Four Most Celebrated Tourist Destinations in Peru -Tourist Attractions in Peru

Destinations in Peru

Exotic culture, sandy beaches and a glimpse of ancient civilization attract tourists to pay a visit to Peru. Peru is quite big in size and located in the westernmost part of South America. Home to antediluvian indigenous culture such as Norte Chico civilization and relics of pre-columbian America, Peru’s historical significance is unmatched.

There are many tourist attractions in Peru. For the convenience of our readers, we have picked so0me of them. See below the list our handpicked tourist destinations of Peru.



Huacachina is a small oasis town. The place looks amazing from an aerial view. There’s a tiny lake in the middle of sand ridges. Back in the day, the place happened to be a playground for the elites of Peru. Nowadays, Huacachina is a famous tourist attraction. Sandboarding on the mounds near the lake is fun, so is watching the calm waves in the lake’s water.


If you are beach sick, Mancora is the place for you to be. It is a small town with the best sandy beach in Peru. The pacific coastline is stretched for hundreds of kilometers. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling along with sunbathing and beach parties on the shore. There are several resorts, nightclubs and restaurants. Foreign tourists are too keen to visit Mancora. You shouldn’t be an exception.

Nazca lines

The Nazca lines were created by aboriginal people in between 200 BC and 700 AD. The lines are stretched from the towns of Nazca to Palpa. There are simple lines as well as animal and human figures. The complexity of drawing would make your head spin as the lines are disproportionately large. Unless you are at the ground from top, the lines won’t appear to you as meaning figures. They were first recognized by the Peruvian airlines in the 20s. There’s an observation tower for the tourists.

Uros Islands

Uros Islands

There’s nothing like setting foot on an unknown island! The Uros Islands are neither unknown nor natural, but they are unique for made of dried totora reeds. The islands are the most celebrated tourist attraction in the Lake Titicaca. A fascinating history is associated with the islands. Uros were a pre-Incan people. They used to live on the reeds and used them as the primary source of food. That’s how the islands came to know as Uros Islands.

All said, you could understand the forte of Peru in tourism only if you visit the country. So visit Peru and enjoy a surprisingly great trip.