How to Stay Within Budget While Visiting London

Visiting London

There’s a famous city in Europe which stands beside River Thames. Still didn’t get it? Okay, we’re talking about London. The city has been described as hectic, crowded and noisy by some, others called it historic, exciting and vibrant. It’s up to you how you’re gonna form your opinion about the city, but for that first you need to visit London.

Useful Tips on How to Stay Within Budget While Visiting London

Expensive to Say the Least

London is a very expensive city. So you might want to have a second thought if you are running short of money. Or perhaps you want us to help you find out how you can survive London with a tight budget. Over the time, many backpackers have got beaten up by high prices in London.

To have a budget friendly tour in London, you need to follow some tips. The below mentioned tips could help you;

Selecting the Time of Visit

During the summer months, tourists from all corners of the world start to frequent London. It’s no brainer that visiting London at that time of the year will land you in trouble with hotels already booked and the city full of crowd. The best time to visit London is in the fall season. if you can’t make it in the fall, then winter is your next best bet. You can enjoy Christmas in London and play with the snow.

Hostels are Better than Hotels

There are many hostels in London and dorm beds are available for night at an affordable rate. Normal charges for a dorm bed for just one night is £10. However, during the peak tourist seasons, prices go up. Other than hostels, university housing could also help the budget travelers. Besides, many hostels offer free breakfast in the morning.

Walking is Healthier than Riding on Bus

London is a big city and tourist attractions are plenty in number. The Westminster Abbey, St Margaret’s Church, Piccadilly Circus, the Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and St Paul’s Cathedral are some of the remarkable tourist spots. It’s fun to visit them by walking. The traveler can purchase a city map and use it get to those historical places. A bus ride will save time, but why save time when you’re on a trip? Besides, bus ride is costly and roads are often jammed due to traffic.

Take Advantage of Free Entry

London is the only city in Europe where a visitor can enter into the main museums free of charge. In other European cities, it could cost them approximately $15. This opportunity shouldn’t go wasted. Tourists shouldn’t miss out on any museum that offers free entry. Some of them are Victoria and Albert, British Museum and the Tate Modern Museum.

Although London is expensive, following the tips mentioned above could help a tourist to reduce cost of travel. This way, he won’t have to think of his wallet and enjoy his trip to London.