teaching various techniques of meditation. The techniques of meditation are taught in yoga teacher training in Nepal. During the session, you can learn 15 global meditation techniques in Pokhara, Nepal.

Global Techniques of Meditation

Just like yoga meditation has many types that help you make your life better. The global techniques of meditation are listed below:-

Buddhist Meditation Techniques

The first part of the meditation is Zen meditation, which means seated meditation. This type of meditation is practiced seated on the floor over the mat and cushion with crossed legs. In the previous time, it was done in lotus or half-lotus position. The most important aspect is keeping your legs straight from the pelvis to the neck.

Vipassana Meditation

The literal meaning of Vipassana is “insight” and “clear seeing.” It is a traditional Buddhist practice that was taught in the last few decades. With the increasing popularity of Vipassana meditation, the mindfulness breathing meditation technique gained lots of popularity in the west region. This technique of meditation helps you understand the functioning of your mind and body.

Mindfulness Meditation

This technique of meditation was adapted from traditional Buddhist meditation practices. For practice, you can sit on the floor or a chair with a straight back. During the practice, pay close attention to the movement of your breath. You can feel the air while breathing. Repeat this for a number of times for redirecting the attention of your breath. This meditation technique is the best for the aspirants whose focus is deeper transformation and looking for spiritual development.

Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta Meditation)

Metta is a word that means kindness, benevolence, and goodwill.  This meditation has got various types of benefits for boosting one’s ability to empathize with others. It helps you to develop positive emotions through compassion, which includes a loving attitude towards oneself and helps you find the right purpose of life.                 

Hindu Meditation Techniques (Vedic and Yogic)

Mantras are a part of Hindu traditions. Some people called it a mantra meditation,” om meditation.” Like most meditation, it is usually practiced with the spine in an erect position. The practitioner keeps on repeating the mantra in his mind, silently over and over again during the entire session. In other exercises, the mantras are whispered very softly.

Transcendental Meditation

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced this form of meditation in 1955. It is a widely practiced form of yoga with 5 million practitioners worldwide. This form of meditation technique involves the use of mantra, which is practiced for 15-20 minutes two times a day.

Yogic Meditations

The literal meaning of yoga is “union.” The tradition of yoga goes as far as 1700 BC.  This meditation technique has got the highest goal of spiritual purification and self-knowledge. This is considered as one of the oldest meditation tradition in the world to date. The practice of yogic meditations will help you to stay healthy and spiritually fit throughout your life. This is the best technique which helps you to control your mind and deal with the negative emotions.

Breath Awareness Meditation

This meditation technique encourages mindful breathing. Practitioners can breathe slowly and deeply. You can count the number of breaths or focus on breathing. With regular practice, you can have benefits like reduced anxiety, improved concentration, and greater emotional flexibility.

Kundalini Yoga

This is one of the physical forms of yoga and meditation that blends with the right movement of deep breathing and mantras. Just like other forms of yoga, kundalini yoga can help you improve physical strength and reduce pain. It also helps to keep you mentally healthy by reducing anxiety and depression.

Third Eye Meditation

This meditation is all about focussing the attention of the spots between two eyes. This is known as “the third eye” or the “ajna.” This practice helps you to silent your mind and focus on the spots between the two eyes. These techniques help to improve your concentration power. It is widely practiced throughout the globe to improve your concentration power.

Chakra Meditation

This is one of the meditation techniques where the practitioners focus on the seven chakras of the body. There is a specific mantra for each chakra, and most commonly, it is done on the heart chakra, third eye, and crown chakra.

Gazing Meditation

This meditation is all about fixing the gaze of an external object. The object can be anything, either a candle, image, or symbol (yantras). This form of meditation is practiced with both eyes open and closed. The practice helps you to train your mind for both visualization and concentration of your mind. After closing your eyes, the image of the object can still be kept in the mind’s eye.

Kriya Yoga

This is a set of breathing and meditation exercises taught by Paramahamsa Yogananda. This technique of meditation is best for the devotional temperament and for those who want to receive self-realization lessons.

Sound Meditation (Nada Yoga)

This yoga tells about focussing on sound. This technique of meditation starts with external sound. The students focus on the sound, which is generated without vibration. The ultimate goal is to hear the sound and manifests as “OM.”

Taoist Meditation

What makes this meditation different from others is the generation, transformation, and circulation of inner energy. The main objective is to quieten the body and mind and unify the body and spirit. There are various styles of Taoist Meditation to focus on improving health and longevity simply.

The Final Thoughts

These meditation techniques listed above have proved as a boon for meditation. There are many schools where you can learn 15 global meditation techniques in Pokhara, Nepal. Choose any style of meditation which suits you and make your life peaceful.