The 3 Cultural Sights That You Must Not Skip in St Petersburg

Cultural Sights That You Must Not Skip in St Petersburg

St Petersburg is one of the fascinating cities, which specially has a lot of significance in the realms of art and architecture. The city revels in its wonderful history, which attracts a large number of tourists. Though the city has a lot to offer besides its rich culture, nevertheless, the city’s treasured art makes for the primary attraction for people to embark on a tour to St Petersburg.

There are a wide range of cultural sites which goes beyond the scenario of traditional museums and theaters. In fact there are innumerable little-known cultural sites, which contribute in the enhancement of the city’s architectural prominence.

Widely referred as the ‘Venice of the North’, the place surely has a lot of scenic views to offer. However, the city’s quaint vibe beautifully reflects the undercurrent of the cultural facts, which is hard to ignore.

Here’s presenting you the places that emanates St Petersburg architectural splendor

#1 Hermitage Museum –

If you are an art aficionado, you surely should not give this place a miss. Hermitage Museum is one of the oldest museums in the world with the largest collection of paintings.  Your St Petersburg tour would surely remain incomplete without a visit to this famous museum. Though it is practically not possible to view the each painting in stock, however you could certainly be able to get a glimpse of some of the most beautiful and revered paintings. Situated in the incredibly beautiful gala rooms, Hermitage indeed has an extraordinary collection, which a few museum complexes in the world can actually boasts of.

#2 Catherine Palace –

Catherine palace is the perfect destination for the people looking for architectural greatness with a beautiful story. People travelling to St Petersburg would surely love this one as it evocates the fervor of both heydays and twilight years.

#3 Church Of Our Savior On Blood –

This church has its own tell-all which would surely enthrall the visitors. The fact is Church of Our Savior On Blood is one rare structure, which despite being situated in the European capital is not built in European style of construction. The church witness a great crowd and rightfully so. You can’t give it a miss, if planning a St Petersburg tour.