7 Must Places to Visit in a Private Morocco Tour

Private Morocco Tour

Morocco is a North-African country, which transcends you a lifestyle and culture that can rarely be experienced in any other nation. There are a lot of reasons to visit and explore Morocco, once in a lifetime. Rich culture, lovely people, spellbinding landscapes, exotic food, bustling nightlife, and unlimited shopping avenues are the main attractions of Morocco.

It is recommended to visit Morocco anytime between March to May. The climate is all good in this period, and you can explore the beauty of Morocco without any weather interruptions. When you are planning for private tours in Morocco, it is very important to understand Morocco’s geography first. If you are planning your first trip, then doing good research can greatly help you in exploring Morocco.

Below here, we have discussed some amazing places to visit in Morocco. Don’t be confused; Know exactly where you are heading and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Morocco.


Marrakech is a bustling city located in the foothills of Atlas Mountains. This place is highly popular for its mix culture and red old architecture. When you are in the city, don’t hesitate to visit the Koutoubia Mosque. Go for a fancy dinner to Hotel La Masion Arabe and then enjoy street shopping in the bazaars of Djemma El-Fna.



Ouarzazate gives a perfect feel of the classic desert, which are shown in Hollywood movies. Many Hollywood movies have been filmed in this city, and thus there is a popular Cinema Museum here. You can visit the Atlas Film Studios, where movies like Kingdom of Heaven and Cleopatra were shot.


Casablanca is an ideal representation of modernity in Moroccan style. For a better view of the city, you can go to Casablanca Twin Centre. You can also visit the King’s palace to admire the Islamic architectural masterpiece. Don’t forget to enjoy a ride in Casablanca Tramway.


Rabat is a must place to visit during private tours in Morocco. It is the capital city of Morocco and is very popular for its tranquil beaches. Apart from beaches, there are beautiful museums and palaces in Rabat. Kasbah of the Udayas is one of the popular attractions in Rabat. You can also take a tour of Hassan tower and Chellah.

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

How can you miss the Sahara Desert, when you are on a Private Morocco tour? The Sahara Desert gives you scenic views of sunset over the dunes and a dark sky full of bright stars. Some popular attractions to explore in the Sahara Desert are Merzouga and Draa Valley. For adventure excitements, try the camel caravans in the desert.


Chefchaouen is popularly known as the blue city of Morocco. The houses here are painted with blue and white, which gives a colorful touch to the entire city. You can enjoy wild swimming and hiking in the surrounding countryside and can also soak in the Ras El Maa waterfalls.


Are you a Game of Thrones fan? You must be happy to know that, the 3rd season of Game of Thrones was shot in Essaouira. This small city is far away from the big city’s lifestyle and heat. Here, you can find many hangout places along the beaches, which are fascinating. Walk along the medina to witness to gorgeous views of Atlantic Ocean.

These are the seven best places to visit in Morocco, when you are on a private tour. Talk to your travel agent today and customize your itineraries for private tours in Morocco. Make sure, you have got enough number of days to explore the beauty and attractions of Morocco.

Hire a professional travel agent and plan your private Morocco tour in the best possible way.