Find The Perfect Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

Perfect Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

A pet-friendly vacation is one of the best things waiting to happen. Vacations with loved ones are amazing, but a vacation with your oh-so-loving pet adds another layer of complicated searches. However, trust us when we say it is worth it all. Pet-friendly vacation rentals are not rare, but involve a lot of scanning and calling up. It’s all worth it, though. Most rentals have a clear policy regarding pets on their listing, be it online or offline. Irrespective of which location you are looking for a pet-friendly vacation rental, we have some tips that will certainly come in handy.

The Pet-Friendly Filter

There are several websites with a pet-friendly filter on it. This will help you look for rentals to suit your requirement. First of all, make sure you are on the right website as it will save a lot of your precious time. You don’t need to waddle through images of properties which don’t allow pets. Filter out pet-friendly vacation rentals and choose one from the options you find.

However, the task is not over yet. Some properties term themselves pet-friendly but have certain criteria too. You can find they have criteria for pets to stay outdoors or restriction on the size and breed. Once you have shortlisted a few rentals, it’s better to place a call or send an email to the owner to know more about the rental. Let the owner/manager know about your pet and why they are an excellent guest.

Pet-Friendly Destinations

Pet-Friendly Destinations

Though it sounds odd, there are some destinations which are more pet-friendly than others. For instance, Finger Lakes is one of the most pet-friendly destinations you will come across. The open spaces and green patch makes Finger Lakes area an ideal place for a pet-friendly vacation rental. Look out for pet-friendly Finger Lakes vacation rentals to search for a potential space.

While looking for a pet-friendly destination, make sure you are looking for a destination which has several activities in and around. At the end, you are going on a vacation. Though you are out with your pets, you need activities to relax and rejuvenate. That’s, in fact, the whole idea of a vacation. A well-planned vacation will help you recharge perfectly while taking your loving pet along.

Scroll Through Reviews

The online world is full of reviews and they turn out to be a great friend when you are looking for a vacation. Now that you have filtered out the destination and looking for pet-friendly rentals, be sure to get honest first-hand feedbacks. Most websites have a space for reviews or testimonials. Make sure you go through the reviews thoroughly. Reviews will help you make an informed decision about a rental space.

Online reviews, albeit, can sometimes be misleading. Checking the reviews on a trusted website is a good way to start. Trip Advisor is one of the best websites to find a genuine review. Their review posting policy makes it tough to fake reviews. Not just one, but read about a particular place on several different websites. Pay close attention to the ones which talk about the pet policies and owner behavior.

Be Genuine About Your Pets

When booking a pet-friendly vacation rental, make sure you give out genuine and honest information about your pets. For instance, don’t say you will get a pug when you would get a great dane. This will only hamper your vacation experience. Some rentals charge some extra money for accommodating your pets. These are often in the form of deposits and hiding necessary information about your pet can have an impact on your deposit as well.

When you are at it, make sure you get everything clear before making the deposit. Ask about the owner’s policies clearly. Understand which areas are accessible for your pet and which areas are they restricted. With a clear policy in mind, make sure you abide by the demands of the property owner. Before making the deposit, ensure you have got every necessary detail on paper. It will make your vacation smooth.

Try Off-Season

It often happens that you have set your mind on a particularly beautiful vacation rental, but their pet policy doesn’t accommodate your pet. That shouldn’t deter you from trying out again in the off-season. Since the sales are low and there aren’t many people in the accommodation, the owner might tweak the pet policy. There have been several instances of people reaping benefits of an off-season.

Not just the pet policy, you can also try vacation rentals which had a steep price earlier. In these cases, often a direct negotiation helps a lot. You can try to reach out to the owner/manager directly rather than a mediating website or agent to ask for a little modification in their policy. Try getting in touch with several property owners to get an upper hand.

Get Your Pet Supplies Along

When you are taking your pet along, make sure you carry all the necessary items for your pet along. Some common things that you should definitely pack are bed, food & treats, leash, collar with tags, toys, towels & shampoo. In case there are some medications your pet needs, make sure to pack them first. Check out with the owner as to what is available at the rental to plan it even better.

Some rentals have the bedding needs for your pets. However, there might be some limitations to breeds and sizes. Make sure you get in touch with the owner before assuming anything regarding the rental stay. The idea of a vacation rental with your pet is to relax and enjoy the time with your canine companion. Make sure you have it all sorted out to the comfort of your pet.

Clear The Pet Deposit

Most rentals demand a pet deposit before the day of the visit. At times, these deposits amount to a substantial cost. Inquire about the deposit and understand it clearly before making any final deposit. Apart from making the deposit, try to know what you need to do to ensure a complete return of the deposit.

One of the best bets you can play is getting a short-term insurance to cover the damages your pet does to the property. Though it looks like an extreme step and there is a chance of not getting back the insurance premium if there’s no damage, it is an ideal step to deal with stubborn owners. Moreover, such insurance policies tend to be affordable and provide the owner a peace of mind.

These are some tips you should keep in mind when you are looking for a pet-friendly vacation rental. Browse through pet-friendly destinations to fix one suitable for you and your pet. Once you are done with the perfect location, pack your bags and get your adorable friend ready for a loving adventure. A vacation with your pet will improve the bond between you two all while creating lasting memories and recharging the vibes. Go for the best vibes and come back rejuvenated with the freshness of the vacation. Look out for places like the Finger Lakes which serve as a brilliant destination to take your pets. Now that you know what to do, what are you waiting for! Get going!