Places To Visit When You Are In Scotland

Are In Scotland

Travelers will agree that Scotland is not just a country to visit. In truest word, it is one of the most celebrated tourist locations in the world. Scotland and the Knoydart Peninsula are renowned for natural beauty and a plethora of tourist attractions.

An integral part of the United Kingdom, Scotland consumes the northern third island of Great Britain and is separated from England by a border to the South. The country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Edinburgh is the largest city of the country and Glasgow is its capital.

Before visiting Scotland, one must do a research on its geography and demographics. Scotland is a safe country to be, so visitors don’t need to be extra cautious about safety. Making a list of the must see places beforehand is really important. Tourists need to zero in on the places that they are going to visit before they embark on the trip.

Some of the famous places in Scotland are Broch of Mousa, Melrose Abbey and Loch Ness. A bit of description about these places won’t hurt; let’s start with Broch of Mousa. It is a heritage site and one of the most preserved brochs in the world. Located at Shetland Islands, the rotund tower was built in 100 BC for defense purpose.

The Melrose Abbey was established by Cistercian monks in the year 1136. Legends have it that King David I of Scotland himself requested the monks to build the abbey. The ruin carries a legacy of masonic artworks. The embalmed heart of robert the bruce is visually pleasing and invokes purity of mind. The abbey keeps history mummified and blends it with aestheticity.

Remember the movie “Incident at Loch Ness (2004)”? Relax, there is no monster in that place. The lake offers an outstanding view of clean blue water, valley slopes with greenery on the other side of the shore and scattered and radiant cloud on the sky, just like someone painted them with a sponge. When you are in Loch Ness, it’s time to take a deep breath and forget the daily chores of life. And once again, there’s no Nessie hidden in the water.

There are five major airports in Scotland which jointly serve nearly 150 international destinations. Along with that, an impressive number of motorways and major trunk roads will keep you free from transport related worries. Tourist department is very helpful and cost of living is reasonable.

So go to Scotland, be in full swing of enjoyment and return back home with a cherishable experience.