Some Helpful Tips to Plan your Ottawa Tour with Ease

Ottawa Tour

Everyone who visits Canada, expects to treat his eyes with the picturesque greenery, lake-shores and snowy mountains. Canada is famous for its scenic beauty. People from all parts of the world visit Canada to catch a glimpse of this amazing place.

It won’t be a hyperbole to consider Ottawa as the essence of Canada. It is the capital of Canada. The city was founded in the year 1826. In the year 1855, it was named Ottawa. Over the time, Ottawa has evolved into a heritage and tech center of Canada. The original boundaries of Ottawa were later increased with the use of small annexations.

In the year 2001, an incisive change took place and it expanded the land area significantly. The word ‘Ottawa’ was derived from the word adawe. That was an Algonquin word. The literal meaning of the word is trade.

Foreign visitors could land in Ottawa in three different ways. By flight path, by bus and by train. Bus and train are for those, who would be visiting from the US or Alaska. Most international visitors rely on airways to arrive in Ottawa from their home countries.

The Macdonald-Cartier International Airport is the main airport in Ottawa. However, outside Canada and US one can reach MCIA from Heathrow and Frankfurt airports. If a visitor is coming on the bus, he could arrive at Voyageur/Greyhound terminal in ( What does it mean??)

Once in Ottawa, visitors need to make a list of the must see places. Parliament Hill is a must go place for travelers. The place is in downtown Ottawa. The building carries the architectural style that resembles the revival of Gothic. Art lovers could spend an excellent time in Parliament Hill.

The Canadian War Museum is another important place to see. The artifacts preserved inside the museum could take the visitor to the time when Canada was fighting a battle against the French and British forces. Admission to the museum would cost $12.

Other exciting places to visit are Supreme Court of Canada, Rideau Hall, Science and Technology Museum, Mosaika Parliament Hill Sound & Light Show.

Visitors could partake in fun-filled activities in Ottawa. The city is known for bicycle and pedestrian pathways. Gatineau Park is the ideal place for cyclists. If the visitor is going to Ottawa in the winter, he could enjoy skating.

There are so many things to see and do in Ottawa. Travelers should plan their trip keeping all the safety concerns in mind. That way, they could have an unforgettable trip.