Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding in Rajasthan

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When it is about your wedding, you look for unique ideas to celebrate your togetherness with your partner. You strive hard to make it remarkable enough to ensure that it stays in the memory of your loved ones as well as your guests forever or at least for a while!

It is now a trend to have destination weddings, which is actually an amazing option for people who are fond of one-of-a-kind nuptials. The best part is, destination weddings offer you the option to choose a venue of your choice that makes your big day more mesmerising and beautiful.

There are many elegant destinations across India that are ideal for any wedding or event. But, if you are opting for a royal and grand affair, then do not think twice as Rajasthan, the city of colours is just the right place for you. The state is filled with friendly people, picturesque landscapes, huge Havelis and vibrant markets. It is a place where everyone will find something for themselves!

In this blog, we have mentioned everything you need to do and plan for your wedding in Rajasthan. Go through each and every point to make your remarkable day a memorable one!

Plan your Destination Wedding in Rajasthan
destination wedding in rajasthan

If you want to have your grand wedding in Rajasthan, it is most recommended that you plan it in a systematic manner. Also start doing it from a year prior.

Below are a few things that will help you plan your destination wedding in Rajasthan. Begin your venture with these things to ensure that you have an elegant and unforgettable wedding.

Select the Wedding Date

If you have decided to have your wedding in Rajasthan but haven’t picked your date yet, then it is important that you first pick the right date for your wedding. Just select a date according to your traditions and check the availability of your guests. Finalise it as soon as possible.

Selecting your wedding date is extremely important because your entire planning will revolve around it. From choosing the ideal wedding planner in Rajasthan to booking your venture, you have to mention the wedding date in every step.

Hire a Wedding Planner in Rajasthan

The thought of getting married is exciting; however, the process is extremely exhausting. It can undoubtedly leave the wedding couple in a lot of confusion over things that are important for the big day. And most importantly, they do not have so much time to look after each and every aspect.

From thinking about the amount that needs to be spent in the wedding, choosing the right venue to decide the menu, looking after the sitting space, arranging a wedding is no simple task with numerous procedures that demands a keen eye on everything. Every minor detail needs to be done with precision and a lot of carefulness.

Hence, it is the best option to choose a wedding planner in Rajasthan to make all the essential arrangements in the best possible way. They guarantee that your big day streams easily without much hassle and is loaded up with a lot of fun and entertainment.

A reliable wedding planner in Rajasthan has their contacts for merchants, sellers and service providers who are consistently available for assistance. This can be a big help for you to arrange and set up all the things quickly. In simple words, a decent wedding planner can make certain of facilitating a delightful and remarkable event, one that your guest can appreciate.

Not to mention, wedding planners have experience in planning weddings in various budgets and venues. So they realise and comprehend the ropes and manage it in case of any last-minute upsetting circumstance.

Not just that, couples can contact wedding planners in Rajasthan for advice or consultations regarding wedding dates and venues. Professionals can recommend venues that are available within the budget and on the desired date.

Things that your wedding planner in Rajasthan will help you with

Not sure why you should choose a wedding planner in Rajasthan to help you bring your dream wedding to come true? Besides the fact that wedding planners reduce your overall stress in the entire planning of your big day, professionals in Rajasthan pay great attention to each detail and will assist you in covering everything, according to your choice. In simple words, they are an integral part of the wedding planning process!

So, whether you choose to have your wedding near the lake or in a royal palace, your wedding planner in Rajasthan will take care of every particular request that you ask for. Below are some of the things that they will help you look after while planning the big event –

Look out for the latest trends

When you are planning to have a grand wedding, you want it to look trendy as well. So, to answer some of the most important questions related to the function, such as, what is this wedding season all about, what are the popular venues that people are choosing for their wedding, or what are the wedding decor and design trends going on, just hire a reliable wedding planner in Rajasthan.

Wedding planners in Rajasthan ensure that they can gather all the information to your query and answer them in the most precise way. It is their responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest wedding trends so that they can offer the most personalised and custom theme for you.

Experience in multicultural weddings

Being a country full of various cultures, wedding planners in India hold a lot of experience in managing different styles of weddings that follow distinct traditions. This is why they have expertise in multicultural weddings. Look out for a wedding planner in Rajasthan, and they will make sure to do the necessary research about your big day, incorporating the rituals that are crucial for your tradition. They can make it possible to merge everything in the most beautiful way.

Hospitality is the primary focus

From organising your event to looking after your guests, a wedding planner will not just give you the dream wedding but will ensure that it is executed flawlessly, providing excellent hospitality services. Since people feel more connected when they are welcomed and looked after in a wedding, your wedding planner will greet each and every guest to your event and will make sure that they feel comfortable. This is perhaps one of the most prominent promises that you can expect from your wedding planner in Rajasthan.

Unparalleled cuisine and distinct menu

You will find an individualised touch at every wedding. One of the most evident aspects where you can experience this is in the cuisine as it plays a huge role in how you express your tradition and customs.

Being experienced in multicultural weddings, wedding planners in Rajasthan are aware of the newest food trends and decor arrangements that can give you an edge for planning your wedding cuisine. They also have knowledge of foreign cuisines.

Whether you want a traditional cuisine, a contemporary one, or a fusion of both with a quirky twist, your wedding planner will give you a menu that can satisfy your needs.

You can choose a buffer that goes along the theme of your wedding with one section of Indian cuisines and the other one of the international dishes.

An upper hand for entertainment

Customising your wedding with entertainment options can add a unique charm to the event. Perhaps this is a part of every Indian wedding.

Hiring a wedding planner in Rajasthan can help you get various entertainment options that can make your wedding a big hit. Ask them the services that are available with them for songs, dance and amusement activities. They can easily pull it off with their expertise and connections with artists, DJs, bands, magicians, comedians, dance troupes, etc. You can also do something out of the box or simply opt for the traditional ways.

Now that you know how much attention a wedding planner in Rajasthan gives to each detail of your wedding, it is the best choice to explore their service that is accessible to you and falls within your budget. Get in touch with them as soon as possible to see what works best for you!

The bottom line

Rajasthan needs no description of its beauty and greatness. But besides its mesmerising picturesque landscapes, the place is widely known for its big fat destination weddings in royal palaces and Havelis.

However, planning a wedding in Rajasthan is not as easy as it sounds. From checking the hotel bookings to selecting the right venue, it is the best option that you give your responsibilities to a reliable wedding planner in Rajasthan who can look after each and every aspect with a keen eye. Not only will they make the entire process a lot more organised, but they will make your event a memorable one.