Things to Know About Costa Rica Before You Travel Costa Rica – Best Tips for Traveling to Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and friendly destinations in the world. This Caribbean paradise features a few peculiarities that are a miss on other famous travel spots. The first deserving mention is it is a great place to fall sick and be taken care of! That may sound a mockery but the country is famous for its world-class health care system. In fact, Costa Rica is among those countries that picking up popularity for ‘medical tourism’. However, there are frequent outbreaks of malaria and dengue fever in Costa Rica and so you must take enough precautions to keep yourself safe from potential threats.

Here are a few most important tips for those having a plan in place to visit Costa Rica.

Be concerned about your safety

A visit to wild zones is one of the main attractions for the Costa Rica bound vacationers. However, before your arrival there, you have to reach and travel around the civilized areas. And you must take caution as the country has a bad record for the highest traffic accidents in the world. As a part of caution, you should avoid a branch or pole jutting out of the road. It is there to warn the pedestrians or car drivers that an open sinkhole or manhole is nearby.

Vehicle options for exploring

Taking a ride in bus or car will be a safe choice. Make sure that the cab is red in color and has a yellow triangle. If you doze off in the bus, you could find your baggage missing after waking up. Take a great deal of precautions against theft. There are always some rough drivers and pilferers in every country but Costa Ricans are usually very good, kind and amicable.

Natural calamities

Mother Nature has its plenty of creations in Costa Rica. There are active volcanoes in the country and you need to know their natural warnings of likely eruption. If you want to visit Arenal volcano, I would suggest you not to get closer to its peak, there is a chance of accident. The same warning applies if you want to camp in a natural ravine or quarry. The camper could open out to a deep river or gully and all are not lucky to survive.

Costa Rica beaches are a big draw for the tourists but no life guards are there. If you cannot swim against a tide, maintain a safe distance from water. These territories are home to crocodiles and bull sharks. So be on high alert as these stealthy predators ambush and attack all on a sudden.

Stray dogs and jaguars are a common find in the jungles. In general, jaguars don’t attack human beings. But make sure not to approach stray dogs. And you must not touch the colorful dart frogs; they have poisons on their back. Admire beauty of the jungle creatures from a distance.