Morocco Travel Itinerary – 7 Tips to Make It Memorable

Morocco Travel Itinerary

A trip to Morocco offers an incredible opportunity to experience the amazing Nomadic Berber life with a family. The culture of the place tells us about the ethics and civilization that is followed by its inhabitants and helps widen the people’s perspective with their cultural and behavioural patterns. Whether it is their beliefs, tradition or festival, the culture of Morocco comprises a detailed history which would be great to unravel throughout the tour.

The exquisite art and culture of Morocco beautifully portrays the social structure of the place and offers a greater view regarding its ethics, religion, civilization, specification and as well as diversification. The cultural language of Morocco has a distinguished tone and is quite endearingly different than the other languages.

Morocco culture offers an incredible impression about Berber tents, camel trek along with the women of the Berber society. The Berber women are indeed quite civilised and customized. Whether it is the Morocco climate, women, food or education, they all speak volumes about the extraordinary Moroccan culture which is certainly worth experiencing.

The amalgamation of French language and the Islamic religion in Morocco makes it quite a unique destination.  For travellers who want to learn about the Berber life in Morocco, they should try to know the differences and dynamics of the culture to cope up with it with ease.

Check out the ways to experience the best of  Morocco:

#1- Unlock the doors of local interaction

You can make your life easy amidst the locals in Berber village simply by using a few words of the local language and moreover by basically understanding and respecting the differences between you and the locals.  Your visit to the Berber village would give you an opportunity to share and receive the best of one another which will make your whole experience a lifetime memory.

#2 – The bi-annual migration

The migration of the Berbers is an 11 day trekking trip of Morocco through the Atlas Mountains.  Your exploration of Morocco and Berber culture can see a great moment with the bi-annual migration that the Berber families set out with their goats and sheep from the lower Dades Valley to the High Altas Mountains.The nomadic Berbers have been making this trip all their lives and have an enriched idea about the best routes so as to be relied upon in all conditions.  The beauty of this tour lies in the fact that it does not follow a rigid itinerary. The journey begins in the Dades Valley and ascends to the splendid High Atlas, which is known as the highest mountain range in North America.This will make you to trek through rugged terrain and cross steep passes in the backdrop of stunning panoramic views along with the passing of Berber villages that are tucked away in picturesque valleys. The whole feel of camping each night in rustic Berber tents would simply add to your beautiful experience.

#3 – The Sahara Desert

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This is considered as one of the many reasons as to why the tourists get attracted to Morocco. Desert camping undoubtedly offers a delightful experience which becomes even more special with the heartfelt welcome from the Berbers. On your way to the desert camp, you can ride a camel and enjoy the desert sun.The amazing nightlife in the desert is truly enchanting. You would love to just sit around the campfire and indulge in the revelry of singing and dancing with the desert people. Indeed this would just be the added charm which will get you closer to the Berber life.

#4 – The Souks of Marrakech

The real highlight of Marrakech lies in the Souks or markets of the medina. These are the largest in Morocco and are extremely popular throughout the world. For visitors, it can be one bewildering experience to shop in these exotic shops. Whether it is the shoes, clothes or crafts, you can find it all out there. The Souks are the part of the Moroccan culture and the perk is you can shop at one go and bargain. Bargaining is a way of life and it is accepted by the shopkeepers there. Hence when you visit the famous Souks, bargain sans any hesitation and enjoy the excitement to the fullest.

#5 – The view of Ait Benhaddou

This place is enlisted as a UNESCO heritage site. Located at the edge of the Atlas Mountains, it is basically a traditional mud brick city. The place is famous for being the location of many popular movies and so far it has appeared in more than 10 films, which includes the likes of Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia. This fascinating site is truly alluring and is one of many attractions in Morocco. A visit to this place would simply make your travelling itinerary even more exciting.

#6 – Morocco’s best nature

A trip to Morocco will show you its different facets, which as well includes its beautiful nature. The view of sunshine in its high mountain range, the hot winds off of the Sahara desert, steeps, mountains or for that matter the green areas of agriculture and vegetation, these are all the best reflection of Morocco’s natural beauty.  In fact it would be truly an amazing feel to see the sand dunes and oases which make up the landscape of Morocco. Overall there are many incredible places in Morocco which have their own naturally captivating beauty.  So, when you plan a trip to Morocco, you can surely expect to witness the Morocco’s nature in its own unique way. It is the diversity of Morocco’s landscapes, waterfalls, beaches and desert which makes it one of the most beautiful countries to travel.

#7 – The stunning Moroccan towns

Of course it is practically not possible to explore each and every city of Morocco. However, there are a few places which you can include in your bucket list to enjoy the true charm and beauty of Morocco. One of the best places to visit is Chefchaouen .The city cascades down the mountainside and reveals more diversifying buildings, cafes and colourful plants. This remains an ideal place where you can view the unspoiled Morocco with all its glory. Essaouira is another important place which can be called Morocco’s hidden gem.  Besides its natural beauty, it is notable for its souks, buildings and colourful boats. Places like Fes, Ifrane and Mekens are some of the finest places of Morocco which can offer you the best Moroccon travel diaries.

Whether you are a novice or a professional hiker, you surely can enjoy trekking in Morocco. The place indeed is the best hiking destinations in Morocco and amuses the adventure junkies like no other. Here, they surely can get the feel of Morocco hiking trails and gather a different kind of experience.

Morocco is home to high mountain ranges, deserts, green oases and many more. In fact the Berber culture leaves a deep impact on the visitors and enriches the experience of travellers even more. Pack your bags and get set to explore this part of world. It certainly worth your time and money!