Tips for Traveling Alone

Traveling Alone

Most of us are accompanied by our family or friends when it comes to travelling. However, there are some who like to travel on own. If you are one of them, here are a few tips that could make your trip as enjoyable and thrilling as you have wanted it to be. Make sure to set a timetable for both arriving and departure and try your best to comply with it. Making allowances for problems or emergencies is equally important.

I was thrilled and brimming with enthusiasm ahead of my first solo trip. I decided to take a tour in my car. Later I travelled several places in car but then the ‘first’ thing in every aspect of life is always special. The tips I will be sharing with you have been taken from my own personal experience and are a guideline for you to enjoy a safe and fulfilling journey.

Prepare yourself:

Travelling alone has both pros and cons. The main concern for you – especially if you are a woman – is your security. You may also feel bored as there will be no known to spend your time and share your thoughts with. So get prepared both physically and mentally ahead of your solo trip.

Prepare your car:

Get your car properly checked. Make sure that your car brakes, lights and windshield wipers are functioning properly. Also check tire and carry extra fluids in your car.

Plan your route wisely:

It is more likely that there are several routes to reach your destination. Whatever route you choose, make sure to note down the names and locations of nearest hospitals, police station, restaurants and rest stops. Carry a road map with you and consider detours for road constructions or other reasons. Also inform your family members and friends about your route.

Carry necessary stuff:

There are some important things that you must not leave at your home. I left my cell phone at home and was totally cut off from my family and friends. I hope you won’t do that mistake. Also carry your cell phone charger and other necessary things like toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, cold cream (depending on weather condition of travel spot), sunglass, traveler’s checks and some cash. Also take some snacks and plenty of water with you.

Wear comfortable clothes:

Always wear and pack comfortable clothes and shoes. If climate of your destination spot is hot, take cotton shirts with you. However, if it is snowing or raining, you need to pack clothes that suit the particular climatic condition.

Last but not the least, avoid traveling at night otherwise you may put yourself at risk especially if the car breaks down.